J'Kids Amusement Pte Ltd Brings a Whole Land of Fun in Your Neighbourhood!

When I was a kid, I always get so excited during festival in our town mainly because of the carnival. Our town fiesta back home which is now known as Mangi Festival has always been full of fun events like singing and dance competition, beauty pageant, and drum and lyre performances among many other things, but it's always the carnival that I really look forward to.

I would save up lots of coins from my school pocket money just so I could trade them into token coins I can use for the carnival rides and games. Oh what loads of fun and nostalgia a carnival brings! Fast forward to the present, I get every opportunity to take my kids to a carnival just so they would experience the same thrill I experienced as a child.

I remember bringing the kids all the way to Gardens by the Bay to experience the carnival happening at the gardens. It made me wish my neighbourhood will also host such fun carnival so we don't have to travel far anymore. And guess what? You know what they say, be careful what you wish for because it will come true?

True enough, to celebrate the Completion of Revitalisation of Shopfronts in our neighbourhood, Changi Simei Community held a carnival and brought J'Kids Amusement Funland at Simei Plaza Open Field beside Eastpoint Mall. It was only then that I realized J'Kids Amusement Pte Ltd is the same carnival operator hired by Gardens by the Bay before. No wonder all the rides and games look really familiar!

J'Kids Amusement Funland features old-school rides like bump cars and Viking Ship. They also have kiddie favourites like mini-trains, carousel, inflatable playground and bungee jump. On top of all those, they have water activities like boating and "walk in the water". Of course, not forgetting the teenagers and young adults, they offer fun games where you can win really attractive prizes like big sized Olaf plush toy and more! And there's the basketball for boys, daddies and grandpas too!

Imagine my kids' delight! It also happened that my mom is in town so she joined us with all the fun rides, yes even bump cars, mini trains, swing chair and Viking Ship! Needless to say we made precious family memories at J'Kids Amusement Funland and I took the opportunity to document it in an iMovie! Watch this!

Now, this is just a teaser! As my title implies, J'Kids Amusement Pte Ltd is bringing so much fun in YOUR neighbourhood! Here are their calendar of events:

15 to 23 Jul 2017 - The Grandstand
21 Jul to 13 Aug 2017 - Paya Lebar Square
28 Jul to 20 Aug - Blk 826 Tampines
29 Jul to 13 Aug - Hougang Mall
04 Aug to 13 Aug - Hillion Mall

The next best thing you'll love about J'Kids Amusement Funland is the introduction of J'Kids Fun Card with NO expiry date! You can now say goodbye to old token coins (oh the horror of losing them in your pocket!) and say hello to the seamless electronic card that you can simply top up and tap away to enjoy all the carnival rides, booths and fun games. It works about the same like your EZ Link card, the only difference is you can use J'Kids Fun Card for a LIFETIME! Oh the convenience of modern technology! What are you waiting for? Visit J'Kids Amusement Funland near you!

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A Florist That Cuts to the Chase

Photo credit: A Better Florist
I’ve always loved flowers. As a kid, I remember we had a small garden in our backyard where my mom would plant daisies, hibiscus, orchids, bougainvilleas, pentas and proteas. Even after moving to a small apartment in the city, I still seek out lush and green spaces to get my nature fix.

I’ve tried to get a floral subscription before, just to have beautiful arrangements at home, but they tend to be quite pricey and the flowers don’t last very long—a week or so at most—even with proper care and maintenance. I noticed most florists in Singapore usually stock imported and non-tropical flowers in their storage facilities so once they get to the customers, they’re no longer as fresh as you’d want them.

So it was a pleasant surprise when I came across a blog post by A Better Florist which mentioned their floral subscription service. It discussed the ways fresh cut flowers and plants can make a space more inviting and bright. Even better, their floral subscription uses seasonal flowers sourced from the nearby nurseries and flower farms of Cameron Highlands so their stock is as fresh as possible.

Their website is easy to navigate with big, colourful photos of their available bouquets. I was drawn to their rustic packaging of burlap and mason jars because it reminded me of my childhood, picking flowers from the garden and placing them on upcycled containers at home. The selection’s not as wide and varied as other online florists, but they’re all equally gorgeous and Instagrammable.

Since I’ve had bad experiences with florists before, especially during Valentine’s Day when bouquets often arrive not only late but also already wilting, I decided to try out their service by purchasing a bouquet as a surprise for Mother’s Day.

My mom’s already in her late 60s so she hasn’t been able to tend to the garden as much as she’d want to. These days it’s more of a plant garden than a flower garden, preferring cactus over dainty blooms since they require less upkeep. So I wanted to send her a beautiful bouquet to perk her up on Mother’s Day. I chose The Spring Breeze with its luxurious blooms and attractive arrangement. The transaction was pleasantly fast. I was immediately taken to the checkout page for payment options.

The verdict? A Better Florist definitely delivered on their free same-day delivery promise. Even better, the flower arrived fresh and beautiful. Mom especially loved the mason jar that came with it, proudly displaying the bouquet on the breakfast table. It’s no wonder they landed in the Top 10 Florists in Singapore despite being relatively new in Singapore’s flower industry. I guess their success in Singapore is what drove them to open branches in Hong Kong and Dubai.

For me, A Better Florist ticks all the boxes of what I look for in florists:
  •   Simple and hassle free transaction
  • Affordable flowers
  • Gorgeous packaging
  • Customisable arrangements
  • Fast same-day delivery

I’m definitely going to purchase another bouquet from them soon; maybe even sign up to their floral subscription.

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A Right to Light – Why Windows are Imperative to your Happiness

Access to light is a fundamental building block to our happiness. It’s why we love those pictures of large, open windows. It’s why we love the sunlight on our skin. From direct health benefits to improved mental health, light is a part of us.

Who hasn’t stopped and enjoyed a rainbow? Who hasn’t made a break for some much-needed sunshine? In some places in the world, the right to light is written in the law, and has been for hundreds of years. Natural light is a protected commodity, especially in big cities, where urban planning includes mapping the shadows to ensure that light reaches city streets. Protestors that fight for the right to sunlight have shaped the design of future skyscrapers.

Natural light has a beneficial, psychological effect on our productivity, our mood, and our stress levels. Working in a cubicle underneath florescent lights has a universally detrimental impact on your life as it negatively affects your sleep schedule. The florescent glow of those overhead lights makes it harder for you to go to sleep at night (even if all you want to do is nap while you’re working under them). This is because the fake lights interrupt your natural circadian rhythm. More access to natural light, the more your body does what it is supposed to do. Artificial light, from your phones to your indoor lighting, can all alter your natural rhythm.

Getting as much sunlight as you can is imperative. Windows are the world’s answer to enjoying all the beneficial effects of natural light. If you don’t have access to a window at work, then the windows you have at home are more important than ever.

Windows from tealproducts.com offer many solutions that will upgrade your windows and make them work for you. From opening your window to catching the sunlight and reflecting it into your room, to simply getting some fresh air with a window that is easy to open. You can also include a fully automated system that works closely with nature itself to improve the life of your home. Your windows are the first part of your home that you should look at when considering an upgrade.

We love light. We love taking a break from work to relax in the sunshine. We feel more productive, awake, and happy when it’s a beautiful day outside. Nature shaped our very genetics, and so for a healthy, happy life, we need to have as much access to it as we possibly can. Nothing can beat the simplicity of nature on our daily lives. We are hard-wired to benefit from it.

Make sure to go outside for breaks in the summertime. Bask in that favorite spot in your home which the sunlight hits. Amplify the benefits of natural light by using night shift modes on your electronics (that lessen the use of blue light, which energizes the brain). Use windows to their utmost and catch the sunlight and bring it into your home. Clean, bright, and unobstructed windows will bring the benefits of nature right into your home. Modernize them for even more health benefits, and stay happy.

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Making Your Garden a Space for Everyone


You should give just as much attention o decorating your garden space as you should the inside of your home. Doing so will give you some extra family space to relax and enjoy each other’s company, but this will only really work if you take the time to consider the needs of everyone in your family and design your garden accordingly.

Here are some quick tips to help you make your garden a great space for everyone:

Create an Entertainment Zone

The garden is a great place to entertain when the weather is good. Your family and your guests will feel freer and more able to enjoy yourself when you’re out in the fresh air feeling the sun on your face, and you won’t have to worry so much about cleaning house before you have people over.

What you will need to think about though, is designing the space so that it works for entertaining. Find a piece of your garden that’s as flat as possible, and make that your entertainment zone. Pave it, fill it with a few pieces of comfy Bridgman Garden Furniture, including a table, and set up a barbecue, along with a few tea lights and candles, for an instant party space the whole family will love.

Create a Play Zone

If you have kids or it’s likely you’ll have kids over in your garden semi-regularly, it makes sense to create a play zone, where they can have fun and run around without disturbing the adults or messing up the garden.

Ideally, this part of the garden should be lawn-based, and you should fence it off either with an actual fence, or maybe a bamboo screen. If you have your own kids, erecting a jungle gym, basketball net and maybe even a little playhouse won’t go a miss and will ensure your kids spend more time running around outside than they do glued to their devices indoors.

Create a Relaxation Zone

Being outdoors, surrounded by nature with the sun on your skin is very conducive to relaxation whatever your age, but if your garden isn’t set up for it, it can be very difficult to achieve that inner peace you’re looking for. If relaxation matters to you and your family, you should then create a garden zone for relaxation.

Ideally, your relaxation zone should be filled with pretty scented flowers, aromatic herbs, and appealing plants, which will soothe your senses and calm your nerves. A water feature, with flowing water, will also help you to relax and achieve Zen-like peace. Then, you just need to think about adding a few pieces of comfy garden furniture, so that you have a nice place to sit and watch the birds play or marvel at the beautiful sunset.

Create a Pet Zone

If you have pets, and you don’t want them to mess up the garden with their antics, but you do want them to be able to enjoy the outdoors like the rest of the family, section off a small piece of land, which should be big enough for them to run around. Add a kennel, so they have somewhere to retreat to when it’s hot, install a sprinkler system, so they always have water and throw in a few toys – they’ll love it.

What are your top tips for creating a garden that everyone can enjoy?

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5 Important Reasons Why You Should Have a Living Trust


A living trust is an alternative to the standard will that most people use to distribute their assets after they pass away. Unlike a will, however, it take effect during your lifetime. That is, your assets are transferred into a trust which you are able to access for the rest of your life. And then, when you pass away, it immediately transfers over to your chosen representative. Why would you do this instead of just making a regular will? Here are 5 reasons you are better off choosing a living trust:
1) Skip Probate
With a standard will, a probate period is required. After you pass away, your assets will go through probate. This is the set of court proceedings that are required in order to properly distribute your assets according to the terms you set out in your will.
In a living trust, probate is not necessary. That means your heirs will receive their portion in a matter of weeks rather than a matter of months (or years in some cases).
2) More Clarity and Assurance
When a will is contested, there is more room for fiddling with the terms and the whole while, money is being taken from your estate to pay the court costs so the amount you end up passing down is less than what you intended.
With a living trust, however, you can rest assured that it will hold up much better in court. As long as you make sure to clarify your terms sufficiently, you can be confident that it will happen exactly as you have laid it out in your living trust.
By working with professionals like those at Russells.co.uk, you can make sure your living trust is iron clad and will hold up better than even the strongest will could.
3) Secure Even in Illness
Unless you have a durable power of attorney for your will, you’ll be stuck with a court appointed person to oversee your affairs while you’re too ill to handle them yourself. This could create serious complications for family and heirs.
With a living trust, the appointed trustee can automatically take charge when necessary. There will be no need to get the court involved. And because a living trust is irrevocable, you can challenge your incapacity and get back in the driver’s seat yourself.
4) More Affordable
Upfront costs will probably cost more than drafting a will. However, in the long run, it can save money. Because there is no need for probate, you can prevent excessive court costs from being taken from your estate.
5) More Privacy
When you make up a will, that document and all the transactions made according to it are on the public record. A living trust, on the other hand, is completely private and all transactions are handled in private. This level of privacy makes it more secure and can help your inheritors avoid any problems.
Final Word
Getting your finances in order can be tricky, especially if you have a lot to manage. But working with experts to create a solid living trust is worth the effort so that you can be completely assured that your estate will be distributed exactly as you intend it to be.
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Planning A Family Christmas... Right Now!

I know it’s not the right time (but then again, when is anything at the right time?) but we’re halfway through the year, and it is time to think planning ahead for that one day right at the end of the year, and if you’ve got children, you rolled your eyes at the word Christmas, but do you have any idea how to get everything that they want? Finances are squeezed so tightly now that you always end up having to plan a bit earlier. But what's the key to having a great Christmas without all the money worries?  
Yes, it’s stating the completely obvious but deciding what you want to do for Christmas is the first port of call. You may think it’s time for a shakeup and decide to go abroad for the first time in a while. And if you get in now, you can find some good deals for Christmas vacations, and if you're not too picky about flying on Christmas Day, you can get a long-haul flight very cheaply. But if you’ve got relatives that are itching to see their grandkids then you can start to plan ahead now and make the big decisions, such as who’s coming over for dinner? Or are you all going somewhere for a meal? If you plan now, it’s less hassle with everyone later on.
Getting The Finances Together
The main reason I'm suggesting even thinking about Christmas now is so you can get your finances in order. And so many of us don’t have much money to spare now, which means we end up maxing out credit cards and spend the whole of next year paying them off. Instead, you can start to save bits as you go which will leave you with a sizable amount to spend when the season officially begins, or you could take out a personal loan now, buy everything you need and then pay back the loan by Christmas. As a tactical way to get everything ready now, it means that when January rolls around, you will actually have some money to spend. Rather than staying indoors in the miserable post-Christmas months, you can make the most of the January sales!
Buying The Gifts
At least, if you start buying presents now, it accomplishes two things. Firstly, you aren’t rushing around like a headless chicken trying to get everything ready for the big day, and secondly, when December comes around, with Christmas parties and lots of fun to be had, you can enjoy it rather than stressing about what to buy for who. If you have the pressure of Christmas on you every year and you say that you're going to start earlier, but never do, if you started now you'd be making life so much easier for yourself. And with foresight comes bargains! You will be able to buy more gifts for people and take advantage of when they're on sale, rather than at full price just before the 25th of December. And by spreading out your cost in this way, your bank balance won't get hit as if Santa fell on it!
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Six Father's Day Gift Ideas to Make Dad Feel Like a King

Father’s Day falls on 18th June this year. Whether you’re a doting daughter or sweet son, listen up. Just because dads are the less sentimental of the two sexes, it doesn’t mean the day should be celebrated gift-free.

Most dads get sick of getting the same old neckties or box of golf balls. You don't have to struggle to find the perfect present for Father's Day. Why not surprise him with personalised Father's Day gifts?

Personalised Aprons

Does your dad get geared up to go grillin’? Does he fancy himself as a bit of a BBQ champ? Personalised aprons are man enough to hold everything, including condiments and utensils, and better yet, they can be personalised with his name too. They make great gift ideas for Fathers Day – especially as they can be personalised with his name to let everyone know who’s in charge of the grill. He’ll enjoy wearing it when he’s cooking up a family treat.

Personalised Chocolate Bars

Touch your dad’s heart – and his belly – on Father’s Day with a delicious chocolate treat complete with his name and a special message from you on the colourful bar wrap. Surely that’s guaranteed to make him feel like a king?

Personalised Football Club Books

Is Dad a football fan? Now he can relive the glory and history of his favourite team with a smart and stylish handmade personalised football book. Each book has a detailed insight into his favourite team, including cup glories and last gasp winners to bank-breaking transfers. Better yet, your dad’s name will be embossed in gold on the front cover.

Personalised Mugs

Personalised mugs make no. 1 present for Fathers Day for all the no. 1 dads out there. If his tea cup’s chipped, ditch it and replace it with a mug complete with his name and a message – it’s a sure-fire way to show old pops how much you love him. As well as making him his favourite hot drink, why not make him some toast while you’re at it?

Personalised Photo Frames

How about setting your sentiments in stone with a shiny silver photo frame engraved with your dad’s name plus a special message? Personalised photo frames make fab gifts for Fathers Day – they’re ideal for adding a treasured family photo, if not a snap of you and your dad.

Spoof Newspapers

Perhaps one the funniest Father’s Day gifts around is a spoof newspaper. Basically, it’s an article written all about him, featuring his name, surname, age, home town, reporter’s name, newspaper’s publication date and even an image of him.

If you are looking for great Father's Day gift, make sure to check out Gift Less Ordinary for more options. 

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FotoJet: All-in-One Photo Tool to Get Creative

I was recently introduced to FotoJet, a browser based app for graphic design, photo collage and photo editing. As a blogger, I am always on the look out for online photo-editing tools I can use to enhance my photos for posting here on my blog and at my social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Here are 3 things I like about it:

1) It lets me create my very own graphic design.
I have to admit, I have a scarce supply of creative juice when it comes to graphic design. For my graphic design needs, I usually hire a professional graphic designer to do it for me. Since I tried using FotoJet, I saved $$$ trying to DIY everything by myself. It takes a bit of practice but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier to design anything.

2) It has many collage designs to choose from.
I have never enjoyed collage making before, all thanks to FotoJet's plethora of collage designs to choose from including modern, art, 3D, creative and poster type collages. It also allows you to create photo cards which you can use as invitations for special occasions, thank you cards or post cards.

3) It allows you to enhance your photos faster.
Confession: I used to play around with Photoshop but it always end up taking so much of my time that I have given up on it. With FotoJet, I can enhance my photos with less time and less effort. I can use filters, add texts and cliparts, and I can pretty much adjust everything too like the exposure, sharpness and saturation of my photos.

If you are looking for an all-in-one photo tool for your personal, blogging or business needs, try using FotoJet and let me know if it works well for you. 

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5 Ways To Make Your Dream Wedding Come True

Wedding preparations can get extremely overwhelming and stressful for couples who are ready to bid goodbye to single-hood and are planning to get hitched real soon. There are endless list of to-dos from choosing the ring, finding the nicest wedding ceremony and wedding reception venue, looking for great wedding planner & wedding supplier, booking the wedding photographer, choosing the wedding entourage, finding the best wedding caterer, deciding on what to wear and who to invite for the big day and the list goes on and on and on.

In collaboration with Philweddings Singapore Expo 2017, here are 5 ways to make your dream wedding come true:

1) Go for ocular visits. 
Do not rely entirely on photos you see in the world wide web. Go and have a glimpse of the place you wish to hold your wedding ceremony and decide from there if you think it is suitable for the theme you wish to achieve for your dream wedding.

2) Go for food tastings.
No matter how hectic your schedule is for the wedding preparations, make time for food tastings and get a taste of the food you are going to serve your guests. In any occasion, the quality of food is very important and it is even more for a wedding reception. Chose a catering service that doesn't just serve great tasting food but also offers tasteful food presentations and beautiful table set-up. 

3) Choose a reputable photography service.  
Wedding is a once in a lifetime event and you would love to freeze all the beautiful and magical moments that will happen on your big day. Choose a photography service with experienced wedding photographers and you are rest assured to get all the picture perfect moments you could frame and look back upon with fondness till you and your spouse grow old and grey. 

4) Find a good wedding supplier. 
Flowers and decoration play a very important role in making your dream wedding into a reality. If you have the budget for a whimsical wedding, opt for fresh flowers (you have the liberty to choose all your favourite colours) and tasteful wedding decorations. 

5) Have an eye for detail.
This applies in purchasing your wedding bonds, choosing a wedding gown, and everything you'll need to buy and prepare for one of the most important day of your life! Make it an unforgettable one by choosing only the best and the finest, provided you don't go broke right after your wedding. 

Fret not, wedding exhibitions like the Philweddings Singapore Expo 2017 happening at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre this weekend will be of great help to your wedding preparations. Spearheaded by Ms. Anna Liza Sotto of Events Management services, who has been in the wedding industry for a decade, Philwedding Expo will be bringing the grandest wedding venues and suppliers in the South East Asia. Don't forget to pre-register here and get a chance to win exciting privileges from various wedding suppliers. 

All the best on your wedding day!
3-4 June 2017, 1pm to 8pm
Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre
Exhibition Halls 300-302

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A First Timer's Guide in Buying a Furniture

Without a doubt, my hubby and I committed so many mistakes when we first bought furnitures for our flat 4 years ago. We were too excited to finally have a place we can finally call our own and went impulse buying at a furniture shop without giving a consideration to many factors. If you are a first time homeowner who just got hold of your door keys, here are the things you must bear in mind when buying a furniture for your new nest to avoid committing the same mistakes we did:

Just like online homes (websites), you have to choose a colour palette that best suits your taste. Pinterest will be your best friend for this, so go ahead and pin as many inspirations as you like and create a board for it. Once you decided on the colour, you have to decide what material you like best, ie. fabric or leather, wooden, glass or plastic.

Well-known colour combinations I know are are grey-blue-yellow and black-red-white. We choose the latter for our home and now, I am thinking of switching to grey-blue-yellow to brighten and lighten up our space but since our current furnitures are still in great condition, I have no choice but to wait until it wears out to replace it.

A property agent once told us that in case we decide to rent out our place one day, we shouldn't rent out to a family with hyperactive kids as the furnitures will not last long. If you are a new house owner with kids, it's best not to buy furnitures that easily breaks. Furnitures with rounded corners are also highly recommended. Avoid furnitures with glass as well, for safety reasons.

If you are a childless couple and foresees yourselves not having a baby in the near future and you know that you won't be staying at home that often, you may afford to compromise the durability of your furniture, unless you have plans to host guests frequently. You can also go for furnitures with sharp, triangular corners as you please.

They say the brand and price of the furniture usually determine its quality and shelf life but I beg to disagree. If you are on a tight budget but would love to have branded, classy, high quality furnitures in your new home, there are second-hand stores like Hock Siong that sells high quality refurbished and/or reupholstered furnitures in Singapore that are originally from hotels.

Parents of young kids like us tend to choose easy to clean furnitures. We bought a sofa with washable cover for hygienic reasons. With kids, expect a mountain of mess (read: germs) everyday. Think food crumbs, vomit, boogers, spilled milk and whatnots. Yikes!

As for tables and chairs, buy something that is easy to maintain. When you buy a leather sofa, you have to invest on a leather spray. If you buy a furniture with glass, you have to purchase a glass spray to keep it shiny and sparkling clean. If I am to advise based on experience, try to avoid buying furnitures that retains marks and finger prints.

Try to foresee whether you will still like the furniture of your choice five to ten years from now. If not, it's best to go for classic furnitures that can be easily reupholstered or repainted when you feel like changing your colour scheme.

All the best in your furniture shopping!

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Moving Abroad: The Ins and Outs Of The Transition

I have been lucky enough to visit places and I thought it was a great blessing to have moved to another country I really love. Most of the time, there wasn't a need to plan my next getaway or lust over a sandy beach. When wanderlust bites but time and budget do not allow me to travel, I know I will be able to count on a quick Singapore beach staycation. If you are planning to be an expatriate like myself, these expert tips will come in handy.

Visit Your New Home

Would you believe that some people simply point to the map and say ‘take me there?!’ Although it’s commendable, it isn’t something I could do willingly. No way, Jose! Nope, I would need to know that the place I am going live for the foreseeable future is somewhere I know and love. So, I would have to visit the place just to get a feel of my surroundings. Plus, I can also get used to the culture and the way of life. Moving isn’t only about moving properties – it’s also about transitioning into a new way of life.

Pack Light

This isn’t like a normal move where you can stuff everything into boxes and put them on the back of a van. If you’re moving to a different country, you won’t get there by car. Instead, you’ll need to hire space on a cargo plane. Plus, you’ll need to hire house movers when you reach the other side. Now, as you can imagine, the cost of everything will be extortionate. I know people who moved home and spent a couple of grand, and they thought that was cheap. If you’re like me, you won’t have that kind of money to burn. Thankfully, you can cut the costs by taking fewer items.

Make A Checklist

There is so much you have to do before you board your plane that it’s frightening. Seriously, going on holiday is enough for me, so I don’t know what I’ll be like if we ever move! What I do know is that a checklist helps most people organise their lives. For example, you can write down what tasks you must complete before you leave. Do you need to talk to the bank? What about your energy suppliers? Don’t forget to forward your mail. Of course you won’t – you won’t forget anything thanks to your checklist.

Take It One Step At A Time

Living in a foreign land isn’t going to be easy. There is so much to do that it can be suffocating. But, I’m a believer of taking it one day and one step at a time. That way, you can tackle what is currently on your plate before you go back for seconds. Sure, learning the language is important, as is making new friends, but it will fall into place in time.

Remember that the more pressure there is, the harder it is to enjoy.

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Could You Give Up Solid Food?

There's a lot to be said for the joy of food. From the smell of freshly baked bread, the slightly salty taste of butter, the crisp crack of roasted chicken skin, the sizzle of bacon frying in a pan, the chemical transformation of batter into pancakes and of course, the eating. Food brings so much joy into our lives, and surely, your tastebuds will be going into overdrive at the thought of the above. Food has become a wondrous thing - who could ever think of the thought of giving it up? Food is amazing and we all could go on and on about the wonders of food.

Giving it up? Intriguing. A startling proposition, but something worth thinking about nonetheless. Our hectic lives focus on speed and productivity - so should we not expect that from our meals? Of course, we can get food, fast - but it's not the same is it? Fast food lacks actual nutrition, and while it might be satisfying, it is somewhat hollow in nature. It's real, but it has no benefit for our body other than an extremely short-term high (a moment on the lips, but a life time on the hips). Could there be a way to eat good food, fast? Could we rethink the way we eat? Do we need to do so? All valid questions.

Giving up solid food has benefits and drawbacks. Mainly, the sensation of solid food will struggle to be matched by anything. The sensation of actual food - the smell, the taste, the feel and the texture - they all exist for a reason, and that is to make sure we eat to ensure we stay alive. This can't be found outside of solid food. However, solid food - and good solid food - takes time to produce. You need to cut, fry, sizzle, and sear to ensure the food is prepared. For some, that rips time away from hectic schedules. Food is all in - or all out. You're either searing and chopping in the kitchen or ordering another takeaway.

Of course, giving up solid food means drinking through a straw. It doesn't mean blending a roast dinner and feeding it to yourself; it means choosing food options that can be quickly prepared into a drink. Juicing is how this is done, and you may have heard of juice diets or juice day, where people replace solids with fruit and veggie cocktails for health reasons. Some juices are incredibly satisfying; others are downright awful. This is perhaps the best way to consume food without the time spent in the kitchen, it's also incredibly healthy. A base juice revolves around green vegetables (kale or spinach) and nullifying the bad tastes of these veggies with sweets - apples, oranges, mint and bitters like lemon and lime (sometimes even a kick of spice). These can be made, stored and swallowed quickly.

Giving up solids? It’s possible - especially with a number of open-source food/drink products like Huel and Soylent that fulfill more dietary needs than fruit and veg. You might not want to do it for life though!

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