See the Rockies Like You've Never Before

We’ve all read about the Rocky Mountains, but too few of us have experienced them up close. Their true beauty and majesty can’t be described. You have to see it to believe it. But why not experience it too, in a way that’s as unique as the Rockies themselves? Ski enthusiasts are travelling to British Columbia in droves on heli skiing vacations, and it’s time that you join them.
For those of you who are familiar with the overcrowded ski runs, chairlifts, and chalets of the average resort, don’t worry. Nestled in a basin of the Kootenay Rockies, a southeastern region of the larger mountain range, sits the ideal location for boutique heli skiing lodges. These lodges, operated by small companies like Great Canadian Heli Skiing, understand that privacy and exclusivity is a crucial feature of a heli skiing run. As a small operation, they limit the number of people staying with them at any given time. More importantly, their trips up the mountains are further restricted to the size of their helicopters. To read more about the why, check out today and read about the priorities of a boutique operator.
But let’s back up. You read that right: a helicopter will transport you to some of the tallest peaks in North America. Way up high in the Kootenay Rockies, you’ll enjoy an unparalleled vantage point, surrounded by snow peaks, towering evergreens, and limitless sky. But many heli skiing enthusiasts rate these as secondary once they get to cut down the mountain, for the endless blue sky is matched by bottomless uncut powder. And it’s yours to conquer.
A full day of skiing can wrack up impressive vertical metres as you and your friends cut swathes down the mountain. Unhampered by poor conditions or crowded runs, you can go as fast or as slow as you want, mixing up extreme speed with sight-seeing breaks. Up close and personal, the Rocky Mountains will defy all of your expectations.
So will your lodgings. Boutique operators believe in creating a full experience unmatched in excitement and luxury. Those lodges that wait for you at the bottom of the Rockies are full of the typical amenities that you need on your trip. A welcoming crew await you there, ready to make your stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible. These people are professionals when it comes to creating unforgettable experiences, and they’ve created packages that rival the natural beauty of the mountains. Make your next holiday a trip to BC, where the best heli skiing awaits you. Start planning early and customize your perfect vacation.

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Bold, Beautiful Plus Size Swimwear Designs are Hot, Trendy, and Beach Bound

As the weather gets warmer, everyone begins to think and talk about going to the beach! It's a wonderful way to stay cool, work on a gorgeous tan and show off a beautiful swimsuit. But what if you're a plus size gal and you have some reservations? Is this all still possible for you? Or do you have to stay inside wishing away the pounds? Of course it's all possible! Women of every size and shape can happily wear a trendy plus size swimsuit for their figure and go to the beach and enjoy every second of their time in the sun and water. No one should have to miss out on that, and it just so happens that the fashion industry is embracing plus sizes.
Changes in the fashion industry
Because more plus size models are in the news today, more stores and online sites are featuring plus size swimsuits for their customers who no longer feel fearful of going to the beach. Plus size models are helping women of all sizes understand that they are beautiful no matter what their size. Many online retailers cater exclusively to plus size shoppers. One such retailer, swimsuitsforall, believes that a great attitude is often the best accessory a woman can have, and this sentiment is evident in their superior selection. Women in the know understand their bodies. A woman who recognizes the strengths and the flaws of her body will be stoked to learn that she can check out the latest plus size swimwear options at swimsuitsforall that will flatter and accentuate her rather than draw attention to areas of her body that she would rather hide.
The online revolution
Plus size women often have problems finding that perfect swimsuit in brick and mortar retail stores. While the retail industry knows that plus size women are out there shopping for clothes, many carry only smaller sizes. And many of the stores that do carry both smaller sized swimsuits and plus size swimsuits have a prettier selection in the smaller sizes, adding selection anxiety to the preexisting fitting room anxiety that many women already feel. The sad truth is that plus size women often have to settle for something they don't really want, only because it fits.Online stores generally have a wider variety of sizes and patterns for plus size women, making that the better way to shop.
The body type calculator
Another advantage to online shopping for trendy plus-size swimsuits is that many retail sites offer sizing guides (or in the case of swimsuitsforall, a personalized body type calculator) for plus size women to help them find the right swimsuit for their figure.Many sites will help a woman figure out her body shape with the help of online tools. Whether it’s hourglass, pear-, or apple-shape, finding out your body type and not just your body size will help you find a flattering swimsuit in no time.

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How to Make the Most of Your Money on a Vacation

There's no denying that vacations to unseen destinations are a great way to expand your mind and grow your soul. However, as appealing as these are, it's often a budget which prevents most people from enjoying a vacation. If this sounds like you, here are four tips which can help.

Save Before You Leave
You only need to look at a flight comparison website to see that airlines are offering deep discounts. Similarly, last minute hotel booking sites offer similar savings. However, many travelers are unaware that you can save even more by purchasing these as a package. Hotels and airlines often have commercial agreements where the hotel can subsidize the cost of the room, along with the flight to get you in the door. The idea is that you will spend your money on their in-house offerings like room service, entertainment, along with meals at their restaurants.

Entertainment on the Cheap
Many cities have thriving theater districts, whereas other may be known for their sporting events. Instead of booking these through your hotel or the theater or stadiums directly, look through the Groupon Coupons page for Ticket Liquidator for significant discounts on popular events.

Eat Like a Local
Many people, while on vacation, tend to eat out at fancy restaurants and expensive bars. Instead, swap these for more local venues. If you are visiting a country that is known for its street food, swap your restaurant visit for a stroll through a popular street and try local cuisine. Not only is it a fraction of the cost, but it will also enhance your travel experience.

Ask What's Free
Every city in every country has a tourism bureau. Contact or visit the one at your destination and ask them about what events and exhibitions are free to visit. Many of these offices buy tickets and vouchers as part of the country's tourism budget, which are for the very purpose of ensuring tourists enjoy their stay.

If you are in desperate need of a vacation, however, your bank account balance is looking a little low, take advantage of these tips and make the most of what money you do have.

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My 5 New Korean Cosmetic Brands Discovery

I know I've said it before but I'll say it again to refresh your memory. I have never been a beauty junkie, until lately when the reality started to sink in that I am slowly reaching the big four O mark. Gee! It took me a lot of courage to say that out loud over the world wide web. What did they say again? Embrace your age and that is exactly what I am trying to do now. Oh please, I deserve a pat on the back ok?! Haha!

Not long ago, I discovered the awesomeness of Korean cosmetics through an acquaintance who asked me to help clear her Skin Food stock. I have no idea where she got her beauty loot but everything looked real and legit so I bought some from her out of charity but I've grown to love the brand and started using some of their products regularly. Without a doubt, Skin Food lives up to its brand name. 

I did a little bit of googling about Korean cosmetics' history and voila! It explains so much how Koreans are well known and reputed to produce the best beauty products. In a published article at The Korea Times, it was stated that in traditional Korean society, make up was broadly defined as care not only for external purposes but also internally. Apparently, Koreans in the past believed that a good appearance could affect inner self.

Now, can you blame me for jumping in the bandwagon of Korean cosmetics? Most certainly not! Please allow me to introduce you some of my recent discoveries which I got from

Tony Moly is a South Korean cosmetics brand which means "putting style into packaging". Their  are known for their unique product packaging that resembles real fruits like tomato, banana and mango (not in photo). In case you still don't know, Song Joong-ki, the lead actor in K-Drama hit - Descendants of the Sun (DOTS), is one of their latest product endorser.

Photographed above are my personal favourites from their line: (from top to bottom)

It is too early for me to write a holistic and reliable review yet because I am still in the initial stage of using the products. So far, I liked how the Goat Milk Aqua Whitening Cream is really watery and light, it doesn't leave that sticky and heavy feeling after application. 

I also love the Magic Food Banana Hand Milk because it helps keep my hand hydrated with its banana extracts, shea butter and macadamia oil content. I bring it to work everyday as the packaging size ain't too bulky. If you love banana smoothie, you'll love its smell too!

The Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack reminds me how my mom used to ask me to eat more tomatoes so I will have a nicer skin. The tomato solution in the product helps achieve brighter, whiter and smoother the skin. I have yet to prove the long term effect though. 

Innisfree is known for being South Korea's all-natural brand. To be honest, I've never tried any Inisfree product before. Since we frequent the beach way too much, I chose their eco safety perfect sunblock for a start. So far, I am loving it! You can get yours here. I am bringing mine to Penang this weekend for our family beach getaway. 

Laneige comes form the word La Neige, which means snow in French. It is owned by Amore Pacific, the largest cosmetics company in South Korea according to Wikipedia. I know it sounds funny but I started to get really interested to try the brand after watching Song Hye Kyo's TV commercial showcasing the brand's BB cushion. That explains why I choose their BB cushion to begin with. It's not because I want to look like Song Hye Kyo, the lead actress of DOTS though. LOL

Due to its extreme popularity, I found out that the Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control SPF50+ PA+++ No.21 Natural Beige with refill (as pictured above) is already sold out at They still have other shades though which may suit your complexion. You can check it out here

I've used The Face Shop's other range of products before like fake eyelashes and compact foundation but since my crowning glory is in dire need of tender loving care, I bought their Cherry Blossom clear hair mist instead. I love how it can instantly freshen up my hair with just few sprays. It smells really great too, even my teenager loves it. You can get yours here

Like I mentioned earlier, I've become a Skin Food fan. I still have their make-up remover and I just ran out of their sunblock. I am currently trying out this Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Toner. I use it after washing my face with my regular facial scrub and before putting on a Korean facial mask which I also got from 

Not a fan of online shopping? Fret not! 1030am opened a brick and mortar shop right at the heart of Bugis Street! Here are other products you can purchase from their store:
1030am brick and mortar shop is located at 1 New Bugis Street, Level 1 MSV 6A/7A. Yes! It's that same famous fashion street where both locals and tourists flock to get the most fashionable clothes, accessories and souvenirs at the cheapest price. 
Disclaimer: I was provided with a shopping voucher for the purpose of this review. No other monetary compensation was received. In fact, I got carried away and end up topping up to get a set of face masks and other beauty what-nots which my skin now profusely thank me for. As usual, all opinions and photos are my own. 
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Men’s Style – 5 Rules for Rocking Your Denim

Denim is the most loved piece of clothing by men. Ask any men and he would tell you how he keeps his beloved pair of jeans in his wardrobe. He might have one or two but he will make sure that he has the best one.
Whether you like slim, bootcut, vintage or relaxed denim, styling it up is the most important thing to consider. You don’t want to look like a misfit or someone who has no idea about the trends or latest style.
From tees to shirts and cuffing to tucking them or even accessorizing with belts, there are myriad ways to dress up denim. So let us suggest some quick rules for styling up that denim –
1. Boat Shoes + Bright Polo
Time to sail away with boat shoes and a bright polo t-shirt! Being the classiest combination, it will instantly add dimension to your whole outfit when paired with denim. Forget the chinos, denim are what will look the cool yet classy with this combination.
2. Casual Tee+ Blazer
Blazer is a real good thing. The good old blazer looks so amazing when styled up with denim. Wear a blazer with a casual tee. V-neck tees are the best to be worn inside a blazer. Pick a white classy V-neck and team it up with a dark colored blazer.
Remember to choose contrasting shades of denim and blazer as they will look more coordinated. Complete the look with a pair of brogues, and you are a gentleman already!
3. Cardigan + vintage shoes
Have you heard? You can grow up the denim and t-shirt look by wearing a cardigan. More retro, the better. Pair it with vintage shoes for a complete look. And yeah, how can we forget about the sunglasses. A nice pair of wayfarer will add a cool factor to the whole look.
Remember to pick a cardigan with the front open. They are so airy and can fit over any t-shirt. Pair a plain cardigan with a graphic tee for a dapper look.
4. Vest +crew neck tee
Remember the good old Justin Timberlake look? A vest thrown over a tee and walking like a lion. The dude has style, people will say!
So take off your old vest. It is time to repurpose it. Just wear it over a denim-tee combination. Crew neck tees are the best pick for the vest. You can opt for a vest in plain, stripes, grids or any pattern. For one with patterns, pick a plain crew neck tee.
5. Shirt + oxford shoes
You can go to the club, office and wherever you want in this style. It can give serious envy to other men, trust us! A shirt looks uber cool with denim. Pair the denim-shirt combo with a pair of oxford shoes and you will slay it, we tell you. Many CEOs of big companies wear this for an edgy feel.
Next important thing that will complete the entire look is a belt. The rule of the thumb is – the colors of belt and shoes should be similar. Suppose you are going to wear your tan oxford shoes with denim-shirt combo, pick the belt in the same tan shade.
So lads, you can always style differently with denim. Just a play of some outfit, a little bit of accessorizing and you can totally make the denim the most versatile outfit in the world. Our tip-offs will help you find the right apparels to pair with your darling denim and you can rock any season, any occasion be it formal or casual, with them.

Image source: ShoppersStop and
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4 Ways to Ease Back Pain When Travelling Long Distance

Photo credit: Wikitravel
Whenever you travel over long distances, you will have to remain seated for extended periods of time, whether you are travelling by car, train, or airplane. This can take its toll on your body, particularly your back, and it can lead to stiffness, tension, and pain. But the discomfort can be avoided, or at least reduced, if you follow the simple tips below.

Purchase a Car Seat Back Support Product
There are great back support products on the market, such as the one that you can learn about if you click here. You can use these products whether you are driving, you are in the passenger seat of a car, or if you are travelling by bus or train. They will help to reduce the level of pain and stiffness that you would otherwise experience without the additional support they provide. They also increase your mobility and your flexibility, and they can provide a lot of relief from muscular tension and pain throughout the back area and other areas of your body. Plus, there aren’t any side effects like you can get by taking strong pain relieving medications.

Move Around as Much as Possible
Whether you are on a plane or driving over long distances, move around as much as you can until you reach your destination. This means stopping regularly to walk around if you are driving, as well as moving around the plane when you are allowed to do so. If you end up sitting in the same position for too long, your back muscles will end up stiffening, and this could lead to spasms and aches. And when you can’t stand up and move around, you can even stretch and move a bit in your seat at the very least.

Adjust Your Car Seat Appropriately
If you are going to be driving for a long period of time, it is a good idea to move the driver’s seat forward so that you can be as close to the wheel as possible without getting uncomfortable. This will prevent slouching, and it will also prevent straining your legs and feet to reach the pedals. But also be sure to angle the seat properly. The back should be at an angle of roughly 100-110 degrees in order to sit appropriately for the least amount of pain.

Apply a Cold Pack to Your Back
A lot of the times that you experience back pain, there is probably inflammation there as well. If you apply a cold pack to the area, you can numb those sore tissues while reducing the amount of inflammation that your body is producing. You can take an ice pack in your car by using a cooler, or you can purchase instant ice packs and keep them in your glove compartment.

Incorporate these strategies the next time you have to hit the road or fly on a plan for an extended period of time and over long distances. They should help ease your back pain and help you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to explore.
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The Manhattan Fish Market's All New Breakfast Menu

One of our family's weekend tradition is eating breakfast together. Most of the time, I prepare breakfast before everyone wakes up. We all love to sleep in on weekends but I have to exert extra effort to wake up earlier than everyone so that I could come up with a breakfast spread that the kids and the husband will enjoy.

Some weekends though when I am exhausted from work and I feel like sleeping in and the hubby don't feel like cooking too, we just head to the nearest mall to enjoy the breakfast offerings from known fast-food chains. After all, weekends are made for indulgence. We eat home-cooked meals on weekdays so it's alright to give in to outside food once in a while.

I have to say though that eating the same breakfast offering from a fast-food chain every time we eat out can get very boring. I would love to bring my family to kid-friendly cafes that offer delectable brunch sets but the food price is not very forgiving on the pocket, plus the kids always end up not being able to finish their own food so I find it impractical.

Best solution? Affordable breakfast meals meant for sharing!

The Manhattan Fish Market must have heard parents' sentiments similar to mine that they came up with hearty breakfast sets meant for sharing with your family. The best part is, their all-new weekend breakfast offerings are on par with some of the all-day breakfast menu you see from hipster cafes. Think Eggs Benedict and Smoked Salmon!

Don't believe it? Here, see it for yourself!

1) Eggs Benedict Sharing Platter ($17.95)
I am a certified Eggs Benedict avid fan so it's no surprise to my family that this was my personal choice. I didn't quite expect the big serving, it's a good thing it is meant to be shared! K helped me finish the hash brown and G ate the snail sausage. The fluffy pancake was topped with strawberry and came with generous serving of maple syrup. G who is a strawberry monster and pancake lover helped me gobble it up in no time.

Do you know how other food enthusiasts judge their Eggs Benedict? They poke the egg and see if the egg yolk flows. Some say if it never flow, it's a fail. Oh well! The one served to me isn't too "flowy" but it certainly pleased my taste buds.The melted cheddar cheese and crispy turkey bacon made it even more palatable.

*Alternative for this meal: Smoked Salmon Sharing Platter ($17.95)

2) Glory Fish Tower ($7.95)
This is hubby's pick because he is currently on a fish diet. The big serving comes with The Manhattan Fish Market's signature hand-battered fish fillet fried to perfection (crispy outside and soft fish meat inside), Onion Glory, lettuce, cheese and topped with thick toast. It also came with coleslaw, which is hubby's all-time favourite, on the side. Needless to say, he conquered this glorious tower all by himself.

*Alternative for this meal: Big Brekkie Delight ($9.95)

3) Salmon 'n Mushroom Sandwich ($8.95)
Here's K's choice of breakfast, because she prefers to eat light in the morning. It came with small serving of vegetables and a poached egg in a crunchy tortilla bowl (such a genius idea, I want to replicate it at home!). I tasted her Salmon 'n Mushroom Sandwich and find it a little bit salty for my liking. K on the other hand enjoyed it and polished it off.

4) Nutella & Banana French Toast ($4.95)
Here's a trivia about G. Whenever he wants to eat Nutella sandwich at home, he'd shout "breadtella please!". Haha! Nobody taught him that. He coined the word "breadtella" by himself. My friend who knows me well for creatively coining words commented G has got my brains. Heehee! Anyway, that explains this was G's choice of breakfast. I love that it comes with banana which is a great source of energy and helps boost brain power. It has gotten two thumbs up from G!

*Alternative for this meal: The Berry Happy Pancake ($7.95)

To compliment all of the above breakfast dishes, The Manhattan Fish Market also came up with a selection of breakfast drinks. We opted for Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice ($3.90) served in a small-sized carafe.

Other choices include:
  • Marshmallow Cocoa - $3..90
  • Cappuccino - $3.90
  • Latte - $3.90
  • Black Coffee - $2
  • Tea (English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chamomile or Peppermint) - $2
The all-new breakfast menu are now available every weekend and public holidays from 8am to 12pm at the following outlets:
  • Causeway Point, #02-34/K1
  • Century Square, #01-31
  • Bishan Junction 8, #01-22/30
  • Northpoint, #02-06/07
  • Jurong Point, #01-32
Disclaimer: We were invited to try The Manhattan Fish Market's all-new weekend breakfast offering for the purpose of this review. No other monetary compensation was received and all opinions plus drool worthy photos are our own. 
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G Learns About Marine Conservation at KidsSTOP™

If there are reasons for families like us who live in the East of Singapore travelling all the way to the West, it would be the kid-friendly attractions like Science Centre. We've brought K and G there numerous times but we can't let an opportunity for G to learn about Marine Conservation pass. We made an effort to wake up early on a Sunday morning just to see the Oceans' Buddies Exhibit at KidsSTOP which is housed within the Omni-Theatre building at Science Centre Singapore.

KidsSTOP aims to engage pre-schoolers like G and lower primary school children on the need to protect and preserve ecosystems. Reinforcing the significance of recycling, reducing and re-using from an early age will also help their thinking and actions for the future.

You should know by now that G is a certified water-loving boy, hence our frequent trips to the beach here in Singapore and our conscious effort to spend beach vacations overseas to expose the children to the sea creature's natural habitat.

At a young age, G have witnessed with his own naked eyes a pool of colourful fish swimming in their natural home. During our weekend getaway to a nearby island, he also saw and examined a sea cucumber up close. I am no longer surprised that one of his favourite songs is Save My World.

Teaching the children how to take care of the marine ecosystem plays a significant role in educating them to care about Mother Earth in general.

Oceans' Buddies Exhibit aims to encourage children to be a friend of the oceans. As children generally protect their friends, in a very simplistic way, they will also protect the oceans if they treat the oceans as their friends. Children can easily understand such a concept because it is typical social norm at their age.

To get the kids' interest in learning about marine conservation, KidsSTOP™ thought of putting up a giant wall projection of virtual ocean. The children are encouraged to draw their own sea creature, scan it and let them see it come to life in the virtual ocean.

Through the Oceans' Buddies Exhibit, the children instantly become friends with the ocean and learns about:
  • Protection and preservation of ecosystems in our seas;
  • How to limit man-made damage to marine ecosystems; and
  • Preservation of vulnerable marine species/ecosystems.
Complementing the new exhibit is a new mural curated around the theme of conservation and illustrates how a polluted sea traps suffocates marine life. It aims to educate children that as harmless as littering may seem, the collective damage can cause serious harm to marine life. 

For the public, experiencing Oceans' Buddies exhibit is part of the KidsSTOP™ admission fee.

Kids of Singaporeans and Permanent Residents aged 18 months to 8 years enjoy a $5 entrance fee on weekdays (Mon-Fri) and $10 on weekends, public holidays and school holidays. Accompanying adult pay $2 on weekdays and $5 on weekends, public holidays and school holidays.

Kids of other Local Residents and Overseas Visitors aged 18 months to 8 years enjoy a $20 entrance fee on weekdays (Mon-Fri) and $23 on weekends, public holidays and school holidays. Accompanying adult pay $10 on weekdays and $13 on weekends, public holidays and school holidays.

KidsSTOP™  hopes to spark children's interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Focusing on enriching children aged 18 months to 8 years through purposeful play in a safe and guided environment, their innate skills of Inquiry, Investigation and Innovation will be enhanced, giving them the Power to Create. The exhibits and galleries that include a kitchen and a supermarket among many others are designed to promote and foster parent-child bonding through interactive activities and programmes. Imagine, Experience, Discover and Dream are the four themes within KidsSTOP™. For complete information, visit

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