Anniversary Staycation at Swissotel The Stamford

28 October 2016 marked our 9th year wedding anniversary and the following day marked my 38th birthday. The ever thoughtful hubby surprised me with the prettiest bouquet and a staycation at Swissotel The Stamford. I have always been vocal about my preference of receiving gift of experience than material things and I am elated that my hubby took it to heart.

Here's how our staycation went...

We attempted to check in at around 11am but the room with the best marina bay views is not available yet. We were given a choice to take other available room and check in right away or wait for the room with the best views. We chose to do the latter.

Since the hubby booked us a buffet lunch at Equinox which starts at 12nn, we just deposited our luggage at the Bell Desk and went straight up at the 70th floor.

 K took some photos of us while waiting for Equinox to open its premises for the guests.

The view at 70th floor was nothing short of spectacular! The kids kept saying wow whilst viewing Singapore's stunning skyline. "We're on top of the world, mom!", G exclaimed. Obviously, he couldn't hide his excitement. My boy has a penchant for tall buildings and architecture. He kept telling us he wants to be an architect like his dad when he grows up.

The kids tremendously enjoyed the buffet spread as much as the amazing views while eating. I will try to blog about it separately, hopefully sooner than later.

After our epic lunch buffet at Equinox, our room at the 47th floor was finally ready and this is what greeted us upon entering the room.

When the hubby booked the hotel, he mentioned that we are celebrating a special occasion. The hotel treated us with a bottle of wine and chocolate cake which was served as a dessert during our lunch buffet at Equinox. So apt with their tagline, encouraging guests to #LIVEITWELL.

Here's G who can't wait to dive in the master bed. The extra bed he was stepping into was for K.

Our balcony was locked for safety reasons (we have a small kid) but the hubby unlocked it for a while to take this photo. It was gloomy but the Singapore skyline is looking spectacular nevertheless.

In every staycation, the kids cannot wait to swim so we checked out the pool right away after settling our stuff in our room. Thankfully, they had more than enough of water fun before it started to drizzle.

We went to check the gym before heading for dinner but it is strictly for 18y/o and above. After having dinner the Raffles City, we went back to our room to enjoy this unrivaled night views of the Marina Bay area before finally succumbing to slumberland.

Please tune in as I will be updating this post with how our day 2 went.

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Top Eight Perks of Family Staycation at D' Resort

Our cover photo is a testament that the kids truly loved every minute of our stay at D' Resort last weekend. What a way to celebrate the first weekend of the year-end school holidays! Our itinerary was filled to the brim with fun activities, we had a hard time leaving our Underwater-themed room being the self-proclaimed sea-creatures-in-our-past-lives that we all are.

Upon arrival at D' Resort, we were greeted by the festive ambiance at the spacious lobby boasting rainforest-styled architecture. I noticed a massage area and computer screens meant to entertain bored kids and help tired adults relax whilst waiting for the room key card. There's even a drinking station with free lemon water to quench your thirst at one corner, complete with a chalk board sign encouraging the guests to stay hydrated.

A quick eye scan of the resort surroundings lets you know that you have entered an Eco-friendly resort. There are so many things I want to rave about but settled on the top eight perks of family staycation at D' Resort for your quick grasp and quick action on booking your stay because they are on their peak year-end season at the moment. Here's the list:

1) Lots of Fun Surprises
Whenever we go for a staycation or vacation, I'd show the kids in advance what our hotel and our room looks like to pique their interest. This time around, I purposely kept it a secret that we'll be staying in a themed family room because I meant to surprise them. Little did I know, I myself was in for a great surprise upon entering our room. 

There's a note thoughtfully hand-written to welcome our family and there were additional surprises awaiting the kids like the octopus balloons, a treasure box that contains two D' Resort teddy bears, two sets of kiddie toothbrush and toothpaste and two packets of M&M's, and an additional box filled with some of their favourite indulgences when we are away from home like chocolates, nuts, oat cookies and chips.

"Why did you take so long to bring us here? It's so awesome!", K blurted out upon entering the room. She climbed the bunk bed right away to check her own little haven and G followed suit. Being the ocean/beach/sea loving kids that they are, they can't stop gushing about how cool our Underwater-themed room is.

After climbing up the bunk bed to follow his sister, they could not decide whether to play with the octopus balloons first or open the treasure box. Perhaps, the balloons are way too adorable to abandon for a treasure box so they decided to do the former. It was pure bliss just watching and capturing their joyful moments.

2) Rainforest Family Themed Rooms + Rooms for All Ages and Groups
There are a total of three themed rooms at Rainforest catered for families with two kids. The room where we stayed is the Underwater-themed room, there's also M&Ms themed room (photo shown here is extracted from the D' Resort website) and lastly, the Jungle-themed room which I had the privilege to visit and photograph.

Whilst I was able to keep our Ocean-themed room a secret from the kids prior to our visit, I wasn't able to hide from them the photos of the other two rooms. As of this writing, G is begging me to book the Jungle room next month while K voiced out her preference of the M&Ms room. Looks like we'll be coming back real soon.

It was actually our first time staying in a fun-filled themed room (that is if you don't count the Mickey Mouse room we stayed at Disney Hollywood Hotel because G was barely 2 y/o during our visit and still incapable of voicing out his opinion yet) and the kids are completely convinced that it is metaphorically cooler and literally more fun to stay in one.

Furthermore, the themed rooms also come with awesome picture window views. All rooms at the Rainforest offer quieter ambiance created for guests looking to find solace in nature. What's there not to rave about and love? In my opinion, it is perfect for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the busy and noisy city life.

Other room options include:
  • Rainforest (as pictured above)
  • Rainforest Executive
  • Rainforest Suite
  • Rainforest Premier Suite
  • Park View
  • Mangrove Walk
  • Beach Cove
  • Beach Cove Duplex
D' Resort basically has something for every budget and occasion. As BBQ pits at the previous Costa Sands Resort have always been a hot favourite, it continues its BBQ tradition with more spacious BBQ pit areas to cater to bigger gatherings.  

3) Newly Revamped Wild Wild Wet Water Park
With the intent to provide holistic staycation experience, guests of D' Resort who are NTUC members get to enjoy unlimited free access to the well-known water park, Wild Wild Wet.
I can't remember how many times we have visited Wild Wild Wet water park ever since K followed us here in Singapore in 2008 (3 years before G was born) till now. She was particularly fond of the Professor's Playground when she was younger where a humongous bucket would collect water and splashes it right before screaming children and kids at heart who are there for tons of water fun. As she grows taller and older, she had grown to love the exhilarating water slides and found great pleasure in conquering the waves at the Tsunami Pool.

Just like how the kids have grown bigger, Wild Wild Wet have also become BIGGER (it is now double its original size) and BETTER (lots of spanking new facilities and attractions). I will let you have a quick tour on how it looks now through the photos I took during our visit. The photo above was taken at the new entrance meant for D' Resort visitors.

Spanking New Facilities and Attractions
So many new things to look forward to at Wild Wild Wet. They now have new locker area, changing rooms, new rental services (towels, cabanas, and fancy schmancy floats like flamigo, unicors, pizza and donuts), and game stations. I have to say they have leveled up to water parks like Adventure Cove and Legoland Water Park. It will be even bigger and more exhilarating when the rest of the new attractions officially open during on the second quarter of 2017.

4) Nature Retreat
Nestled in the lush greenery of Pasir Ris Park, D' Resort is the Singapore's first nature-inspired resort with integrated water park.

They even have a dedicated Eco-Garden which we had the privilege to appreciate its grandeur. On our visit to the garden, we were greeted by a little playful lizard hiding in the bushes. I leave you to revel in the garden's beauty through my photos.

You can truly rest, relax and take some time for a deep reflection and meditation at the Eco-garden. There's also a swing and a wishing well in it.

Apart from the Eco-garden, there are flowering plants, shrubs and trees everywhere you look around the resort. You know that quote that says, "I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order"? You should do that at D' Resort. Just being there is truly relaxing, the rich flora and fauna instantaneously melts all your stress away.

5) The All-New Wing at Downtown East - E!Avenue
The newest wing at Downtown East, which is part of the Refreshing Downtown East redevelopment project, is directly connected to D' Resort via a link bridge as seen on the top photo of the above collage. It boasts the newest dining options like Mukshidonna, Herbs Bistro, MANLE, and The Basil Inn. These new options combined with existing and upcoming tenants make D' Resort at Downtown East the perfect playground for families to eat, play and stay.

6) Choices of Healthy and Nature-Inspired Activities
Health buffs staying at the resort can rent bicycles and cycle at Pasir Ris Park. Nature enthusiasts on the other hand can join nature trails and mangrove tours conducted by U Live Park ambassadors. Sporty guests can also choose to join short runs organised by the U Sports community at Pasir Ris Park.

Guests who are hesitant to leave the resort premises can opt to bring their telescopes and zoom camera lenses for bird watching right at the Rainforest Sky Garden. Unfortunately, I did not bring my zoom lens, hence the not-so-fantastic bird flying shot. If you have a very sharp eye-sight, you'll notice that there are actually many birds perched on the treetop.

7) Explorer Kid Indoor Playground
One of the perks of booking a family-themed room is getting a free access for 2 kids and 2 adult to Explorer Kid indoor playground at Downtown East. As you can see from the photos above, it is definitely a kids' heaven. Play station highlights include Mega Play, Lit Ball Pool, The Cliff, Toddler Play Area, Sand Play and Adventure Highlands (requires separate entrance fee and minimum height of 110cm). Don't forget to bring your socks both for yourselves (parents/guardians) and the kids.

8) Delightful Holiday Shows 

Fun-filled year end acitivities await families with young kids at Downtown East! Fans of Pororo and Friends and Little Bus Tayo and Friends will have a grand time watching their shows, meet and greet sessions, and other equally entertaining activities like arts and craft.

I have listed top eight perks above but actually there are many more perks in staying at D' Resort. I showed my colleague the photos taken during our stay and right there and then, she booked their next family staycation at She was so happy to snagged the last available family-themed room. If I were you, get your credit card ready and book your room NOW before all the rooms get fully-booked. I guarantee you, your entire family are in for a delightful stay at D' Resort.

All I can say is, D' Resort is truly a gem in the east and we are definitely coming back! Thank you for the warm hospitality and great service, D' Resort!

We were sponsored a 2D1N stay at D' Resort with complimentary entrance to Wild Wild Wet and Explorer Kid at Downtown East for the purpose of this review. All opinions and oodles of photos are our own, otherwise specified.

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