7 Healthy Alternatives to All Time Favorite Junk Foods

We call it junk food, but deep in our hearts, we all want it. It’s almost always an inevitable fact that junk food tastes exceptionally better than traditional healthy food, making it so much harder to keep a healthy diet. To help you out a bit in this regard, here are seven famous junk foods we all love and some healthier alternatives to each of them that are actually quite tasty themselves.
French Fries
French fries are both loved by all foodies and hated by health enthusiasts, but what none of them can deny is the fact that those potatoes taste irresistibly good! The alternative we have for you is the baked potato in coconut oil. The oil is healthy, the potatoes are crispy and it tastes great too.
Ice Cream
It’s hard to replace ice cream with anything else in the whole world, so we are just going to skip that step and suggest vegan ice cream instead. In place of dairy, vegan ice cream is made from coconut milk and it’s actually quite delicious. Not to mention you will be doing your guts a favor by avoiding lactose.
Potato Chips
The even more unhealthy brother of the French fries, potato chips are infamous for being both irresistible for the taste buds and harmful for the arteries. So, it’s time you replaced them with kale chips, tomato chips, or butternut squash chips. There are also many other alternative chips that are less harmful than the traditional potato chips and we suggest that you try out a number of them before deciding which flavor you like the most.
Mac and Cheese
If you like mac and cheese a bit too much to give up on it, the good news is that you don’t have to! There are way too many healthy recipes with the likes of butternut squash and chick peas for the delicious treat to be replaced with something else.

You may not see it as junk food, but it most certainly isn’t going to help you get to your health goals any faster. Replace traditional pancakes with banana-oat pancakes which don’t even need the maple syrup because bananas are plenty sweet by themselves.
Chocolate bars have long been displayed as one of the staple junk foods and for good reason. They do pack in a lot of sugar, dairy and overall calories. However, the good news is that you don’t really have to give up on chocolate itself. All you need to do is replace milk chocolate with dark chocolate. Even dark chocolates contain enough calories to be bad for you when consumed in large quantities, so satiate your chocolate cravings with just a few squares per day.
This one is really bad for you and there’s no going around it. Replace soda completely with water and sweet tea (hot or cold). If you have been drinking soda regularly for a long time now, you will see amazing changes once you give it up.
We already mentioned how tasty junk food is and how hard it can be to give up on our favorite ones, but there’s another side to this story. The thing is that once you do start eating a healthier diet, you will actually feel more comfortable with eating healthy food, rather than junk food. However, to keep things interesting and delicious, we always need to try new recipes and must stay updated with the latest innovations in healthy eating habits. This is precisely where a source like Cuisine Study comes in as being so useful. Click view site to find plenty of healthy, delicious recipes, and even if you are new to cooking, there are some very helpful guides on there to hone the newbie cook into an expert one.
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12 Top-rated Tourist Attractions in France

Image Pixabay
From the popular boulevards of Paris to the stunning seaside resorts of Côte d'Azur, France indeed offers some of the most must-see sights in the world. Indulge yourself and savor the irresistible charm of France with its picturesque village, traditional French gastronomy which has been included on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage, and soaring cathedrals that blends perfectly into its progressive and contemporary style. You can even rent a castle in France and turn your dream vacation into reality. Here’s the list of the top-rated tourist attractions that you may visit when in France.
1. Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower is an iconic symbol of Paris. It is one of the world’s famous landmarks. This structure was designed by Gustave Eiffel for the World Fair in 1889. Now, it has been an irreplaceable fixture of the Paris skyline. Due to the structure’s exceptional gratefulness, it has earned the nickname of Iron Lady. You’ll be impressed of the tower’s size standing at 320-meter high and the stunning panoramic views at each levels has to offer. If you want, you can dine at the first level or the second level to indulge yourself on a sumptuous meal of the Michelin-starred Jules Verne.
2. Louvre Museum          
The Louvre is one of the most incomparable museums in Europe where collections of fine arts can be seen. Famous masterpieces from some of the Western Civilization such as Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, the 1st-century-BC Venus de Milo sculpture and the Wedding Feast at Cana by Veronese can also be found here. Up to date, it has a collection of 30,000 artworks.  It is impossible to see everything inside in a day or even in a week. It is suggested that you focus on a shortlist of artworks for you to have a lucrative experience.
3. Palace of Versailles
It is not just a royal residence. It was designed to show the glory of the French monarchy. It has also became Louis XIV’s symbol of power and has been the key indicator for the princely courts in Europe. Architect Jules Hardouin- Mansart is the one who created the Baroque façade and interior. You’ll spot here the famous Hall of Mirrors, it is where courtiers waited for an audience with the king. Beyond the formal French gardens is Marie-Antoinette's hamlet, it is said to be the pastoral village where the queen dressed up to become a peasant in order to escape court life.
4. Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres
This UNESCO-listed cathedral has been standing for more than eight centuries and exemplifies a medieval Gothic architecture. There is a special light show that will mesmerize you from April to October. What’s inspiring here is the stained-glass windows that allow colorful life to filter that resulted to an ethereal effect. Numerous windows have been crafted and depict biblical stories. The most noteworthy of all of the windows is the rose one due to its size and details. Other highlights are the Blue Virgin window and the Passion window.
5. Côte d'Azur
Here you’ll see the most fashionable stretch of coastline in France. The word Côte d'Azur is synonymous with glamour and is translated to Coast of Blue which was coined due to the mesmerizing deep blue color of the Mediterranean Sea. Every summer, the resorts are being visited by those beach lovers and sun-worshippers. You can spot the rich and famous personalities here in their lavish villas and luxury yachts. Don’t forget to visit the town of Nice which offers great panoramic views and art museums. Cannes is known for its celebrity film festivals and legendary hotels. If you’re looking for the best sandy beaches, head to Antibes and Saint-Tropez plus the charm of the Provençal fishing village. Lastly, Monaco offers stunning scenery and exclusive ambience.
6. Mont Saint-Michel
It is located dramatically out of the sea on the coast of Normandy. It is also known as the Pyramid of the Seas being a mystical sight rested on a rocky islet and surrounded by walls and fortresses. During high tide, Mont-Saint-Michel is an island but at low tide, it is possible to cross to Mont. Abbaye de Saint-Michel is the main tourist attraction in the area. It is founded by Archbishop Aubert of Avranches in after the Archangel Michael appeared to him in a vision. It is also an important pilgrimage destination due to its soul-inspiring serenity. With that, Mont Saint-Michel is coined as The Heavenly Jerusalem.
7. Provence
Provence is known for its gorgeous landscape of rolling hills plus the iconic lavender fields with the little villages suspended on the valleys and rocky outcrops. The overwhelming scenery has inspired famous artists like Matisse, Chagall, Cézanne and even Picasso. Allow yourself to experience the art de vivre as you stroll along the cobblestone streets. Here you’ll find open-air markets and indulge yourself on a sumptuous cuisine. The most important market town is the Aix-en-Provence. Arles, on the other hand, is known for its ancient ruins and festivals. The medieval city of popes is known as Avignon.
8. Loire Valley Châteaux
Loire Valley is also known as the Garden of France and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visiting the lush area feels like you’re scanning through the pages of a children’s storybook. The setting here is a captivating countryside of woodlands inclusive of river valleys and fairy-tale castles. The most famous châteaux that you can see here is the Renaissance castles designed with the ideas of enjoyment and entertainment. It is coined as an extension of the court life outside of Paris. Other châteaux that you can see in the area is the Château de Chambord which was built for King Francis I, a feminine style châteaux
9. Alsace Villages
Here you’ll be in awe of the beautiful villages in France that are tucked away in the rolling green hills of Alsace wherein the Vosges Mountains is the border to the famous Rhine River of Germany. Alsace villages are known for its pastel-painted and half-timbered houses that were clustered around the small church. In addition, the flowering balconies and cobblestone streets add to its good ambiance. Many of the villages here have won France’s Villages Fleuris award due to their charming floral decorations. If you’re planning for your Alsace vacation itinerary, choose Colmar. It is a good pick to explore the Alsatian villages and even the surrounding nature trails.
10. Carcassonne
Be fascinated by its fairy-tale scenery. This well-preserved destination allows the visitors to enter into the world of Middle Ages. This walled-town features narrow, winding cobblestone lanes and old houses. The streets and building have retained its medieval character. The must-see attractions in the area are the 14th-century old Cathedral of Saint-Nazaire and the double-circuited ramparts with 54 towers. You can also schedule your visit here during the Bastille Day fireworks happening every 14th of July.
11. Chamonix-Mont-Blanc
The awe-inspiring Mont Blanc is located in the French Alps and is known as the highest mountain peak in Europe. It serves as a part of the French border with Italy. Mont Blanc or White Mountain is blanketed in snow. Beneath the peak, you’ll find the traditional alpine village of Chamonix. This little town is filled with historic churches, cozy restaurants, and enchanting auberges. Chamonix is a great place for rock climbing, hiking, skiing, outdoor adventures and even a perfect place to relax.
12. Brittany
Brittany is a historic region that can be found on the northeastern coast of France. It features fishing villages, rocky seaside scenery, and costumed religious festivals. The local cuisine is something that you should try especially the savory buckwheat crepes. Be sure to visit the Breton port, Quimper and even Nantes known for its ancient walls, historic towns and impressive Gothic cathedral and the place when the freedom of Religious belief to Protestants has been granted, respectively. Other things to do can be visiting the pristine beaches, remote islands, and ancient castles.

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How Travel Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Lives these days have paced very fast, and there is hardly anyone who gets enough time to spend it with loved ones and family. Apart from spending time with families, people hardly get time to spend with themselves. People keep indulged in the work and don’t give themselves time to relax. As a result of all the overload and working under constant pressure in the fast-moving business or work lane, people often get depressed and affect their work efficiency in the end. To avoid such situations, everyone needs to add a little adventure to their lives. The best of all adventure you can get is when you travel and explore the beauty of the earth.
Making Memories
There are several amazing places on earth where tourists spend a lot of time making memories and exploring the nature. There are also ancient cities which capture the attention of a huge number of people for traveling purposes. Apart from enhancing your mental, emotional and spiritual health, traveling also has a great positive impact on your other skills as well. Whether you travel alone or with a companion, you will notice a major boost of confidence in yourself as well as your personal development will be improved as well. While exploring cities and countries give their own experience, the best vacation anyone can have to improve their life is by spending some quality time at a natural resort.
Get In Touch With Nature
No matter how advanced humans become and how much development they do to improve their quality of life. If the distance between man and nature keeps on increasing, no one can feel truly fulfilled by the advancements in technology. Nature has the healing power which is required by each living being. All you need to do is to find a nice resort to spend some time there and let your soul get the soothing which is required for a very long time. There are several natural and man-made resorts all over the world. Caribbeans Best has listed up some very amazing resorts which can give you the required break from your busy life in the city. No wonder visiting old historic cities have their own charm and importance. However, no one can deny the pleasure you can get by walking barefooted on a beach, collecting shells, feeling the waves touching your toes and enjoying the fresh breeze with fine bright sun.
Broaden Your Mind
Traveling is indeed the best gift you can give to yourself. The learning you can have while traveling cannot be perceived in a college book. You get to meet several people and learn about their culture, religion, and customs. This enhances the actual sense of being a human and open your mind and heart towards other people. These traits are what made humans, human and by the advancements and growing gap between everyone, people have forgotten how to be human. Therefore learning these traits is very crucial in order to enrich our lives as well as other people’s lives as well.
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How The Sun Can Affect The Heath Of Your Skin

Did you know that the sun is more responsible for aging of the skin then the actual aging process? Yes, that’s right. UV rays originating from the sun are the primary cause of sun spots, wrinkles, reduction in skin elasticity, pigmentation, as well as the degradation of skin texture. In fact, scientific studies have observed that effects of the sun are responsible for about 80-90% of how old or young one looks according to their age!
Meaning that how one looks right now could be as a result of how much sun they’ve been exposed to. Here’s a breakdown of the complex relationship between the sun and the skin.
Ultraviolet rays
For those who may have missed it in Biology class, sunlight consists of two vital components; Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B. When these rays come into contact with one’s skin, they generate free radicals that cause a lot of harmful effects to your physiology.
For starters, they damage the DNA, proteins and cellular structure. They also result in the damage of connective tissue such as elastin and collagen within the varying layers of your skin. Lastly, they cause harm to the sensitive cells that are present in one’s eyes.
Looking at these rays separately, UVB can at times be useful. In fact, in minimal amounts, UVB rays result in the synthesis of Vitamin B for the skin. They also cause tanning via specialized skin cells known as melanocytes that produce more melanin.
Unfortunately, most tanning enthusiasts have no idea that tanning is an automated response to DNA damage. The more tanning one does, the more DNA damage they get. Apart from this, UVB rays are also the main cause of sunburns worldwide.
On the other hand, UVA rays have a much deeper penetration capability as compared to UVB. In turn, they damage varying skin structures such as elastin and collagen. Surprisingly, despite their deep penetrating range, they do not stimulate tanning. Instead, they play a big part in the aging and deterioration of one’s skin.
So it’s no surprise that some animals come naturally equipped with anti-sunburn features as you can read if you view story.
Sun Exposure results in 90% of Changes Linked to Aging
Photo from Unsplash
According to the World Health Organization report, a consistent over exposure to sunlight can result in severe conditions such as skin cancer, cataracts, and eye inflammation.
It seems that the immune system also happens to be a victim of the harsh effects of the sun. Repeated exposure to unforgiving UV rays can result in reduced efficiency of the immune system, greatly increasing the chances of contracting diseases.
Moreover, overexposure will also result in the reduction skin elasticity. This is where the age factor comes into play. With reduced elasticity, the texture of the skin changes, leading to sags and bags; not to mention premature wrinkling.

Therefore, it’s vital that one pays just as much attention to the health of the skin as they would to that of their heart. Remember, the skin is the largest organ of the body. Plus it plays an important role in one’s appearance and societal status. Simply put, a healthier skin will mean a happier life!

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4 Ways to Organize Your Day Better

When you lead a busy life, it can be difficult to squeeze everything into one day, from going to work, to maintaining your home and ensuring you get enough sleep. No matter what you try, it might seem like you are nearing the end of your tether, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. As with most things, the key to having a successful day is organizing it to suit your needs. Once you have found the perfect hack, you will find that your days gradually improve over time, and that you may even find yourself having some free time to indulge in after work.

Make a morning routine

Most great days start with a refreshing wake-up call to welcome you into the world. This is the time when people can make or break how they feel about the day, even within the first few minutes of getting out of bed. Ideally, you should wake up early, so you have enough time to gather your thoughts, plan your goals, and have a morning shower. Most importantly, you should ensure you eat a big and hearty (although still healthy) breakfast to give you lots of energy, which will sustain you all morning. For the winter months, a bowl of oatmeal can be sustainable and delicious, while overnight oats in the warmer months can offer the same benefits.

Take it slow

When you are perpetually busy, it can be easy to rush around from place to place, without sparing a second thought for everything around you. Going this quickly each day means you are burnt out before nightfall rolls around, but it also means you aren’t taking the time to enjoy the small things in life. If you have an effective morning routine where you can plan your goals for the day, this will help you manage your time more effectively so that you aren’t always rushing and can find time to breathe.

Have a plan B

Sometimes our best-laid plans never work out, which means it’s always smart to have a backup plan in place for when you can’t afford to become disorganized. For instance, if you can’t locate and have potentially lost your car keys, you can search ‘call a locksmith near me’ for a car keys replacement service. Companies such as Mr Locksmith will provide you with a replacement as soon as possible, allowing you to carry on with your day.
By having a secondary option in place, you can limit frustrations and improve your day. Never let a bad moment keep you down, and instead have plans in motion for when things fall through the cracks.

Stay hydrated
It is widely known that you can’t have a productive day if you aren’t full of energy and motivation, which is something that can arise from not eating enough throughout the day and not staying hydrated. Being organized becomes tricky when you lose focus, so you should always have a bottle of water on hand to revitalize your energy. Rather than investing in a new bottle of water each time, make the most of reusable ones by clipping it to your bag.

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3 Simple Ways to Create Harmony on a Family Vacation

Image via Pixabay

Family vacations can and should be a fantastic and uplifting experience, where happy memories that will last a lifetime are forged.

Unfortunately, it’s not too uncommon for arguments and bad moods to get in the way of the family vacation dynamic and to begin to mar the experience and cast a shadow over the trip.

Luckily, there are some simple things that you can do in order to help keep everything tidy and harmonious during your family vacation. Here are a few tips:

Fit in something for everyone

Often, disharmony during a family vacation will be caused by the fact that some members of the family feel they aren’t being included or taken into consideration when planning the type of events and attractions which the family as a whole is going to attend.

Typically this will be a problem with children, but it can even be the case that one parent dominates the planning process, and the other becomes resentful at feeling left out.

The solution to this issue is straightforward. Do your best to fit in something on the itinerary that each member of the family will enjoy.

While your job as a parent is, of course, to guide your children and to expose them to experiences you feel will be good for their development, it’s not too much of a compromise to squeeze in the odd cinema trip or theme park visit in a vacation otherwise filled with art galleries.

Likewise, if your partner wants to visit one historical site which you find completely uninteresting, it’ll often be a good idea to compromise for the sake of balance and collective happiness.

Find ways of letting everyone have a bit of space when needed

In the family home, over the course of day-to-day life, everyone generally has a way of detaching themselves from the group and having some time alone to cool down when tempers become too heated.

On vacation, by comparison, every member of the family will tend to find themselves spending essentially every minute of the day together. This means that when tempers do fray, an argument or tantrum is more likely to develop.

To prevent this from happening, try and create a degree of space for each member of the family — somewhere they can retreat to by themselves for a while, if needed. Whether you’re staying in an up-market hotel like the Courtyard Alexandria Pentagon South, or a campsite, something can usually be worked out.

This tends to be especially important when travelling with teenagers.

Encourage laughter and friendly conversation each day

Cheerful conversation is one of the best ways of keeping everyone in the family happy, united, and upbeat during a vacation. While it’s good to do this during the day while seeing the sites, the evening often provides a perfect opportunity for everyone to come together and unwind.

A great way of accomplishing this is by playing some board or card games together after dinner, before heading to bed.

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6 Tips to Hosting the Perfect Dinner Party

If you’ve ever hosted a dinner party, then you’ll know how stressful the whole experience can be. It’s basically all the anxiety that comes with hosting a normal party with the added task of cooking a brilliant three course meal for everybody thrown on top.
Despite all this, dinner parties are growing in popularity. They remain a great way to catch up with friends, socialize and above all else, have a really good time while showing off your hosting skills.
So how do you go about hosting the perfect dinner party? Here are six tips to get you started
Control the food
Your guests will probably ask if they should bring any food with them. This is a big no. If they are turning up with additional items, even desserts or after dinner cheese, it is actually creating more work for you, not less. It might not even accompany what you’ve lovingly cooked either. If they have to bring something, then tell them a bottle of wine would be appreciated.
Do the shop the day before
Benjamin Franklin once said that “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” He probably wasn’t referring to a dinner party when he came out with that, but he might as well have been. Get the food and drink you need at least one day before. That way you know you’ve got everything and it means no panic when nowhere has that one last ingredient you need hours before you are due to sit down.
Set your house up

Make sure there are nibbles and drinks available for when your guests arrive by setting up your house accordingly. High-end snacks on one table and fine wines and glasses with one bottle already uncorked on another. That will keep the entertained until the food comes out.
Keep the menu simple
Keeping the menu simple is a must for many reasons. You want something that can pretty much cook itself without constant care and attention as once your guests arrive, you should be entertaining them, not slaving away in the kitchen. Selecting one of these easy dinner party recipes will allow you to do that. It will also help when it comes to the next point…
Give yourself enough time to get ready
You aren’t just the chef, but the host as well. Cooking simple dishes that will look after themselves will give you the time and space you need to get yourself ready. Again though, this comes down to preparation. Pick an outfit the day before so you can just slip into it and make sure you’ve got all those hair and make up accessories ready to go. The last thing you want is to be rushing around a few hours before you are due to sit down trying to find fake eyelashes – especially if you end up panic buying ones that leave swollen eyelids. Read Story here about how that happened to one woman.
Have a smooth transition from dinner to party
Once you’ve finished devouring the dinner, sit at the table for a while longer to allow the conversation to flow. When a couple of bottles of wine have been polished off, suggest a move into the living room where board games and pre-made cocktails will get the real party started. Once your guests have gone home happily fed, watered and entertained, head straight to bed – the cleaning of the house and the dishes can wait until morning and will feel much less arduous in the glow of having hosted a successful dinner party.

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Things Every Tenant Should Do Prior to Moving In

Moving into a rental unit has its perks. Unlike homeowners who take on a significant financial responsibility, renters don’t have to worry about things like property damage and repairs. If you’re fortunate enough, you may even find a rental property in which you’re not responsible for any maintenance or property-related services and only have to pay the rent each month. As beneficial as it can be to become a tenant, it isn’t without its risks. All too often tenants find themselves in the midst of a legal battle with their landlord which could have been avoided.

To ensure that you don’t fall into those same traps, it is necessary that you do your due diligence prior to moving in.

Research Your Landlord and the Property
When applying to live in a rental unit you’re often required to provide references and other identifying information that allows the landlord to get a better understanding of who you are and how likely you are to pay the rent on time. The property owner shouldn’t be the only one doing some digging, however. You too should conduct some research of your own.

Find out more about your landlord and the status of the property before moving in. Is the property in foreclosure? Are their tax liens on it? Does your landlord had a bunch of financial problems? How have they treated tenants in the past? You can check online reviews and/or visit your local county courthouse to check public property records.

Review the Rental Agreement (Completely)
So, you’re excited about moving in and can’t wait to get your keys. As anxious as you might be you should never sign a lease without reviewing it from start to finish. This agreement is a legally binding contract between you and the property owner. If you simply sign, you could later find out that you’ve obligated yourself to a nightmare. Review things like visitor limits, fees, rent increases, pet policies, maintenance and repair requirements, etc. If there are things missing from the lease, be sure to ask your landlord about them prior to signing.

Invest in Renter’s Insurance
If you thought that your landlord’s property insurance would cover any damages to your personal belongings should something go wrong, you should think again. In the event that your home or apartment gets robbed, flooded, or a fire breaks out and your personal belongings were ruined, it will be entirely up to you to replace them. You should compare renters insurance quotes online to see how much it will cost. You can decide which service provider is best after you’ve made the decision to move into the unit.

Do a Thorough Move-in Inspection
Prior to signing the lease, you should demand that your landlord goes with you to the property to do an inspection. You want to make sure that the unit is up to code, safe, and decent for you to live in. As you’re walking through, the landlord will likely have a checklist to make note of the status of the property. As an added layer of protection, it couldn’t hurt for you to take pictures of the house or apartment. This will be instrumental should they try to keep your security deposit due to damages you didn’t cause.

Many would say that renters have it made. They get to live in someone else’s property and only worry about paying the rent each month. Though it can be a lot less stressful than owning a home, keep in mind, there are still risks involved. To protect yourself should you have a dispute with your landlord, damage to the property, or face eviction, do your due diligence by completing all of the above-mentioned steps BEFORE signing on the dotted line or moving in.

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5 Fun Ways To Get Your Kids Interested In The Environment

If your kids are glued to the phone, tablet, and TV screens, then it may be time to teach them more about the outdoor environment. Doing so will not only be enjoyable, but will also help them understand more about the planet. The ideas presented below are both fun and likely to be educational, so consider giving them a try.
1. Go Hiking
Kids are designed to be active, so if you think they need a real break from tablets, computers, and video games, then how about going for a hike. You don’t need to climb the highest point in your locale as a simple bushwalk will do the trick. On the way take the time to point out any interesting flora and fauna.
If the outing turns out to be popular, you may be able to turn hiking into a regular event.
2. Get Them Gardening
Setting up your kids with their own patch of soil is a great way to get them outdoors and to learn about how plants grow. Often kids view gardening as a chore, but this can quickly change when they see how fun it is in the dirt.
Start them off with seeds that will proliferate. Sunflowers and beans are good options. Teach them the basics about different types of soil, how to plant, and how to water.
3. Take Them To The Zoo
What kid doesn't love the zoo? By taking them for a visit, they can learn more about wildlife from across the globe. You may like to teach them about which countries different animals originate from and let them know what kind of foods they munch on.
4. Teach Them About Recycling
Recycling may sound boring, but by putting a spin on it, you can get kids interested. Consider having an arts and crafts session with recyclable cans, bottles, and plastic bags. Doing so reinforces the idea that you can do more with these items then simply chucking them in the trash.
You should also be teaching by example. If you’re hurling recyclable goods in with your general waste, then your kids are going to follow suit. How about setting up an extra bin, labeling it as “recycling” and teaching your kids what they can and can’t throw in it.
5. Teach Them About Some Interesting Creatures
The world is full of many unique creatures that can excite children. Electric eels, Komodo dragons, and Bathyphysa Conifer are creations that may fascinate your kids. It can be hard for the young ones to understand just how diverse life is on the planet, and by showing them examples of what’s possible, you may help enhance their understanding of their environment.
Final Thoughts
Kids are naturally curious and are likely to jump at the chance to learn more about their environment. These activities will make a nice break from the usual forms of entertainment (tablets, phones, etc.) and help them learn more about their planet.

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Indoor Activities For The Whole Family

Whether it is winter and going outdoors is not an option, or you simply desire to have some chill and peaceful time in the house, staying indoors doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Actually, you need to take advantage of your time indoors to spend some quality with your family.
Spending some quality time together as a family brings you closer and the time you spend sharing fun activities creates unforgettable memories not only for you but for your kids as well. There are a lot of fun activities that you can share indoors as a family.
Singing and Storytelling
Chances are every member of the family has their creative side which they are bubbling to show to the rest of you. Explore and nurture these talents for some exciting indoor family moments. You can have singing practice and learn how to play musical instruments with the main goal being organizing a family concert. Your performance doesn’t have to be on the level of a Grammy performance - the point is to entertain yourselves and have some fun together.
Storytelling is important to your children. You can tell stories to your children – real or fictitious- and use it an avenue to pass morals lessons and family history to them. It doesn’t even have to be one-sided, your kids may have interesting stories of their own to narrate too.
Indoor games and crafts
There are quite a number of indoor board games that combine fun and with a learning experience. Games such as chess, monopoly and scrabble teach strategy, grammar, language and money skills. These games require some level of thinking and improve the functioning of the brain.
You can also take advantage of your time indoors to make hand-made items. You can make ornaments, paint portraits or the ancient Japanese paper quilling art which you can learn online at sites like origamiway.com.
Share household chores
You can spend your time indoors doing housecleaning. Have everyone allocate their portion of chores to do. Someone can do the dishes and take care of the kitchen, while others dust the furniture, mop the floors, clean the windows and scrub the bathroom walls. Older children can tend to the kitchen garden if you have one.
Have everyone help out in the kitchen too. It is important for your kids to learn how to prepare one or two meals well and you can utilize the time you spend indoors to teach them a few kitchen basics.
You can never go wrong with reading. Reading, or even listening to audiobooks is one of the most productive ways to spend your free time. The quiet ambiance of your house makes for a good atmosphere to immerse yourself in an interesting book. Instead of renting a movie, buy books for everyone in the family to keep you occupied during your time indoors.

You can even go one step further and have a family library where family members can recommend books to be stocked or even organize sessions in which everyone shares what they have learned in the books they have been reading.

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