Barashi-Tei Offers Decent and Wallet-Friendly Japanese Food

I admit, we occasionally splurge on good food. My family enjoys eating out on weekends and we are always on the look out for good but wallet-friendly places to eat. One of the amazing perks of being a self-proclaimed epicurean is discovering food places that offers decent and affordable food through media tasting. Like I said before, I rarely go on food tasting anymore for the reason I mentioned here. I save my yes to food that I truly love so I won't even have to think twice recommending it to my valuable readers and most importantly, my family.

What's on top of my list? It is written all over those drool-worthy Japanese food on the collage! Haha! My love for Japanese food is influenced by my teenager-slash-gluttongirl (she said that herself ok?) who I regularly go out with for one-on-one foodie bondates. She can eat sushi Every. Single. Day if you let her be. I can't wait to bring her at Barashi-Tei on our next bondate!

Here are the food we sampled at Barashi-Tei which made my girl drool after I showed her the photos:


How do I even begin to describe it? It has my name written all over the salad bowl! Haha! I am an ultimate fan of salmon and avocado and if you follow me on IG, you should know that I occasionally come up with my own salad experiments because my hubby and I love eating our greens fresh and delicious. What happens when you mix freshly sliced avocado and torched salmon into your salad and top it with all things fresh and delicious? You be the judge!

Now, change the salmon and avocado into assorted sashimi and you get this. It all boils down into individual preference and I will definitely choose the former than the latter. 


Underneath those yummy goodness (an assortment of 1cm thick salmon, tuna, mackerel, mekajiki and tamago slices) is perfectly cooked Japanese rice that came from Japan. Apparently, Japanese rice bought at supermarkets are not as authentic as the ones flown from Japan. If you are a big eater, go for this. 

SAKE JYU DON ($16.80)
For those like me who can't say no to salmon, this is a great alternative Chirashi Don. 

And yet, another alternative if you don't fancy salmon. 

A bowl filled with cubes of maguro, salmon, ikura, makajiki and tamago. 

Can you spot the difference between Bara Chirashi and Aburi Bara Chirashi? Yes! The latter is torched and I definitely enjoyed it more. 


Just looking at the photo makes me drool all over again! This is the crowd favourite, the one that created a lasting impression in our taste buds. I cannot even tell you how good it was, you definitely have to order this when you dine at Barashi-Tei. For those who doesn't really like spicy food, this isn't really spicy so you can give it a try too. 

Looking for a less sinful option? Go for this! Obviously, this dish is inspired by Vietnamese summer roll. 


From the 10 Yakimono choices, we were only able to try one which is this Ika Teriyaki. If you love squid, you have to try this. The one served to us was perfectly grilled so it was not to hard and chewy just the way I like it. The sauce is a little sweeter than my taste buds' level of sweetness tolerance. 


The are 3 Nimono dish you can choose from the menu but this was recommended to us. For me, any soup is comfort food but what I love about this is that it contains fish, my favourite mushrooms, seaweed, carrots and tofu. All of it mixed together gave the soup slight sweetness. I say it's flavourful and comforting! The serving is big so it can be shared up to 6 diners.



Between Wasabi and Kuruma Ebi, I'd prefer the former since I love wasabi-flavoured anything. The latter has bean sauce paste and is topped generously with fried minced garlic.


I am not a fan of steak but add some foie grass and I'd be happy to devour it. The sirloin steak surprisingly melts in the mouth! I have a hunch my girl and my husband would love this.

Hmmm, I had one bite but I will pass next time. I am not a fan of duck meat.

For those unfamiliar with this, tamago is a type of Japanese omelette which is made by rolling together several layers of cooked egg. You can actually find ready made ones in the supermarket but the owner of Barashi-Tei prefers to handmade them instead. I would love it more if it was less sweeter.

Mr Wang Zhenfeng, Barashi-Tei's founder and main chef came all the way from China to learn from a 60 y/o Japanese Master Chef who has decades of professional experience concocting Japanese food.

When the Senior Japanese Master Chef went back to Japan, Mr Wang decided to put up his own restaurant and based from the crowd during our visit at Barashi-Tei (I took the above photo about 6:30pm, it was full house by 7:30pm), his thoughtful Japanese dishes are earning massive positive reviews since it opened about a month ago.

Barashi-Tei also offers set lunches from $8 to $10 only. Considering its prime location (they are located right next to Le Cafe Confectionery and Pastry which is known for its soya tarts) and extra effort in importing fresh ingredients from Japan, Barashi-Tei offers decent and affordable Japanese food that can satisfy your craving.
266 Middle Road
Singapore 188991
Opening Hours:
11:30am - 3pm (lunch)
6pm - 4am (dinner/supper/midnight bingeing)
Instagram: @barashitei

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Toxin-Free Baby Cleaning Products from MummyBebeSG

G was weaned from baby bottles with silicon nipples before he turned 3 years old. We bought him a sippy bottle after that so that he can still drink milk when lying down. Just recently, we decided to wean him too from his sippy bottle. For a week, we let him drink milk from a cup just like how we adults drink milk or coffee from our favourite mugs. "You're a big boy now. You are turning 5 years old very soon," I reasoned.

I observed that within the one week trial period, G's milk intake greatly decreased. This was mainly because he likes drinking milk at bedtime which means he prefers drinking milk while lying down. Quite impossible to do when his milk is in a regular drinking cup. As a parent who constantly worries about my kids' nutritional intake, I just have to let G use his sippy bottle again.

Boy, he was thrilled and has been drinking more milk again. I am one happy mama!

That's his favourite sippy bottle complete with a silicon stopper that makes it leak free. We don't do steam sterilisation anymore like we used to with his baby bottles but I always make sure we have kid-friendly cleaning agent to keep his bottles clean and free from any toxin that could harm his well-being. 

FARLIN's Baby Bottle Wash you see on the photos above was sent to us by the kind folks of MummyBebeSG to try. I also use it to wash things we use for making snacks like these popsicle moulds. It gives me peace of mind knowing that even when the kids lick the popsicle stick, I am rest assured it was clean and toxin-free. 

Farlin's organic and eco-friendly baby bottle wash have anti-bacterial ingredients so it doubles up as a great toy wash too. This cleaning agent comes with PH 5.5 which makes it gentle to human skin. If you've seen the photo on my Instagram, you should know by now that it was G who gave his zoo animal friends a good bath using Farlin's baby bottle wash.

It was an instant work/play sensory learning experience for him. He had so much fun bathing the animals that he ended up asking me for more toys so I took out more dusty toys for him to play with wash. Guess who was more thrilled to get a weekend cleaning job done with a happy little helper? MomME of course! Heehee!

We were also given Farlin Baby Clothes Wash so while handwashing some of G's delicate clothes, I took the opportunity to wash G's precious baby clothes that I couldn't give away due to its sentimental value like his Christening outfit. If you have a baby, I highly recommend it to you as it has mild formula, making it hypoallergenic for babies. It also has natural stain remover extract, making it low foaming and leaves no residue. It is definitely gentle on sensitive baby skin.

More reasons to buy FARLIN CLEAN 2.0 baby friendly products:
  • recognized by ECOCERT, 100% natural source ingredients
  • not tested on animals 
  • Phosphate-free, Phosphorous-free and Flouresence-free
  • safe for septic tanks
Flash giveaway time! WIN $50 e-voucher to shop at! MummyBebeSG have 3 sets of e-vouchers to give away.

To stand a chance, simply
2) Share the above Facebook links on your facebook.

Best of luck to everyone who wishes to participate! I will announce the 3 winners here by the end of the month so please stay tuned.

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Personal Finance is a Major Source of Stress, but Doesn’t Have to Be

Study after study has shown that money problems are a major source of stress for millions of people. Some studies in recent years have indicated that money is a top stressor for most Americans – even above job stress, family responsibilities and health concerns.

If you’re having financial challenges, you most likely don’t need a survey or a poll or a published paper to inform you that you’re under stress. Nor do you need a financial expert to tell you that things might get better if you could get a better handle on your personal finances. But how do you do that? Exactly what does getting a handle on your personal finances entail?

Photo source
Everyone should master basic finance skills

As smart and sophisticated as contemporary Americans imagine themselves to be, many of us are for all practical purposes financially illiterate. Or we run our financial lives as if that were the case, which amounts to the same thing. The good news is that schools today are beginning to offer personal finance courses at the secondary and even the primary school level. We have a long way to go before we can claim that financial literacy is a priority in our education system, but it’s a good start.

Even so, it would be a mistake for parents to wait around for the schools to teach their offspring about fiscal responsibility. Education should begin at home, and the earlier it begins, the better. Of course, if the parents themselves don’t possess a strong foundation of financial literacy – and aren’t setting good examples by handling money responsibly – they are not going to be very effective teachers. No worries; it is never too late to develop and master basic personal finance skills.

Budgeting, for example, is arguably the most basic of these skills, and we’ve all been advised time and time again that we need to make and stick to a budget if we ever hope to get ahead financially. Alas, many people just approach budgeting, if they approach it at all, in the most rudimentary manner, perhaps using their checking account balance as a rough gauge of how much money they have available to spend. That’s simply not enough. Even if you don’t have savings or investments, you still need to make a detailed budget – listing all of your income and expenses – and that’s just the beginning. You also need to closely monitor all of your spending, month by month, and work to stay on track every month. To really get a grip on your budget, it’s a good idea to scrutinize your bank statements and credit card bills, if applicable, and add up your monthly spending by category. Then you can decide where to cut corners if necessary.

Separating needs from wants is another essential finance skill, one that many people find particularly challenging. Not surprisingly it is also a frequent point of contention between spouses or between parents and kids. The kids may think that they need the latest pricey smart phone or other electronic device, and the parents may not agree. One trick that can help you separate needs from wants is to think about the consequences of not buying something. For instance, will your son be unable to keep up with his schoolwork if he doesn’t have that expensive new tablet? If the answer is no, the tablet is a want, not a need. Convincing your son may be another matter, but if you stick to your guns it could be one of those “teachable moments” when the lesson actually takes.

Perhaps one of the most important finance skills concerns something more intangible than budgeting or getting your spending under control. It involves figuring out that the answer to this question: Even though you can almost certainly live with less, can you be happy with less? If you’re pursuing happiness by purchasing expensive stuff, you’ll probably never be happy. The key is to find happiness in the life you have right now, not the life you could have if you only had more money. And as you define or redefine happiness for yourself, you may find it easier to gain control of your finances and indeed of your entire life.

Be an informed consumer

Research is yet another practical skill that can help boost your personal finances, and in the Internet age it is both easier and more complicated than it used to be. Whether you’re buying a tablet, looking for a new car, or even shopping around for a financial product such as a loan, it’s essential to arm yourself with as much information as possible before making a decision. A bad decision could put a real damper on your financial situation.

The problem is that there’s a lot of bad or misleading information out there, particularly online. Despite the laws and regulations governing disclosure of affiliations, it can still be hard to distinguish reliable data from promotional fluff. Or it can simply be difficult to find information about a given company that isn’t strictly promotional.

In the case of shopping for a loan, for instance, you have to be able to get past the lenders’ sometimes-aggressive marketing and get to the real facts and figures. When shopping for a short-term personal loan, a car loan, a mortgage or any other type of loan, you need to be able to compare lenders, side by side, and figure out which one can offer you the best deal. If you have bad credit or low income, you probably won’t be able to get the best interest rate or the biggest loan, but you still have options. It’s important to research these options and not just choose the lender who has the most appealing ad. It’s also a very good idea to read customer reviews if they’re available, so you can get a better idea of people’s real experiences with the firm you’re considering.

Of course those other basic finance skills – such as budgeting, and separating needs from wants – should come into play in your decision making process. But getting into the research habit and becoming an informed consumer can help reinforce those skills.

Don’t forget the apps

Finally, if you’re having a little trouble getting started with or maintaining a fiscal fitness program, keep in mind that there are numerous apps that can help you get your finances in check. For example, there’s an app called Wally that helps you understand and get control of your spending. Mint is a great app for budgeting, and Digit helps you get and stay in the habit of saving.

Life is stressful enough without adding money worries to your list of stressors. Although some factors will always be beyond your control, and although you may always experience a little bit of tension around money, getting a better handle on your personal finances will help keep the money worries to a minimum. The sooner you start, the better off you’ll be.

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Post-Holiday Chlorophyll Facial Treatment at Adonis

If you have seen my recent travel photos here, you should know by now we had too much fun under the sun in Penang Island. Well, when you're on a holiday you should enjoy it to the fullest right? Here's what we did:
  • Day 1 - swimming at the pool and sunset watching at the beach
  • Day 2 - swimming at the pool and most exhilarating adventures at Escape Theme Park
  • Day 3 - we explored Georgetown and played at the beach during sunset
  • Day 4 - we played at Adventure Zone 
During our 4 days stay, the only time our activity took place indoors was on our last day. In fact, I squeezed in last minute trip to the beach to take some photos while waiting for our rented car to send us to the airport. 

Imagine the suffering my skin had to go through the whole time I was having fun under the sun! I was armed with sunblock and sun hat but they aren't sufficient enough to shield me from the harmful rays of the sun.

As soon as we got back in Singapore, I finally decided to book an appointment with ADONIS to restore my skin's health . It's been a while I was invited to try their Chlorophyll Facial Treatment but for the life of the busy-bee mom-me, I dragged and dragged until I almost forgotten about it! 

I arrived at Vivo City about half an hour earlier than my appointment time and after registration, I was whisked to have my feet soaked in a tub filled with warm water. My ugly feet breath a sigh of relief instantaneously. They've been taken for granted for such a long time (confession: I don't do pedicure and foot massage regularly) and I didn't realize just by soaking them in warm water would do them such a huge favour. 

After my relaxing foot spa (I know it wasn't really a foot spa bit it felt like one to me), I had my skin analysis done by Celeste, the amiable beauty consultant who was assigned to me. The photo collage above shows the healthy soft skin on my arm (left) and the dry, damaged skin on my face (right). Did I just hear you say, eeeewwww! Don't worry, I did the same thing! Haha!

So, me-thinks there was no perfect time to treat my facial skin but after a holiday! Celeste came up with a treatment plan suitable for my skin condition and in the next 1 hour or so after my skin analysis, I entrusted my face to ADONIS' own range of beauty products and my beautician, Kelly's gentle hands. All I did was change to a robe and lie down comfortably on the treatment bed.

Here's what Kelly did:
  • Deep Cleansing 
  • Cold Mist
  • Extraction
  • Metabolic Massage
  • Detox Ampoule & Mask
  • Shoulder Massage
  • Eyebrow Styling
  • Vitamin C Infusion
  • Eye Lifting Therapy
Due to my current skin condition, Kelly also treated me with;

Sonic transdermal is used on skin that lacks nutrient to replenish back goodness to where it needed most.


Soft Light is suitable for balancing uneven skin tone.

Because my skin was over exposed to sunlight and I have uneven skin tone, both treatment were recommended by Celeste and I can't be happier to restore my facial skin's health. 
Chlorophyll Facial is a treatment that aims to detox skin form harmful pollutants and free radicals. It helps to regulate cellular growth, at the same time nourishes the skin from within; likened to pampering your skin to energetic tonic cocktail. The result is fair, firmed complexion and healthy skin.

Energetic tonic cocktail for your face! Who wouldn't love that?! The intricate and elaborate process of Chlorophyll Facial Treatment made my face literally glow post-holiday! I can flaunt my skin make-up free immediately after the treatment. If only I wasn't rushing home to be with the kids after a very relaxing and beneficial pampering me-time, I could have gone around Vivo City shopping!

I am overwhelmed with all the attention and love my blog is getting nowadays and I wish to give back in gratitude for all the blessings pouring my way. I was given this voucher worth $180 after my Chlorophyll Facial Treatment but I want one of my readers in Singapore to experience the same pampering facial spa I had so I am giving it away. If you are interested, all you have to do is tell me on the comment box why you also wish to have a Chlorophyll Facial Treatment at ADONIS.

The voucher will entitle you to have Chlorophyll Facial for only $58 exclusive of GST. It expires on 30th September 2016. I will mail it to our chosen winner one week from today. I will announce the winner via my Instagram account @sweetmemoirs and here on the same blog post next Saturday.


Adonis, a Singapore-made brand, has been a purveyor of natural beauty and wellness for 30 years. The product of the consultation and cooperation with a team of herbalists, pharmacologists, and doctors, its 'Made for Tropical' skincare line is complemented with its studio's tailored treatment to cater too its patrons' various needs. The award-winning brand now operated seven outlets in Singapore and 11 Malaysian branches, a well as three cosmetology academies with associations with the Swiss Com, ite International D'esthetique Et De Cosmetologie (CIDESCO) and the UK's Confederation of International Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (CIBTAC).

Adonis Singapore Studios:
Ang Mo Kio     (+65) 6455 3255    Blk 728 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, #01-4230, S(560728)
Bedok               (+65) 6444 3033    Blk 213 Bedok North St 1, #01-111, S(460213)
Bukit Gombak  (+65) 6764 6606    Blk 372 Bukit Batok St 31, #01-368, S(650372)
Jurong East       (+65) 6563 6066    Blk 130 Jurong Gateway Road, #01-229, S(600130)
Orchard             (+65) 6235 6566    304 Orchard Road, #06-18 Lucky Plaza, S(238863)
Vivo City          (+65) 6376 6525    1 Harbourfront Walk, #02-229 Vivo City, S(098585)

For complete information, please visit You can also opt to like Adonis Beauty on Facebook for latest promotions.
Disclaimer: I was invited to try Chlorophyll Facial Treatment by Adonis for the purpose of this review. No other monetary compensation was received and all opinions, dead skin cells, and photos are my own. 

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Prep Your Trees for a Dry Alberta Summer

With summer here people are rushing to the store to pick up last minute items such as sun block, bathing suits and bug repellent. With all of this summer preparation have you given any thought to preparing your yard? You may not realize this, but the heat can be just as damaging to your yard and trees as it is to you. Dry soil, sunburn, and high winds from thunderstorms are just one of the many challenges your greenery will face over the next couple of months. So what can you do to get your yard ready for summer? Local arborists in Edmonton have some unique tips for protecting your landscaping from extreme weather over the next few months.

Heat: Heat when paired with dry conditions can be devastating to your foliage. Newly planted saplings and flowers can quickly dry out at the roots, and even well-established specimens can succumb to extreme conditions. Fertilization and a good irrigation system can help keep them healthy in very dry conditions. You will need to keep in mind that as the temperature rises, you may have water your yard more often. Another great tip is to use deep root fertilizing, a service offered by professionals such as Chipps Tree Care arborists in Edmonton.

Sunburn: With heat also comes UV rays, and plants are as much susceptible to sunburn as people. Species that have a smooth textured bark like birches are especially vulnerable to sunburn. You can think about using some type of shade cloth to minimize exposure, especially for saplings without enough foliage to protect its own trunk. Try not to over prune the lower and interior parts of the crown, as this will open up sensitive sections to sun exposure that were previously protected. Consult with professionals who are certified with the International Society of Arboriculture (Chipps Tree Care is one local company with ISA-certified employees) for pruning advice to avoid sunburn.

High winds: Summer storms can cause all sorts of problems from high winds to drenching rain and even hail. Torrential rains can soften dry,packed dirt and loosen root beds. If high winds follow it can lift an entire trunk out of the ground, roots and all. To safe guard your property from the threat of wind damage you will want to prune any dense foliage and any dead or diseased branches. According to Chipps Tree Care, you may also want to consider having any mature elms, ashes, or birches braced and supported, or removed if the core of the trunk is rotting. Always consult the experts for pruning and tree removal – it’s not as easy as it looks.

Professional arborists use low impact rigging in order to minimize the effect of being up in the crown while they work. They know how to prune a branch at the node so that it will seal and protect itself against pests, as well as which limbs should be cut back and which should not. Professional tree pruning in Edmonton gets you the best results for a healthy canopy on your property.

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How to Get Your AC Ready for Summer

According to Accuweather Senior Meteorologist, Brett Anderson, Toronto can expect fluctuations in temperature patterns that will contribute to a warmer summer. You know what that means – uncomfortable humid air and smog warnings, making it difficult to get around the city without melting. With the sun burning in the sky, your only refuge is your home, where you can blast the A/C as cool as you like it.!/httpImage/image._gen/derivatives/landscape_620/image.
When the mercury skyrockets, you can’t afford a mechanical breakdown preventing your air conditioner from doing its job. An inefficient or downright broken A/C won’t just leave you sweating out your nights as you deal with the summertime heat. It also means you have no filtration system to purify the smoggy, allergen-laden city air that comes in on the breeze. This isn’t just a matter of comfort. For those with allergies or asthma, this can cause serious health issues.
There are plenty of things that can go wrong with the average A/C unit. After a long winter spent dormant, its filters can clog with debris, and these obstructions can significantly lower the airflow circulation of the appliance. A collection of debris in the pipes and dusts of the heat exchanger can result in your air conditioner pumping out warm air into your home. The liquid cooling agent that helps cool and dehumidify the air can run out. It may not even be an issue with the machine itself but a problem with the adjustable thermostat in your home.
There’s no way to know exactly what’s wrong until you complete a full inspection of the appliance. Certainly, you may find HVAC maintenance information on the Internet, and it may be enough to tempt you to try these repairs on our own. But without the proper skillset or toolkit, this is neither the faster or cheaper option. A DIY approach can create a larger problem than what you began with, so it’s better that you leave it to the professionals, like one of the many services for air conditioner repair Toronto trusts in the summer.
These appliance repair services, such as Toronto Refrigeration, have a team of fully licensed, experienced, and insured technicians who can inspect your A/C for damages and apply the appropriate repairs. A trained technician knows the system inside and out and possesses the tools to ensure the work is done efficiently. What’s more, in order to be licensed, a technician must pass competency tests before they can service HVAC equipment, ensuring the work is done properly the first time.
There’s still time before those weather patterns Brett Anderson hinted at hit Toronto; use it wisely. Pick up the phone and contact Toronto Refrigeration to take a look at your A/C and make sure it can work through whatever the summer can throw at it. With the best air conditioner repair Toronto has to offer, you’ll never have to worry about a mechanical breakdown preventing you from keeping your cool.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Choose to Stay at Golden Sands Resort on Your Next Trip to Penang

We've been to Penang Island in 2010, but we stayed in a relatively quieter beach area called Tanjung Bungah. After staying at Golden Sands Resort for four days recently, I am convinced that Batu Ferringhi is the place to be when in Penang. If you stay at Golden Sands Resort which is ideally located at the heart of Batu Ferringhi, almost everything you need to spend a great and memorable holiday with your family is within arms reach.

Okay, there may be a little hint exaggeration there but you get the point. From the cheap and most delectable local food to buzzing night market, not to mention the most happening beachfront, there is really nothing more you can ask for! To give you a clearer picture of what I am trying to say here, I enlisted the 10 reasons why you should stay at Golden Sands Resort on your next trip to Penang, Malaysia below:

Right upon entering the resort premises, you'll see a signage at the side of the entrance that states you are entering an environment-friendly hotel. Whenever we go for a holiday, one of our main agenda is to have a relaxing escape from city living so being surrounded by lush greenery at Golden Sands Resort provided us an instant nature retreat. Being an eco-friendly hotel, Golden Sands Resort takes pride in providing their guest fresh and clean air in all public areas and even in their non-air-conditioned hotel lobby. A little gesture to show some love for mother nature goes a long way!

The first thing the kids check when we enter our hotel room is the balcony (if there is any) and these amazing sea and pool views from our room made them literally gasp in awe and say WOW in unison. During most of our downtime at the resort, we all just lazed at the balcony, basked in the cool sea breeze and watched the beautiful world go by.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by hotel butlers who took care of our luggage while I proceeded to check in. Upon recognition that our family was there as special guests, I was escorted at the Cool Lounge so that I can check in comfortably. All the staff who attended to me were very amicable.

I was impressed even more when Suleiman, the hotel's Director of Communications came personally to give our family a warm welcome. He gifted the kids each a Polly the Parrot plush toy and gamely took photo with us with the hotel's mascot who came to entertain us while waiting for our key cards and drinking our refreshing welcome drinks.

Minutes later, we finally got hold of our room keys and there were 2 monkeys, 2 love swans and 2 rabbits waiting to welcome us upon entering our room. Not long after, our luggage was delivered along with the welcome fruits with another set of fresh welcome drinks. Aren't we spoiled rotten?

From water sports to massage services, there is so much to see and do at the hotel's beachfront. Just take note though that all these services were run privately by other operators, not by the Golden Sands Resort management. You have to be cautious in dealing with them as they may take advantage and charge you unreasonable tourist price.

All of the above sunset photos were unedited, only resized and absolutely no filter applied. We were blessed with breathtaking sunset on our first day at Golden Sands Resort. I took the opportunity to revive my limited amateur photography skills so we could bring home some snapshots worth printing and framing. Of course after snapping to my heart's content, we walked hand-in-hand and barefooted on the sand whilst taking in the awe-inspiring masterpiece of the creator.

Golden Sands Resort is so near Penang's well known nature-themed park, Escape. You can either take a taxi or a public bus, both will take more or less than 10-minute ride. Escape was highly recommended to me by my fellow parent bloggers who have visited the place in their recent trip to Penang. We ended up having a grand time connecting with nature and conquering obstacle courses, ziplines and other exhilarating activities.

The kids literally went wild zip-lining and monkeying around. On our way there, the taxi driver tried to dissuade us from going upon seeing G, who is turning 5y/o this month. He said Escape is only suitable for adults. We were so glad we didn't follow his advise as G ended up having so much fun at their kid-friendly facilities. Escape is definitely a must-do for families when in Penang. If your family aren't the adventurous type, you can opt to visit the Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm which is just a stone throw away from Escape.

We were not able to explore George Town on our last visit to Penang so this time around, I made sure we are going to tick it off from our must-visit places. The best thing is, Golden Sands Resort provides free shuttle bus to Georgetown to their guests so we saved taxi fare and used it instead in renting a family bicycle. We willingly fell on a tourist trap, went on a mural hunt and treated ourselves to yummy street food. 

Important note: Book your shuttle bus a day in advance. It stops and departs at Hotel Jen. From Hotel Jen, we took a short taxi ride to Lebuh Victoria where the first mural on the above photos was located. Next to it is the famous Ming Xiang Tai Pastry Shop where you can buy something to eat whilst exploring. 

We extended our stay for one more day so we have extra time to enjoy the resort's awesome and kid-friendly facilities like the swimming pool area and Adventure Zone. Staying at Golden Sands Resort is highly recommended for families with young children as the resort put so much effort in making sure that the kids are well-entertained. There's a jenga and a giant chess too near the swimming pool. So many things to do with your kids!

Photo by
We are literally spoilt for choice of local Penang food at the Batu Ferringhi area. There is a hawker centre just walking distance from Golden Sands Resort that offers a plethora of delectable and cheap local food as seen from the collage above collated by Not included in the collage are the must-eat Penang delicacies and nasi lemak sold in the street. So cheap yet so good!

Photo by
When in Batu Ferringhi area, you cannot NOT miss the buzzing and dazzling night market also known as walkway or sideway bazaar to locals. If there are two things Batu Ferringi is well known for, these were the shoreline and the night market. The latter is a must-do, only if you are good with bargaining as the stall sellers mark up their prices when it is too obvious to them that you are a tourist.

You can take a free buggy ride to Shangri-la's Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa to and from Golden Sands Resort. The beachfront there is less crowded and it features huge rocks perfect as a backdrop for a family beach photoshoot. G also loved their empty kiddie pool, he had it all to himself for a good half an hour.

Planning a trip to Penang with your family soon? Check out Golden Sands Resort's Family Fun Package that includes:

  • Daily buffet breakfast for 2 adults and 2 children below 11 years old at Garden Cafe
  • One complimentary bed for a child below 11 years old
  • Complimentary daily dinner (either buffet or set) for 2 adult and 2 children at Garden Cafe with free flowing soft drinks, juices, beer and house wine
  • Free admission to the Adventure Zone for 2 children below 11 years old
  • Complimentary daily shuttle service to and from George Town

For other offers and promotions, you can check out Golden Sands Resort's Rooms and Suite Offer Page here.
Disclaimer: Our family's 3D2N stay at Golden Sands Resort is kindly sponsored by the resort management in exchange of this honest and personal review. We extended our stay at our own expense and no other monetary compensation was received. As usual, all opinions and oodles of photos are intellectual property of Sweet Memoirs, otherwise stated. 
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