6 Top Tips to Instantly Boost Your Bank Balance

Improving your finances doesn’t have to be a challenge. There are many ways you can make money both on and offline. If you are unsure where to start, we recommend you read our six top tips to boost your bank balance instantly.
  1. Rent Your Items
There are many people who will happily rent your items, as they will not want to buy the product outright. For example, a person who wants to try camping for the first time might prefer to rent your camping equipment over investing in the expensive items. Rent everything from a lawn mower, bike or a fancy dress costume. The money earned could pay for the price of the item and then some. Visit one of the many rental websites online today.
  1. Sell Your Gift Cards for Money
Do have one or more gift cards sitting in a drawer? If so, it’s time to pull them out and exchange the cards for a cash amount. It’s never been easier to sell gift cards online. You simply exchange the card number and pin for a monetary sum, which will be delivered to your PayPal account, so you can top up your bank balance.
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash
  1. Sell Your Old Gadgets
We bet you have some form of technology device sitting in a closet or cupboard. Gather all those old items to make a cash profit online. You can sell everything from old phones, games consoles, MP3s and cameras, as your junk could be another person’s treasure. List the items on an auction website, and potential buyers will compete online for a gadget until the auction ends.
  1. Rent Your Home to a Movie Company
Many movie and TV production companies are always looking for properties to film in. Turn your home into a film set to enjoy a fantastic cash return. However, you must be willing to give up your home for hours or days at a time, but the money earned could cover the cost of your mortgage.
  1. Sell Your Disney Movies
Did you know that Disney restricts the amount of films sold to increase demand? This method is commonly referred to as the Disney Vault. If you are lucky enough to own a Disney movie that is in the vault, you should consider selling the items on an auction website. You can guarantee you will receive many inflated bids for the item from passionate Disney fans and collectors. It’s a quick way to increase your finances, and it will ensure the item goes to a good home.
  1. Get Paid to Take an Online Survey
Instantly make money by filling in all sorts of online surveys online. Companies are looking for people to regularly answer their surveys and test their new products, and they are willing to pay you for your feedback. It can take a few minutes to fill in a survey form, and you will be paid a cash reward. In some cases, you could earn $5 per survey.

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Renovating Your Home: The Smart Things To Do

I’m all in favour of making home improvements as I believe they can help you get a lot more from your home. If you renovate a room in your house, you can turn it into something you truly love and appreciate. Not to mention it also means the room looks a lot better too!

If you’ve never embarked on a home renovation project before, then you might struggle to know where to start. Have no fear, this little guide will talk you through all the smart things to do.

Decide On The Renovations
Take a long hard look at your home and decide which parts need to be renovated. Some people may feel they want their whole home renovated from top to bottom. Others might just want a single room re-decorated and done up. It’s entirely up to you, I’d say look for rooms or parts of your home that you dislike the most - these are the ones you want to change.

Work Out The Costs

After deciding what renovation projects are on the cards, you need to work out the costs. This is the tricky part as it means getting people in and getting lots of different quotes. You’ll need a quote for all the handiwork that you can’t do yourself, as well as quotes for different furniture and items. The reason you need multiple quotes from different people/companies is so you can sort of see how expensive/cheap the projects will be. One contracting company might quote a price for their work that’s way more than others, it just helps you get more clarity when you’re calculating.
Finance Your Projects
Once you’ve worked out the costs, it’s time to think about financing. How are you going to pay for all the work you’re doing? In a lot of cases, you can apply for a loan to help cover the costs if you’re not able to pay them all right away. Now, don’t worry if you’ve got a poor credit score and think you can’t get a loan. There are places that offer unsecured loans for people with poor credit, so you can still use this type of financing. Other than that, you might want to use all your own money for the projects, it depends on your situation. Generally speaking, it’s always better when you can pay for something without needing to lend anything. When you’ve figured out your financing, you can go ahead and choose a company to help complete the renovations.

Choose The Designs
Now, you can choose all the designs for your renovation projects. Sit down with the people doing the work for you and tell them exactly what you want. They’ll be able to help contribute ideas if you like, but the main decision is all yours!

Finally, I’ll end this guide by saying; get out of the way. Try and make it easy for anyone coming to your house and doing work by getting out of their way and letting them do it. They’ll be able to work a lot faster, and you’ll soon see your renovations come to life. With this smart little guide, you’ll be more organised and ready for your home renovation projects.

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Been Evicted: What To Do When Your Home Is Taken Away

Regardless of whether you rent your house, the fact is that it’s your home - it doesn’t matter who owns it, it’s your safe haven from the world. So when you return home to find an eviction notice slapped on your front door or receive an eviction letter in the mail, it’s totally natural to panic. The crucial factor to remember is that just because you have been served an eviction notice, it does not mean that you have to move out tomorrow. That being said, it’s important to start getting yourself organized to ensure that when eviction day arrives, you are ready to move to somewhere new. To minimize the impact of being evicted on yourself and your family, below are some tips and pieces of advice to take note of.


Understand why you are being evicted

Being evicted from your home is never a nice feeling. It’s terrifying because you have a set period of time to find somewhere new to live and vacate your current property. Otherwise, you could end up in court. It’s important to understand why you are being evicted, as there is always a reason behind an eviction notice. It could be that you haven’t kept on top of your rent. It may be that the landlord has decided to sell up. Or perhaps the landlord isn’t happy with some of your behaviors, such as having a pet without permission or being too loud late at night. There are hundreds of possibilities for eviction. By finding out why you’ve been evicted, you may be able to prevent the eviction, such as if you owe rent money, paying it in full would most probably allow you to stay in your home.

Begin the house hunting process

If there is no changing the landlord’s mind and the eviction will go ahead, it’s vital that you begin the house hunting process. The last thing you want is to end up homeless because you weren’t able to find a new home in time. So the sooner you start house hunting, the better. Create a list of what you want and need from a home, such as the number of bedrooms it must have, the ideal location, and the rental price maximum amount that you can afford to pay each month. While it’s important not to rush the process and end up somewhere that isn’t a good fit for you and your family, you need to bear in mind that you do have a time limit to find somewhere new to live.

Prepare for moving day

The last thing you want come moving day is to be in a mess and not ready to move out of your current residence. That’s why it’s so vital that you prepare for moving day in advance by having a clear out and then beginning to pack. It’s also important that you look into hiring cheap movers to help streamline moving day and reduce some of the stress that you will be under. Instead of buying boxes, consider asking in local stores for their old and unwanted cardboard boxes - this will help to reduce the cost of moving.

Make your new home your own

Being forced to move house when you don’t want to is upsetting, there’s no getting away from that. Your home is your little escape from the world, the place where you feel the most safe, which is why it can be so upsetting when you are evicted. However, by making your new home feel homey, you can begin to start a new life there, making the most of what you’ve got.

It might be hard being evicted from your home but remember; it’s only bricks and mortar. You can make anywhere into a home; it’s just a case of personalizing the space, that’s all.

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5-Step Mucota Scena Plus Hair Treatment Review

Just a few days after my family's weekend island getaway, I went to Kenjo Salon for a much-needed hair treatment. My hair was exposed to chlorine for two straight days during our short holiday. We stayed in the swimming pool around 1 hour in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon on our first day and another 3 hours in the morning on our second day.

According to a dermatologist who specializes in hair and scalp disorders, chlorine strips away the natural oil on one's hair, leaving it dry and brittle.

Here's how my hair looks like towards the end of G's birthday pool party:
Obviously, I am one happy mama because my boy enjoyed every moment of his special day but look at my crowning glory! It suffered greatly from being soaked on chlorinated pool water for good 6 hours in 2 straight days.

So off I went to Kenjo Salon on Tuesday after I knocked off from work (we came back from holiday on Sunday evening) to pamper my hair with the New Improved Mucota Scena Plus Hair Treatment. As usual, I was escorted to my "throne" and was served mocha with Lotus biscuits right away.

Here's how the one-hour and 30-minutes treatment went:

ETHOS - helps to detox and neutralize residual agents from chemical treatment from my previous rebonding and colouring treatment.

SCALP SPA - effectively prepares the scalp for treatment and protects it from irritation. It also adds moisture by replenishing the natural moisturizing factor of your hair and scalp.

STEPS 3, 4 and 5:

3) ADEL - contains various elements which penetrates deep into hair structure, leaving it soft and hydrated by means of deep hydration and restoration of hair's natural elements.

4) BRAVA - repairs a wide spectrum of damage hair by creating net-like structure within the hair to prevent essential elements from flowing out. After being applied on hair, steam is done for 10 minutes.

5) CALORE - protects hair cuticle to prolong the treatment effects which lasts for about 8 weeks.

The treatment rendered my damaged hair shiny, smooth and oh-so-silky! It felt like I am wearing a crown with nothing but my newly pampered hair. If you are due for a hair treatment, don't miss this awesome promotion for the whole month of August! First time customers get 15% off any hair services by quoting "CherryBerry" upon booking your appointment.

Call 6238 8083 to book an appointment in advance and look for my Korean Stylist, Sha Sha. She doesn't just take good care of my hair, she also makes all my salon visits very relaxing and blissful. You should see the video I shared on Instagram where she gamely poses for my camera thinking I am taking a photo but I was actually taking a video. We both had a really good laugh!

Thank you, Sha Sha! You are ever so professional and amicable at the same time. I can't wait to see you again soon.

68 Orchard Road
#04-72, Plaza Singapura (New Wing)
Singapore 238839
Phone: 6238 8083
*This post is brought to you by Kenjo Salon and Sweet Memoirs collaboration.

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3 New Sports to Try this Summer

The summer is here, and therefore, that means it’s time to get outdoors and try something new. Longer days and warmer weather mean more chance to be outside; it means finding a new sport isn’t as difficult or enduring because it’s sunnier and warmer. It’s time to find something new to love and participate in, without the excuses winter brings.
Before starting a new sport, however, you need to determine what you already like and dislike. For example, do you enjoy working out solo, or do you prefer a group sport? Are you looking a permanent sport and exercise routine, or something temporary? Either way, you need to consider what it is you love and combine it with your particular preferences. If you like individual sports, for example, there’s no point in joining a netball team.
Stand-Up Paddle Board Yoga (SUP Yoga)
Ideal for those living by the coast or near a lake, stand up paddle board is, quite simply, a yoga class that takes place on a paddle board on the water. SUP yoga combines two sports into one, meaning you get the benefits of stand-up paddle boarding as you paddle into the open waters (full body workout; core stability and leg strengthening) and the pros of yoga (increased flexibility, muscle strength and toning, maintaining a balanced metabolism).
Not only is this a better workout than yoga, but it’s a straightforward way to revitalize an otherwise tired exercise routine. Sometimes, even the biggest of gym fanatics get tired of their staple routines. A refreshing change, whether it’s permanent or temporary, can help you feeling changed and reinvigorated.
Stunt Scootering
Otherwise known as freestyle scootering, stunt scootering is an extreme sport which involves performing tricks on a stunt scooter, similar to BMXing or skateboarding. Nowadays, stunt scootering is gaining in popularity, with regional qualifiers turning into worldwide championships. With skateboarding entering the 2020 Olympics, there’s a chance that stunt scootering will, one day, become a recognized professional sport. Check out stores such as Skates.co.uk, browse their range of stunt scooters such as the famed Apex Pro Scooters and freestyle scootering champions Sacrifice Scooters, and start developing your stunt skills. If your skills transpire into something sensational, you could even start entering competitions and slowly work your way up the rankings. You may even become the next Dante Hutchinson.
Aerial Silks
For those who love performance art, aerial silks is the perfect way to combine fitness with your love of dance and movement. Performers climb suspended fabric and use the fabric to keep themselves suspended while they suspend, swing and fall into various positions. Although aerial silks seem to break the laws of gravity and friction, you won’t be performing unharnessed while training. At first, you will only be marginally suspended with a cushioned fall below. Other variations of aerial sports include aerial yoga and aerial hoop. All aerial sports have the benefits of muscle strength, calmness, meditation, weight management and toning. It’s ideal for those who are bored with their current routines and need a refresher or new, stimulating hobby.
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A Non-Beauty Junkie's Review on Dermagold Skin Clear Peel + Premium White Mask

There I said it on my post title, loud and clear that I am no beauty junkie. But why did you agree to review a beauty product, you may ask? Well, every single time I am offered with something I never used before, I do extensive research about it. All thanks to the ever reliable Uncle G (Google that is), I found out that Dermagold Skin Clear Peel is an award-winning beauty product. It sounds too good not to try especially now that I am, errrm (please excuse me and let me take a deep sigh first), pass the middle age and in the process of ageing.

Who wouldn't want to age gracefully and beautifully, right?


Admittedly, I am not prone to having acne and pimples (I only get it occasionally like once a month or if I get lucky, once every two months due to hormonal changes) but I bought the idea of using Dermagold Skin Clear Peel as DIY Home Peel. To be really honest, the word PEEL there scared me a little.

What if my skin peels like crazy and I can't go about life like I normally do? My work involves talking and dealing with patients face to face and at times, I have media events to attend too.

How? That was my biggest worry.

Thankfully, my worry was for naught. I used Dermagold Skin Clear Peel as DIY Home Peel once a week ever since I came back from my holiday in the Philippines (that was end of June) where my skin suffered a lot from air pollution and now, every one whom I meet in person or those who sees my rare selfies on Instagram were proof that I am indeed glowing and looking youthful.

Here's a non-filtered selfie I shared on Instagram whilst I am on an island holiday with my family last weekend.

I can't say the only secret was the product I used though. When you are genuinely happy, you just glow naturally without noticing it but I can't dispense and ignore the fact that Dermagold Skin Clear Peel did help to rejuvenate my skin and let it glow. I used it alongside the Dermagold Premium White Mask to prevent my skin from getting dehydrated from the peeling effect and I have to say I achieved ideal results.

Watch this video tutorial on how to use Dermagold Skin Clear Peel:

It's that simple and more importantly, it's proven effective for me.

Interested to try Dermagold products too? When I shared about trying Dermagold products on Instagram, a beauty junkie friend commented she loves Dermagold Premium White Mask and that I should try Dermagold's Skin Elixir as it's one of the best serums she had tried. So there, you now have not just a testimony from a non-beauty junkie mom-me but also a testimony from a certified beauty junkie about Dermagold products.

Do quote DERMAGOLDCHERRY upon check out when you shop at www.dermagold.sg to get 10% off any purchase order. Promo code is valid until 31st October 2017, so hurry and shop as early as now before the stock runs out. I do wish your skin be as compatible as mine with Dermagold Skin Clear Peel and Premium White Mask.

Bonus tip! Sign up to be a Dermagold member here and receive $20 voucher.

Stay pretty inside out!
Dermagold is an independent skincare brand, made for the discerning user who is serious about simple and effective skincare, beyond the trend and fads. Dermagold firmly believe that real, bear-faced beauty is empowering, and should be the core foundation of every woman or man.
Harnessing the best of science and nature in one, Dermagold combines proven scientific findings with powerful ingredients from nature to formulate award-winning products that not only produce high quality effective results, but are also a joy to use as daily beauty ritual.
Read more about their brand story here
Dermagold sent us their Skin Clear Peel and Premium White Mask for us to try for the purpose of this review. All photos, opinions and peeled skin are entirely mine. Do note that results may vary per individual.
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The Education System in Singapore vs The Rest of the World

Wanting the best for your child is a natural response for parents. Part of wanting the best also includes providing them with the best educational opportunities possible. As you start to investigate the various education systems around the world, there are some countries that really stand out. One that catches the eye of many is Singapore.
So just how is Singapore’s education system different from the rest of the world? Here’s a closer look.
Top Marks in Global Education Rankings
If it's education rankings that you're interested in, then this is the first area that Singapore manages to differ from most countries in the world. Singapore is where you will find the highest-achieving primary and secondary students according to international rankings. The students in Singapore scored the highest on the international education tests in the areas of science and math in 2016.
Singapore Has Come a Long Way
What's really interesting is to take a look at just how much Singapore has changed in the past 50 years. Where its workforce was once low-skilled and low-cost, it is now the exact opposite. Half of Singapore's workforce are now university graduates.
Its students do well at home and abroad, the country's literacy rates have increased dramatically, and there is an abundance of enrichment and tutoring classes available to students. These classes can range anywhere from $150 to $250 each month, and over 70% of students are signed up for these classes according to The Straits Times.
Too Much Stress?
Singapore is regarded as one of the best, if not the best education system in the whole world. Singapore’s residents, students, parents, and those in other countries are all aware of this ranking. With that said, people have started to wonder if this is, in fact, too much stress to put on the students. Expectations are high that students in Singapore’s educational system do well, with little room for those who are lagging behind.
In Singapore, it's quite common for kids to fill their free time with extra studying and enrichment activities, rather than outdoor activities, games, and sports. Mental arithmetic classes start at age five, which is years' ahead of many other school systems in the world. The idea is that brain development is at its peak at this age, so it is a prime time to start teaching more advanced math skills.
A Comparable Solution in the U.K.
If you’re looking for that same kind of educational experience in the U.K. then you will want to investigate Duncombe School, one of the best independent prep schools Hertfordshire and the surrounding area has to offer. It offers a comparable experience to that which you would find in Singapore.
Wanting What's Best
As parents continue to strive to give their children the best educational experience possible and help to prepare them for their future, it seems as if all eyes are on Singapore as a great model of success as far as educational rankings go.

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Getting Control of Your Thoughts and Actions

Does it sometimes feel like you’re an outside observer, watching the way you react to situations? Do you find that you’re obsessing over what you thought, what you said, what you did in the moment? We are not just slaves to a random series of reactions and choices based on genetics, hormones, or just “who we are as a person”. We can all endeavor to, and succeed in, getting more control over your thoughts and our deeds.

Know what you really can control
This is where every process of changing your life and your habits must begin. A lot of people have an issue of taking the blame when they really shouldn’t. For instance, let’s say you’re watching a friend’s child for a brief moment when they walk away. The child trips, falls, and starts crying. Is your immediate reaction to apologize when, in reality, there was nothing you can do? Take a leaf out of the stoic’s book, and remind yourself what you’re truly responsible for: your thoughts and your actions. If you start taking responsibility for things outside that sphere, you start taking the blame internally for things that aren’t your fault. Meaning you’re more likely to be a defeatist about your own actions and to give into habits that fit that view you hold of yourself.
Find your aims
A lot of life is reactionary. Even if you manage to distance your emotions and self-reflection from events happening around you, you often find you have to react to them. If your bed breaks, you have to save money to buy a new one. You have to get a job to pay the bills. You have to get a promotion or find a new career to buy a house. Don’t be entirely reactionary. Take control and write down your aims. It might be as simple as finding more time for yourself or losing some weight or it might be as grand finishing a novel. If you write your aims, you’re much more likely to achieve them. Just remember not to write aims that are out of your control.

Don’t let life pass you by
One of the aims that just about everyone should try to include near the top of the list is to try new things more often. We tend to go mentally unconscious, to settle into a rhythm when we’re living the same routine over and over again. You don’t have to move, to quit your job, or break up with your lifelong partner. Instead, simply trying new things every day gives you feeling of some input on your own direction. It also does away with the discomforting feeling of time passing by too quickly. Many studies agree that this feeling happens because we have fewer “firsts” in life and fewer noteworthy events as we get older. It’s important that you have some get-up-and-go in doing this, too. Start early, where your mind is at its freshest, right out of bed. Make the right choices at the start of the day and it creates a knock-on effect that keeps you making those choices as the day goes on. Put it off until too late in the day when energy reserves are low and it’s too easy to just put it off for another time, which inevitably never comes.
Find your deepest you
If we don’t take the time to ground ourselves, it’s too easy for our mind to become a series of stresses, anxieties, fears, and problems that we’re constantly racing to find a solution to. Clearing your mind and finding ways to ground yourself really does help. By focusing on something as simple as your own breathing through meditation or spending time with nothing but nature around you allows you to shed off those unhelpful thoughts and get down to you at your base. It also helps you learn mindfulness which can become one of the most useful tools in keeping control of yourself.

Practicing mindfulness
To be mindful, in the truest sense, is to pay attention. It starts first of all with being mindful of certain things around you. It might be your breathing, or the way a branch swings in the breeze. Then it goes on to you being mindful of your own reactions to it. Practice being mindful out in the real world, too. Be mindful of the little things that happen when you’re stuck in traffic or when you’re in the shower. When you start noticing the little things around you, you also notice the little things happening in your own head.
Stop, take time, and think
Applying mindfulness in real time is the aim of the game. You get into a situation that would usually provoke an immediate response. Perhaps someone says something that makes you feel insulted or belittled or, back to the old example, a child you’re watching trips and falls. Mindfulness helps you recognize your immediate reaction before it happens. It gives you the time you need to spot the connection before it’s made and to stop jumping to conclusions. Then you have the time to think and formulate a response that is often not only more under your control but a more measured reaction to an event.

Know your emotional triggers
You’re not going to become an immediate master of practicing mindfulness all the time. There are still going to be situations which cause you to give into anxiety or anger. It’s a good idea to get to know these situations and to identify your emotional triggers. At first, you can learn to avoid them, but as time goes on, you can manage your triggers. Managing them is all about acknowledging the harm that they cause you, but without allowing the pain of that harm to settle into your brain and take control.
Don’t neglect the physical side
Mindfulness is also used as a method of helping those with chronic pain. If you fixate on the pain your body is undergoing, then your experience of that pain is going to be a lot worse. Learning how not to fixate on the pain is going to make your experience of it much more bearable. But the relationship works both ways. Fixating on pain makes it much harder to find your center and ground yourself. So, don’t ignore potential treatments for chronic pain that might translate physical stress to mental stress. You should think about tackling both at the same time.

Fill the world with good
Getting in control of your thoughts and actions is usually done so that you can feel better about how you act. There’s nothing wrong with that, our sense of pride in our own way of handling life is an important thing to carry around with you. But beyond making changes to how you perceive your actions and change them from within, you can make a great start by simply giving yourself more positive actions to perform. In particular, it’s been proven that helping other people, in big ways or small, helps massively change our personal perception of ourselves. By being kinder to others, we tend to start being kinder to ourselves as well. Just avoid feeling obligated and like you fail your obligation if you’re unable to help someone because of your own circumstances. It goes back to the philosophy of stoicism, of always being aware of what you’re truly in control of.
Focus on your successes, not your failures
Your perception is also colored by what you spend your time thinking about. Rumination and ruin have a causal relationship in a lot of instances. We don’t think about our successes often because they seem par for the course, expected, whereas our failures are unexpected and so we think too much about how we messed up. Take the time to reflect on your successes. In fact, keeping a diary of your achievements for your own reading can help you much better appreciate what you do well. When you exercised that self-control, when you helped someone, when you got closer to your aims. You can see how much control you have over your actions already, which affords you even more control going forward.

Focus on one thing at a time
Multitasking is often lauded but it’s not often for a good reason. Employers love to see it and we praise women for having the natural ability to do it better. It comes in handy in a crisis, no doubt, but it should never be your default way of doing things. Monotasking is far more effective. It also helps you avoid the feeling like you’re spinning plates and only reacting accordingly. If you have a busy day, then take a few minutes to create a schedule for it, prioritizing and setting time for different tasks. You will feel much more in control of the day for it.
When you know what you truly can control, and you make choices using the abilities to improve your life and dictate your own direction when possible, it can solve a lot of your problems. You won’t avoid stress, anguish, or pain, but you can learn to make them all part of the experience.

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