Boo-Ti Parlour: A Classy Pampering Place for You and Your Boo

When I first received the invitation for the official opening of Boo-Ti Parlour, I declined immediately thinking that I don't really do manicure and pedicure regularly so it would be unnatural for me to come up with an angle to write about it. However, a day before the event, Joselyn of Got Ideas messaged me that Boo-Ti Parlour also offers facial treatment using Sothys products exclusively. 

You should know by now that I love going for facial treatments, right? I checked with my husband right away if he could come home early on the day of the event so I can attend and have some me-time. Yes, that's how we roll in the family. One of us parents have to come home early to spend time with the kids if the other one is staying back for work, or in my case, for an event, company dinner or friends' meet up. 

Thankfully, the workaholic albeit supportive husband said yes so there, I took my much-needed sanity pill (a.k.a. me-time) and was able to seat comfortably and pretty (no pun/self-praise intended) in one of Boo-Ti Parlour's OSIM uDiva massage sofa while waiting for the event to start.

Feel the stresses of life's daily hassles slip away as complimentary floral or organic tea; latte of cappucino, accompanied by personal iPads and headphones cajole the senses. Customers can simply sit back and relax on the world-renowned OSIM uDiva massage sofa as it relieves their backs of aches and strains, while professional manicurists and pedicurists work on their nails using the best products and preferred nail brands, Gellyfit, ORLY and Zoya.

When I posted a similar photo on my Instagram, one of my followers commented it looks like it was on a business class airplane ride. Sounds inviting enough?

Scroll down some more and be awe-inspired to call your Boo (Liz and Mel, the Boo-Ti Parlour founders' term for BFF/bestie/bestfriend) and have some pampering good times at Boo-Ti Parlour.

For parents like yours truly who yearn for a pampering session, but are tied up with parenting commitments, fret not. Up on level two, Boo-Ti Parlour has a special dedicated children's corner for kids to watch cartoons in comfort of surrounding cushions while parents pamper their nails with peace of mind. 

In fact, mums and their little princesses as young as 18 months and above can have a mani-pedi bonding session using Zoya - a nail polish brand known for its natural formulations that eliminates toxic ingredients such as toluene, camphor or formaldehyde.

Furthermore, at the end of corridor at level one, the well equipped private facial room stands prepped with the newest Hydra3Ha Line from world-renowned facial brand SOTHYS to accommodate the needs of all male and female costumers.

With their latest scientific innovation - SOTHYS once again rocked the market with the Hydra3Ha Line - a high performance and all-encompassing long term skin hydration solution that acts on 3 dimensions - restore, regenerate, reactivate.

Boo-Ti Parlour only uses SOTHYS for all its facial and beauty treatments, and the entire product line is displayed on a dedicated product shelf right next to the reception counter, available for purchase.

Set in a double story shophouse, Boo-Ti Parlour's interior spots elegant French furniture, from specially handpicked product shelves filled with a full  spectrum of nail colours, to mirrors and ceiling fans, complemented with wooden plank ceilings and cosy illuminations to complete the intended chic Parisian feel.

"When we furnished Boo-Ti, our priority was to ensure our costumers get a luxurious and refreshing experience every time they visit", said Mel, co-founder of Boo-Ti Parlour.

"I've always wanted to open a social nail and beauty salon where people hang out, stop by and meet people to socialize," explained Liz, Mel's Boo and co-founder. 

Mel and Liz welcome costumers to use Boo-Ti Parlour as a social place for their special events, celebrations and even corporate events and launches.

During the event, we were treated to a free flow of Proseco and delectable canapes. As usual, I was there as an aloof old lady. Thankfully, Joselyn, along with the owners, Mel and Liz are very warm and welcoming and Vet, the ever amicable and down-to-earth Miss Chocoholic was also there so I didn't feel left out at all in a crowd full of young, pretty and fashionable ladies. 

Even before their official opening, Boo-Ti Parlour have already gained a loyal following from its quaint neighborhood. It's no surprise as it is one of the classiest and most comfortable place for a much needed pampering session I have ever visited. Oh, if you are an Instagram addict like me, you'll go gaga with all its Instagram worthy nooks and crannies too. Go visit them soonest!
Boo-Ti Parlour
84 Joo Chiat Place
Singapore 427801
Tel no: 63444048
Website: Boo-Ti ParlourInstagram: @boo_tiparlour
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Get The Best Designer Culottes

There is something immensely glamorous about wearing comfortable and yet stylish clothes isn’t it? This is why people love to shop for culottes. Culottes have come into mainstream fashion yet again because:
  • They come in a wonderful array of choices.
  • Celebrities are wearing culottes almost everywhere.
  • Designer names are coming up with this garment as well.

So it does make sense for you to look for the best possible designer culottes pants for yourself. Here are a few points to keep in mind.

What are culottes
Traditionally, culottes are defined as knee length trousers for women but they are trousers with a difference – they look like skirts, thanks to the full or voluminous cut. While there are plenty of variations here in terms of length and even the volume of the cut – check out what style you like the best and then proceed. The most popular cut for culottes is calf-length.

Keeping it chic
It is easy to pull off a chic look with culottes. For instance, you could choose a simple black and white ensemble:
  • Black culottes.
  • White top – maybe with a small touch of color.
  • Black accessories including handbag and shoes.

The top
Your choice of tops can make or break your look. Crop tops, bustiers, flowy tops, T-shirts – there are plenty of choices here. Since the pants are pretty flowy, you could choose a tighter fit for your top. For instance, a crop top with your culottes looks rather neat.

This is such a difficult category simply because there are thousands of colors and prints available out there. So where do you start? Start with your favorite colors! Easy isn’t it? Once you have found ‘your burgundy’ culottes, then put together the rest of the ensemble. Culottes are a fun and dashing garment so you do not have to be stuck with rigid rules of choosing colors. For instance, you can easily pair a white top or a beige one with burgundy culottes. You can also go for a monochrome look and add color with your accessories.

The fun way to put together your perfect culottes look is experimentation. Once you have bought your designer culottes from an online store, you should try on the various tops and colors that you have and even bring in the accessories as well. You will quickly find a look that appeals to you more than everything else and voila – you have your signature style.

Wearing them to work
If your workplace allows you to experiment a bit with your office wear then culottes can easily fit into your professional wardrobe too. Here perhaps, you will have to be conservative as far as colors and prints are concerned. Or if you do choose printed culottes then tone down the accessories and the top that you wear. Formal shoes look great with culottes simply because the cut of the pants allows them to be shown off! So put on those ultra-chic shoes, slip on your culottes and your formal top and you are good to go.

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Bondate with K at Kith Cafe


It's been a while since my last #bondatewithK, the medial temporal lobe of my brain actually couldn't process and tell me exactly when and where was our last one-on-one date. This one happened on a Friday, 26th of February to be exact, thanks to my iPhone memory which is 101% better than mine!. I asked K to meet me at Dhoby Ghaut after work so I can treat her to a nice meal.

All thanks to my foodie friends over at Instagram, I discovered Kith Cafe which is located at Park Mall (see full address at the end of the post). I decided to finally pay it a visit with K and see for ourselves what was the rave all about. We arrived around 6pm without any reservation so we were asked to take a vacant seat outdoors.

Here're what we filled our tummies with:

You cannot visit a cafe without sampling its coffee right? Here's my coffee of course! I always go for flat white but surprisingly, this flat white ($4.50) tasted like piccolo to me and even after asking for an extra serving of milk to make it taste lighter, it still tasted too strong for my liking. To make it clear, I am not a coffee connoisseur so don't rely on my personal review.

K ordered her all-time favourite pasta dish, Spaghetti Carbonara ($19) and loved it. If you scroll all the way up to the first photo, you'll see the evidence that she polished off her plate. She had it with her usual choice of drinks. (Read: Coke) #yesiamabadmom #butiamsupposedtoindulgeheronourdates

My choice: Penne Chicken Avocado ($23). Not exactly a chicken lover like K but I love pasta, avocado and cheese so my choice of food is quite predictable. Loved it but didn't get to finish all the penne cooked al dente (Again, see evidence on the first photo. Less carbo dramamama, haha).

When you have a blogger mom, you can't eat without letting her camera eat first. Here's our #foodflatlay for your drooling viewing pleasure.

9 Penang Road
#01-01E Park Mall
Singapore 238459
*Call 63388611 for reservation (highly recommended). They are open from 8am to 8pm, closed on Mondays.

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Amazing Countries That Foodies Need To Visit Next Year

Food and travel are two of my favorite things. So by combining the two, it’s bound to create an unforgettable holiday. Therefore, when you are planning your holiday for next year, you need to choose places which have the best cuisines for your family to try. Therefore, here are some amazing countries that foodies need to visit next year.


The beautiful country of England is full of rolling countryside and popular landmarks. However, a lot of people don’t realise that the nation’s food is fantastic. The country’s most famous dishes include a delicious roast dinner which is consumed on sundays. It comprises of meat, vegetables, potatoes, and a yorkshire pudding. The beautiful country is also famous for its full English breakfast which will definitely fill you up for the rest of the day. Additionally, you can have a famous afternoon tea in the capital of London before you visit the spectacular Buckingham Palace. The country’s fish and chips will also be popular with foodies. Therefore, you can visit the amazing sights of the country while enjoying some tasty treats!

File:Sunday roast - roast beef 1.jpg
                                                                               Image Source


One of the most beautiful countries in the world is Malaysia. Millions flock there every year to visit the amazing beaches, wildlife, and culture. A lot of people also head to the capital of Kuala Lumpur which is full of great landmarks and shopping opportunities. Foodies love visiting Malaysia because of the wide array of food choices. It’s food features Thai, Chinese, and Indian elements which makes the food so delicious. The country’s most iconic dish is nasi lemak, which is a rice dish with coconut. If you are a fan of banana, you will love the banana leaf rice that you can enjoy here. After you have finished dining, you can stay in 5-star hotel rooms in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia before exploring the city.


Its cuisine is one of the most popular in the world. Therefore, it’s no surprise that millions flock to the beautiful country of Italy every year. It’s amazing pasta dishes are full of cream, cheese, and seafood which leaves us drooling. If you head to areas such as Sicily, you can also enjoy a delicious wood-fired pizza from one of the many great restaurants. As well as this, their meat and fish dishes are also a popular choice. And for people with a sweet tooth, you should try one of their famous gelato. It’s creamier than a traditional ice cream and will leave you melting. As well as food, Italy has so much to offer including the popular haunts of Venice and Rome.

Image result for spaghetti
The beautiful country of Jamaica is known for its stunning beaches and colourful nightlife. But foodies will love visiting the fourth biggest island in the Caribbean if they love a kick to their food. Their jerk chicken is delicious and perfect for dinner. The nation’s fruit ackee is also a popular choice for a quick breakfast. And as this article says, you will find many dishes with stewed goat or oxtail if you fancy trying something a bit different!

All these will make a fantastic food inspired holiday for you and your family next year!

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Fears I've Overcome from My Blogging Career

Disclaimer: I am no seasoned blogger nor a popular one at the very least but as a budding family and lifestyle blogger based in Singapore, brands and PR professionals are starting to acknowledge my own tiny voice in the world wide web.

Back when I was blogging simply to feed my passion in writing and share my experiences online, I used to wonder how the other bloggers get all the media invites, product reviews and sponsored travel or hotel accommodations. If you are a newbie blogger wondering the same thing, yes I was once like you too.

I still remember the first few months I started getting media invites, I'd attend almost Every. Single. Invite no matter how far the event was held. And when I started getting products for a blog review, I'd never say no even though I know I won't have all the time in the world to review the product on time. In short, I became a "prisoner" of my fears unknowingly.

Fast forward to today, I am taking the liberty to pat my own back for overcoming most of my fears as a blogger.

What are those fears, you may ask? Hear they are:

The Fear of Missing Out

Also known to the millennials as FOMO, the Fear Of Missing Out is my reason for saying yes to every single invite that came my way initially. If I decline the invites I may not get invited anymore next time, I reasoned. Over time, I started to realise that not all events are worth my time and effort. I've become smarter and overcame my FOMO.

I now RSVP to media invites only if it sparks joy in my heart or any of my family members. I no longer force myself to attend (and write about it after) something I am not really interested about. Sometimes, I also politely decline an invite even if it was aligned with my hobbies and passion because it's just way too far for me.

I now limit myself to one invite a week or fortnightly unless the invites involve my whole family. Yes, I now prefer events that let me spend time with my family rather than the ones that robs my precious time with my family. If I ever RSVP on an invite on a weekday night, it means I want to get my much needed me-time and I make sure my hubby is attending to the kids while I am away.

Cliche as it may sound, but to each his own. The things I mentioned above are my own personal preference and in accordance to the lifestyle I wish to lead. I have nothing against anyone who attends invites very frequently. Been there, done that. We all have our own seasons. All it takes is time for us to sort out our priorities in life.

The Fear of Being Left Behind

I used to blog almost everyday because I am afraid of being left behind by blogger friends I made in the blogosphere. "What if they become very popular and I am not progressing any further?", I used to tell myself. Now, I no longer have the fear of being left behind. I now blog only when I feel like blogging and write only when I am in the mood to turn my thoughts into words. I am not in the league of Daphne Osena as a blogger, but I follow her footsteps to blog about personal stuff only when she feels like it or when she needs to blog about worthy collaborations.

The Fear of Being Gossiped About

To be honest, gossiping is rampant in the blogging industry. There are people out there who have nothing better to do but talk about this and that, who and what? Initially, I care so much about my image as a blogger or as a person in general. As I grow older, I stopped thinking about what others think about me. Others may gossip about me all they want, it doesn't say much about me anyway but it says a lot about them.
Recently, my unofficial blogging mentor, Martine posted this quote on her Facebook. It reminded me that it is okay to be different, but nah, not really laughing because they are all the same. My blogging mantra remains the same. To each his own...

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Making The Most With A Small Kitchen

Not every homeowner can be graced with a big beautiful kitchen with a lot of space and storage. Some of you have to deal with what you have and make the best of it. If you have a smaller kitchen and you want some ideas on making the best of a small kitchen, consider checking out some of the tips and advice below, as well as a few kitchen hacks to help you stay organized.
Pegboards and Hangers Are Always A Plus
Pegboards (those particle wood boards with the holes in them) are really quite useful in a smaller kitchen. They allow you to use your cabinet and drawer space for other utensils and tools in the kitchen and they can add a certain focus point. You can paint these pegboards any color you want and then use metal hangers to stick into the little holes and hang things like pots and pans, strainers, cutting boards and more.
You can also place a wooden board with a magnet on the back of it (to magnetize the board) and use the board as a place to hang your knives. It's a really cool conversation piece but it doesn’t take away any space, perfect for a smaller kitchen. Likewise, if you don’t like the pegboard look, you can still use a magnetic strip with a flat metal bar to place your knives, kitchen shears and other metal tools on.
This has a really cool look and sometime better than usual kitchen cabinets. In your new kitchen idea you can design for a bathroom towel bar by placing it under a shelf in your kitchen whether it's standard kitchen or gourmet kitchen. Then you can get some large pottery bowls and place forks, knives and spoons inside the bowls and hang those from the towel bar instead of getting cheap kitchen cabinets with doors that are not going to look pretty.
Additional Storage Within Storage
This is an ingenious little idea. It allows you to use the shelves inside your cabinets for things like plates, but then they also use these metal sort of baskets to attach to the underneath part of the shelves.
This way, instead of having 3 shelves, you can have 6 shelves. These can be bought at any home improvement store and they are really easy to install. Here’s a little image so you can see what they look like:
Add A Shelf Over Your Cupboards
If you have a cabinet that has space above, before it reaches the ceiling and it’s a lot of space you can consider this wasted space.
You can actually purchase a board the length of the cabinet and anchor it to the wall above the cabinet, between the cabinet and the ceiling. Simply use some sandpaper to sand it down and make it smooth, put a primer over it and some paint and use an anchoring system to anchor it to the wall in your kitchen. Then you have two rather large additional spaces to put things like mason jars filled with dried goods, wicker baskets for cookbooks or other things that you don’t use on an everyday or every week basis but you still want them in the kitchen. You can also place things like cake stands, pans, and large bowls that you want to keep but don’t use a whole lot up on these shelves.
Vertical Holders
These are really cool. This is actually a magazine holder in mesh metal. It can be screwed into your pantry door or wall in the kitchen and it's a great place to keep things like saran wrap, wax paper, foil and even cheesecloth. It stays organized but it also stays out of the way space wise and visual wise - so you don’t have these ugly red, yellow and blue oblong boxes just hanging around on your kitchen countertops.
Add A Foldable Table
This is awesome! This is a table that is a semi-circle. It can be mounted right to the side of a wall, has about a 4-5 inch shelf and then a foldable table top. When not in use, just adjust the metal tab under the table and it will unfold and lay downwards. These are easy to use, really cute, and they’re space efficient.
Build Upwards Not Outwards
Chances are if you have a smaller kitchen you still have a higher ceiling. Think of all that wasted space you could be using! One good way to take advantage of this is to use metal or wooden shelves and anchor them to the wall. Perhaps you have a good bit of wall space by the stove or the fridge. This is a good place to add the shelves and you can place all sorts of items on them.
These are all fantastic ideas if you rent and have a smaller kitchen or you want to try and save up for a bigger budget if you own your home and want to do a renovation or remodel down the line.

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Glow with Beauty Hope's Latest Dermashine 2 Facial

I've been really fortunate the past few months to have been invited to try a variety of facial treatments in different beauty and wellness establishments. Contrary to the belief of some people, not all bloggers jump into every opportunity of having a free service in exchange of a blog review just because it is FOC. Truth be told, I have been politely declining some product/service review invites because I couldn't find personal story angle to begin with.

For me, personal connection is vital for product and service reviews. I don't wish to come up with a half-hearted written review just because I was provided with the product or service for free. I paid twice for a facial package in the past because I strongly believe that self care is of high importance for busy working moms like myself. I advocate quality me-time to my fellow moms and if you've been reading my me-time articles here at Sweet Memoirs, it is not a secret to you that I do enjoy going for facial spa a lot and I don't mind investing some of my hard earned money in it. 

To be honest, we mom-slash-lifestyle bloggers put ourselves at stake just so we could review something valuable for our readers and friends. Every single time I go for a new facial treatment, I do some research on what I am going to subject my facial skin into. Luckily for me, I don't have a very sensitive skin so the possibility of me getting any allergic reaction to certain products commonly used in facial treatments is considered low.

Having said that, I went to try Beauty Hope's latest Dermashine 2 Facial Treatment sometime last month and loved every second of the pampering treatment I received. Beauty Hope was introduced to me by Joselyn of Got Ideas sometime ago. I did a review for their eyelash extension before and received great feedback from family and friends who saw/met me whilst I have the eyelash extensions on.

Here are some facts about the Dermashine 2 facial treatment provided by Beauty Hope:
STEP 1: Cleansing Gel

Magic Glow Cleansing Gel 
Removes the superficial layers of dead skin cells and eliminate sebum excess on the skin. Moisturizes and retains the natural skin's PH, thanks to the gentle engrdients. It is ideal for daily use and it promises to illuminate and brighten the skin.

A small amount of the Cleansing Gel was applied by Karen, my designated beautician, using circular movements with accompanying gentle massage for around 3 minutes. Right after, she rinsed my face thoroughly with water.

STEP 2: Enzyme Mask
Magic Glow Enzyme Mask
It contains highly active ingredients that are perfect to for my dull and uneven skin tone.The ingredients that include deionized water help to remove dull aging cells from the skin's outer layer. Benefits are numerous which include promotion of new cell growth leaving your skin brighter, smooth and glowing.

The enzyme mask was applied on my face avoiding the lip and eye area. It was left on my face for 10 minutes before rising it off with water. During the 10-minute waiting time, my beautician gave me a relaxing shoulder massage.

STEP 3: Pro Skin Shine
This shining essence helps to soften thickened skin and get rid of dead skin cells. It will eventually reveal new, fresher skin underneath and allow the face cream to better penetrate into the skin.

STEP 4: Aqua Paper Mask (Brightening and Hydrating Mask)
This formulation of concentrated vitamins A and C helps reduce the signs of premature ageing by enhancing the skin's natural repair process. The brightening mask also contains plant extracts that promote skin hydration. The mask was left on my face for good 20 minutes whilst I had another round of neck and shoulder massage.

STEP 5: S.O.S Survival Paper Mask (Hydrating and Soothing Mask)
This mask is an excellent source of hydrolized oat protein that helps rehydrates dry, stressed skin and promotes suppleness.

STEP 6: Hydra Intensive Toner
Magic Glow Hydra Intensive Toner
The toner helps condition the skin and prepare for proper moisture absorption when you apply over after cleansing and before applying your moissturizer.

STEP 7: Ultralift Essence
Magic Glow signature product, Ultralift Essence has trace element and organic acid found in plants that gently exfoliates facial skin and helps moderate the skin surface renewal cycle.

What are the overall benefits you get from having Dermashine 2 facial treatment?

  • appearance of wrinkles is reduced
  • immediate lifting effect
  • deep cleansing, reduced pores and sebum
  • improved skin clarity/lightened pigmentation
  • skin brightening
  • skin cell renewal
  • water therapy/skin hydration
  • increased skin elasticity and firmness
I left Beauty Hope Ang Mo Kio branch feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, not forgetting to mention feeling more beautiful with hydrated, lighter, firmer and supple skin. The first photo you see on top of this post was taken right after my treatment.

Simply quote "Cherry" and enjoy this cutting edge technology beauty treatment at only $68 (Usual Price $389). *T&C apply. For more information visit Beauty Hope's website at

Follow and @gotideas on Instagram for latest updates and promotions.
About Beauty Hope: Incorporated in 2007 with the inspiration to enhance the beautiful confidence for more people, Beauty Hope launched its One-Stop Beauty Solutions Hub in Singapore. With over 20 years of hands-on experience in facial beauty and skin care, slimming and massage therapists Ms Cherry Lok has earned many accolades in Skincare, Slimming and Wombcare services for Beauty Hope. 

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Check Out These Caribbean Islands for a Secluded Escape

The Caribbean is one of the best parts of the world to visit for a laid-back vacation. It can also be the perfect place if you're searching for a secluded escape. There are larger islands that anyone can visit, which have quiet spots for you to hide away. There are also more exclusive island resorts, where you may even have to hire the whole island. But even if you can't afford the private resorts, there are some beautiful and relaxing Caribbean islands for you to explore. Check out these top picks if you want a tranquil escape.


Jamaica is one of the most popular islands in the Caribbean, and it has something for everyone. If you want to spend your time sampling the local cuisine, staying out late and enjoying live music, you can do that. However, it's also a great island if you want somewhere more secluded. You can easily find a quiet spot, although you will probably pay a little more for somewhere out of the way. If your perfect way to relax is by exploring local flora and fauna, there's plenty to see on Jamaica. You can get out and enjoy relaxing walk or a hike.


Nevis is the smaller neighbor of St Kitts, and may be a little too small for some. However, many people love its size and would much rather stay somewhere that's not too busy. Buying real estate in Nevis is popular, partly because it can get the property owner a St Kitts and Nevis passport. However, it's also the luxury homes and beautiful surroundings that bring people to Nevis. Many people stay on a regular basis, and perhaps forever. Many people see Nevis as an unspoiled treasure where they won't experience as many crowds as on other islands.


Vieques is a lesser-known island in the Caribbean, but it's one of the best for many. It's a small island and doesn't get as many visitors as others. If you prefer your island escapes to be quiet and secluded, Vieques might be the right one for you. You can find some spots of natural beauty, including the protected Mosquito Bay. Nature lovers often come to the island to explore and admire the unspoiled areas. You can find it off the coast of Puerto Rico and spend your time enjoying the island's beaches.


Anguilla's white beaches are one of its most popular draws. If you're looking for a quiet and relaxing vacation, it's one of the best Caribbean islands to choose. As a smaller island, it's easy to see the whole thing in a couple of days but finding a secluded spot isn't difficult. There are things to do too if you need anything to keep you occupied. The nightlife on the island might not be as wild as elsewhere. But it provides entertainment for those looking for it.

There are so many places to visit in the Caribbean that choosing the best island is next to impossible. But there are certainly some that are better for a quiet escape than others.

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Simple Tips on How To Keep Your Garden & Equipment Clean

Keeping your garden clean can seem easier on some seasons, but when the weather is a little more extreme and you want to reduce the time and effort spent on cleaning, you need to be more efficient. Whether it is because of extreme cold or heat, in general it doesn’t hurt to have a few techniques to make cleaning your garden and the equipment there easier and quicker.

The idea is to have the right tools and making sure that much of your garden stays neat for longer. This means taking advantage of any possible storage spaces in the area. It will pay off in the long run more than you realize, and you will thank yourself later.

1. Wash With A Pressure Washer - Look for a high pressure washer for sale that will suit your needs in the garden. They need much less water than hoses as they rely on high pressure forces that sprays in smaller amounts compared to hose openings. The added pressure and strength also makes cleaning tough stains, grime and hardened dirt much easier and quicker than regular running water or scrubbing by hand. Save your hands the strain from all the rubbing and scrubbing and switch to using a pressure washer, it’s a wonderful long term investment.

2. Use A Leaf Blower - Forget just using a broom or even a garden rake, they take much longer and require more strength to operate. A leaf blower can clean away leaves and debris in your garden area in minimal time and without you needing to sway this way and that. Leaf blowers aren’t always expensive, they can come in cheaper prices and various sizes, pick one depending on the size and needs of your garden.

3. Make Rock Garden Areas - Among the most easy-to-maintain gardens are rock gardens. Traditionally of Japanese origin, the concepts behind these amazing                                         gardens are using white rocks or pebbles to replace grass and using large, tasteful boulders to replace flowers. Once put together they look unified and calm due to the neutral colours and the perceived large amount of space they present. If you can transform some parts of your garden (closures or edges) into rock garden areas, you will save yourself more cleaning efforts as there will be less dirt, dead flowers and leaves to clean.

4. Move Smaller Plants Indoors - If you happen to have a lot of small potted plants outside, you might want to invest in bringing them inside or at least installing them in indoor mini greenhouses. Especially during drab weather, they can bring a dash of spring and color to your home, when you need it the most.

5. Keep Equipment In Empty Pots - One of the best storage solutions in your garden that is waiting to be used is an empty pot. If you have several, that is even better. They can be a storage place for small tools, wound up hoses and even gloves. As long as they are under the shade you can line them up neatly, and though they are quite obvious to the eye, they will still look well-kept and reduce floor clutter.

Keeping your garden spick and span shouldn’t be a hassle, keep these tips in mind and soon you will be facing your next garden cleanup with a lot more confidence.
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