5 Fun Ways To Get Your Kids Interested In The Environment

If your kids are glued to the phone, tablet, and TV screens, then it may be time to teach them more about the outdoor environment. Doing so will not only be enjoyable, but will also help them understand more about the planet. The ideas presented below are both fun and likely to be educational, so consider giving them a try.
1. Go Hiking
Kids are designed to be active, so if you think they need a real break from tablets, computers, and video games, then how about going for a hike. You don’t need to climb the highest point in your locale as a simple bushwalk will do the trick. On the way take the time to point out any interesting flora and fauna.
If the outing turns out to be popular, you may be able to turn hiking into a regular event.
2. Get Them Gardening
Setting up your kids with their own patch of soil is a great way to get them outdoors and to learn about how plants grow. Often kids view gardening as a chore, but this can quickly change when they see how fun it is in the dirt.
Start them off with seeds that will proliferate. Sunflowers and beans are good options. Teach them the basics about different types of soil, how to plant, and how to water.
3. Take Them To The Zoo
What kid doesn't love the zoo? By taking them for a visit, they can learn more about wildlife from across the globe. You may like to teach them about which countries different animals originate from and let them know what kind of foods they munch on.
4. Teach Them About Recycling
Recycling may sound boring, but by putting a spin on it, you can get kids interested. Consider having an arts and crafts session with recyclable cans, bottles, and plastic bags. Doing so reinforces the idea that you can do more with these items then simply chucking them in the trash.
You should also be teaching by example. If you’re hurling recyclable goods in with your general waste, then your kids are going to follow suit. How about setting up an extra bin, labeling it as “recycling” and teaching your kids what they can and can’t throw in it.
5. Teach Them About Some Interesting Creatures
The world is full of many unique creatures that can excite children. Electric eels, Komodo dragons, and Bathyphysa Conifer are creations that may fascinate your kids. It can be hard for the young ones to understand just how diverse life is on the planet, and by showing them examples of what’s possible, you may help enhance their understanding of their environment.
Final Thoughts
Kids are naturally curious and are likely to jump at the chance to learn more about their environment. These activities will make a nice break from the usual forms of entertainment (tablets, phones, etc.) and help them learn more about their planet.

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Indoor Activities For The Whole Family

Whether it is winter and going outdoors is not an option, or you simply desire to have some chill and peaceful time in the house, staying indoors doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Actually, you need to take advantage of your time indoors to spend some quality with your family.
Spending some quality time together as a family brings you closer and the time you spend sharing fun activities creates unforgettable memories not only for you but for your kids as well. There are a lot of fun activities that you can share indoors as a family.
Singing and Storytelling
Chances are every member of the family has their creative side which they are bubbling to show to the rest of you. Explore and nurture these talents for some exciting indoor family moments. You can have singing practice and learn how to play musical instruments with the main goal being organizing a family concert. Your performance doesn’t have to be on the level of a Grammy performance - the point is to entertain yourselves and have some fun together.
Storytelling is important to your children. You can tell stories to your children – real or fictitious- and use it an avenue to pass morals lessons and family history to them. It doesn’t even have to be one-sided, your kids may have interesting stories of their own to narrate too.
Indoor games and crafts
There are quite a number of indoor board games that combine fun and with a learning experience. Games such as chess, monopoly and scrabble teach strategy, grammar, language and money skills. These games require some level of thinking and improve the functioning of the brain.
You can also take advantage of your time indoors to make hand-made items. You can make ornaments, paint portraits or the ancient Japanese paper quilling art which you can learn online at sites like origamiway.com.
Share household chores
You can spend your time indoors doing housecleaning. Have everyone allocate their portion of chores to do. Someone can do the dishes and take care of the kitchen, while others dust the furniture, mop the floors, clean the windows and scrub the bathroom walls. Older children can tend to the kitchen garden if you have one.
Have everyone help out in the kitchen too. It is important for your kids to learn how to prepare one or two meals well and you can utilize the time you spend indoors to teach them a few kitchen basics.
You can never go wrong with reading. Reading, or even listening to audiobooks is one of the most productive ways to spend your free time. The quiet ambiance of your house makes for a good atmosphere to immerse yourself in an interesting book. Instead of renting a movie, buy books for everyone in the family to keep you occupied during your time indoors.

You can even go one step further and have a family library where family members can recommend books to be stocked or even organize sessions in which everyone shares what they have learned in the books they have been reading.

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5 Magic Tricks to Extend the Shelf Life of Food

If you are like most people, you are probably stretching your budget just to buy fresh, healthy foods. However, along the way you learned a few tips on how to achieve significant savings by buying in bulk or when certain items go ‘on sale.’ Usually, these sale products are nearing their expected shelf life, but you can’t pass up a good deal, can you? Why not learn how to extend the shelf life of perishables so that you can still get those amazing deals while nothing goes to waste. Here are 5 magic tricks every budget conscious family should learn.
1. Never Store Apples in Your Refrigerator
This is one you’ve probably never heard! Did you know that apples emit ethylene gas which can cause foods nearby to spoil, or at the very least wilt? If you are going to store apples, find a cool place in your home, take them out of the plastic bag that retains moisture and put them in a paper bag for storage. It is said that this method will keep them fresh for several months!
2. Tightly Wrap Boxed Grains and Cereals with Plastic Wrap
If you’ve read a Wraptastic review, you know there is an easy way to use aluminum foil or plastic wrap without the dangers of slicing your finger. These handy gadgets can be used interchangeably with both plastic wrap and aluminum foil, but the plastic wrap does better when wrapped around those discounted pastas, cereals and grains you want to store for longer periods of time. Keep moisture out and freshness in.
3. Use a Pinch of Salt to Prolong the Life of Milk
Here’s another one many of us haven’t ever heard of. A pinch of salt, mind you just a pinch, can keep milk and cream fresh longer in your refrigerator. It’s unclear why this works, but it does. If you have the time, why not research to see why common table salt keeps milk from going sour.
4. A Little Booze Never Hurt a Good Chunk of Cheese
If you want to prevent mold from building up around cheese, soak a piece of cheesecloth in whiskey and then wrap it securely around your cheese. Place this in a plastic bag or use that plastic wrap mentioned above and you’ll have no more trouble keeping your cheese fresh for a much longer time. (If you don’t use all the whiskey, pour yourself a shot at the end of a long day in your kitchen. It might inspire you to stay fresh longer as well!)
5. Fruits and Vegetables Don’t Do Well with Plastic
One last magic trick to learn pertains to how you store your fresh fruits and veggies. Never, EVER, leave them in those plastic bags they are sold in. Always take them out (carrots, beets, lettuce, etc.) and place them in your refrigerator’s vegetable drawer. Even those bags with aeriation holes don’t let enough moisture out so your fruits and veggies will spoil much quicker due to mold that grows in moist conditions. The key is to keep humidity in check.
These 5 magic tricks can save you tons of money by helping you learn to shop deals and in bulk while keeping foods fresh longer for a reduction in waste. If you search, you’ll find many more of the same types of tips and as you begin using them, you’ll find just how far you can stretch your budget – what an exciting prospect. Now you may even have enough left over for that new dress you’ve been dreaming of…
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Introducing Solids to a Baby

After a few months of living off just milk, it gets to a point where a baby needs something else, and that is when it is time to introduce solids to baby. This usually happens at about 6 months old, but you have to bear in mind that every child is different and there is nothing wrong if it is earlier or later than this. My girl had her first solid food at 6 months whilst G had his even before he turned 5 months old.
Making The Change
The change from milk to solids should be done to suit you. Remember that to start with, how little or much they eat does not matter too much as they will still be getting all the nutrients they need from breast milk or their first formula. It is more important to get them used to the idea of eating solids, rather than forcing them to eat more than they want.
There are some foods you should introduce one at a time in case they have any allergies towards them, then you will be able to spot the problem easier.  Cow’s milk, eggs, wheat, barley, foods with nuts or seeds and fish are the main foods that can cause a problem, but of course for most children there is no adverse reaction at all.
Begin by offering food at a time that is convenient for you. Over just a few weeks you will be able to start increasing the amount and variety of their food until it gets to the point where they are eating the same meals as the rest of the family, just in much smaller portions.
Tips To Make The Transition Easier For You Both
There are some things that will help to make the change from milk to solid foods, such as:
  • Don’t try to force a spoon into their mouth, wait till they open up for it.
  • Start with just a couple of teaspoons of food, once a day.
  • Let them get used to the feel of food; feeding themselves is a good way to do this even if it is with their fingers.
  • Don’t try and hurry them up, let them eat at their own pace. 
  • If they refuse a food first time, don’t give up on it, and try it several times before you decide it is not one they like.
There are several websites giving advice to parents on all aspects of the best way to do things for your baby. If this is your first time being a parent, then sites such as momcrib.com can be invaluable.
The Foods to Start With
Cooked fruit or vegetables are a good way to start. They become soft when cooked so you can mash them easily. Most households have potatoes, carrots apple or pears and they are perfect to feed to you baby, just remember to let them cool first.  Fruits that are soft without being cooked, like melon or peach, can just be mashed.
Baby rice or baby cereals mixed with their usual milk will get them used to the texture of food, but will have a taste they are familiar with. Finger foods are good as well, as long as they are ones that will break up easily in their mouth. A piece of ripe banana might be messy, but they will be able to grip it in their tiny hand, and it is really soft for them to eat.

It does not take long to progress to them having several different foods, and the more variety they have in their diet, the better.
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Rainy Day Activities The Whole Family Will Love

It’s raining. It’s pouring. Mommy wishes she was snoring. A rainy day is a perfect excuse to sleep in and laze about the house, but your days of napping through bad weather are over. You have to look after the kids. Kids who are restless now they’re stuck indoors. Bouncing off the walls and letting you know they’re bored, they aren’t shy about telling you that.
Though you all may feel trapped by the rain, a wet and dreary day is a great opportunity for your family to have fun. The next time it rains try some of the following activities to keep your kids occupied. From indoor camping to exploratory adventures, these rainy-day activities will brighten your mood until the skies follow suit.
Image result for rainy day kids
Go an indoor camping trip
Who needs a national park to go camping? Not you and your kids. The next time the forecast promises rain, break out the blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags. Indoor camping can be as simple as gathering up your bedding and spreading it over the floor. You can also spread blankets and sheets over the furniture to make forts and tents. If you are feeling really ambitious you can even pitch a small tent in the house, complete with air mattress and other camping must-haves.
Once your campsite is set up how you like, pretend like you’re actually out in the woods. Play games, enjoy snacks, and tell stories by flashlight. The possibilities for your indoor camping activities are as endless as your imaginations.
Visit an indoor jungle gym
For families that prefer to keep moving, a great boredom buster is an indoor park or jungle gym. It can be a great alternative for when your local playground is now an underwater park. Laser tag is another great way to burn off some of their extra energy. Do some research ahead of time to find out what facilities are available near you. Whether it’s indoor miniature golfing, a trampoline park, or even an indoor pool, these locations offer a great way to get everyone’s heart pumping. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even create a playground in your own home.
Explore your city
If you’re willing to brave the rain in between running from the house to the car, then a trip through the neighborhood is another excellent way to spend a rainy day. Playing tourist will have your family looking at your neighborhood in a totally different way. Grab the umbrellas and venture into unfamiliar shops, museums, and historical buildings in your area. Don’t forget to snap some family photos as you explore.
As the rainy season approaches, you can expect more wet days in your future. If you plan on visiting cultural points of interest or spending time at an indoor jungle gym, these rainy days can quickly eat into your rainy-day fund. If you spend all this extra cash on fun things to do, you might not have enough left over to cover an unexpected repair or bill.
When you find yourself short thanks to your rainy-day activities, you can use a cash loan to keep your family financially afloat. It’s a quick and convenient alternative to many conventional sources of assistance, as you don’t need to meet in-person for an interview. You can apply online, receive your online loan as a direct deposit, and set up automated repayments to make it as simple as possible. In some cases, you can receive help in as little as one business day, making it one of the fastest ways to cover a small, non-recurring financial emergency.
Whatever you do… just don’t let the rain stop you
Though most people (including your little ones) prefer sunny days, the rainy ones shouldn’t be a complete write-off. With some thought and planning, a drizzly day can be a fun and rewarding way to spend time with your family. So take a tip from this list and spend your next wet and dreary day doing something fun!
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Great Careers For Animal Lovers

Have you noticed how for some people a job is a way to earn money and pay for the things they need and want, whilst other people go to work with a smile each morning and enjoy every minute at their job? When you have a job you really love, long hours are a bonus, not a chore, so it's important to figure out what you're really passionate about in life, and then find a job that's centered around it. I love animals of all kinds, especially dogs, so any of these careers would be great for me, or any other animal lover, to work in:

Dog Walker
Would you like to combine a career that involves animals with being your own boss, and fitting your work schedule around your family commitments? In that case, why not think about becoming a self-employed dog walker? Start by walking dogs for your friends and family and then build your business from there. By printing flyers and distributing them in your neighborhood, and building a simple website to advertise your services, you may find that your enterprise grows rapidly. With the hectic pace of the modern world, Americans are increasingly turning to professional walkers to exercise their dogs, and there are reports of some dog owners earning in excess of $100,000 a year. Could that be you?
Pet Product Retailer
Online sales are booming in every sector, and the pet product industry is no exception. Whilst major players dominate the market, with nearly $70 billion of sales in the pet sector in 2016 alone, there's still more than enough room for independent retailers. Setting up an online store is much easier than you might think and there are plenty of tutorials available on the internet. As an animal lover yourself, you'll know what pet products are likely to sell, and by conveying your passion and expertise on your website you'll give yourself a competitive advantage over competitors. You can even set up an online pet product retail store while working in another job, and when it takes off you can move into your dream job full-time.
Veterinary Technician
Becoming a vet takes many years of hard study, although the rewards can be high. It's much easier to become a veterinary technician, and it's just as vital a role in the world of pet welfare. Prospective technicians will first have to attend a veterinary technician school, but these can be found across the United States, and online study can complement classroom learning. Once qualified, you'll be assisting vets in many essential tasks, from taking blood to preparing a pet for anesthesia and giving medication. Expert websites such as best-vettechschools.com have all the details you need to enter this exciting and important role.

If you love animals but don't love the job you're currently doing, why not make the change? Becoming a dog walker, pet product retailer, or veterinary technician can make every work day a great day, and the routes into these careers are simple and inexpensive. They can also be very lucrative careers, and what could be better than spending your day in the beautiful world of animals?
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Universal Studios Singapore and S.E.A Aquarium Lunar New Year Highlights + Bonus Tips


It was no secret that our children love visiting Universal Studios Singapore (USS) so much that the hubby splurged in an annual pass for the whole family in December 2016. When our 365 days of fun at the theme park and Adventure Cove ended last December, they were so sad and begged us to get our annual pass renewed but their almost forty year old mama (that happens to be me bytheway, LOL) begged them in return to give her a break from all the mad rides.

To be honest, USS helped strengthen my bond with my teenager because she literally dragged me to every single adrenaline pumping ride and that includes not one but three of the most exhilarating albeit life-threatening (at least in my own opinion, I am almost 40 years old remember? LOL) rides at the whole theme park namely Revenge of the Mummy, Human and Cyclon. If you have a list of the craziest things you do for your kids/love ones, I have mine too and that includes risking my life in one of the scariest ride I have ever tried in my life; The Cyclon.

I shan't bore you with my rant how I lost my soul for the second time around (I once lost my soul at a theme park in Taiwan after trying an equally scary ride *can't remember the exact name but it's a "drop you from the sky" kind of ride* with my bestfriend) but I want to emphasize that it is worth risking my life riding the Cyclon with K because it was the reason why I bagged the titles "coolest mom on earth" and "best mom in the world". Not that I care so much about those titles but I do care a lot about filling my kids' love tank.


Speaking of which, I can't possibly decline an invitation to check out USS and S.E.A. Aquarium Lunar New Year highlights knowing my kids would really love to, right? Imagine their excitement when I broke them the news!

K: "Moooooom! Let's ride the Human and Cyclon again okaaaaay? Okay, mom?"

Mom-me: "Hoookaaaaay, but no Cyclon for me anymore. I will throw up if you'll force me one more time. Human and The Mummy are exhilarating enough for me. I don't wish to risk my life for the 3rd time. You know I love you anyway, right?"

K: "What's wrong with Cyclon? It's the Best. Roller. Coaster. Ride. Ever!"

Mom-me: *Rolls eyes and mumble, teenagers and their weird choices in life blah blah blah.


G on the other hand looked forward to his usual safe favourite rides like Dino Soarin' at The Lost World, Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase at New York, Treasure Hunters at The Ancient Egypt and King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round at Madagascar. Apart from the rides, he always look forward to the Sesame Street show at the Pantages and Shrek 4D Adventure at Far Far Away.

So yesterday, we skipped sleeping-in on a weekend morning and off we went to Resorts World Sentosa (RWS). Visiting the place has always been a happy experience for us.

TRIVIA: Hubby was part of RWS planning, development and construction process all the way to its completion. Whenever we pass by some of the hotels and areas at RWS where he was directly involved in planning, drawing and building a couple of years back, he develops a renewed sense of pride. 

Universal Studios Singapore's Lunar New Year Highlights
(9th to 25th February, 2018)


Universal Studios Singapore presents an all-new Majestic Dragon Trail featuring favourite characters from all seven zones in the theme park namely:

New York
With Woody Woodpecker

Sci-fi City
With Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee

Ancient Egypt

The Lost World

Far Far Away
With Shrek and Fiona
With Puss in Boots

With King Julien

With Gru and the Minions
A reimagined spectacle based on the traditional dragon dance, guests can enjoy the pulsating beats of the drums as the auspicious dragon makes its way around the park, interacting with characters such as the the Sesame Street friends, Minions and Puss in Boots - all decked out in traditional Lunar New Year attire. With almost 20 character appearances in one visually stunning performance, the 20-munite trail is set to create the best festive photo moments with your family and friends.


One of K's favourites street performance since she is into singing and dancing as well are the Mel's Dinettes. 
Guests can soak into the spirit of Chinese New Year with Mel's Dinettes - the singing and dancing waitresses of Hollywood's famous drive-in restaurant - as they bring to life the hits of the 50s and 60's', rounding off with popular  Lunar New Year tunes in their modern cheongsam!


Every single time we visit USS, one show that we look forward to is the Sesame Street show at Pantages Hollywood Theatre. Our ultimate favourite was last Christmas 2016 show titled Bah Humbug! That show was spectacular, I wish they will bring it back sometime. I had a very low expectations of Elmo's TV Time as last year's shows weren't as spectacular as Bah Humbug! anymore but we were all pleasantly surprised that it turned out to be quite entertaining and we thoroughly enjoyed it. 
Catch the the lovable red monster as he directs his own TV channel in this new resident show! Guests can join Jim Magigination  and the Sesame Street friends as Elmo creates comedy shows, action hits and a reality talent competition that showcases entertaining remixes of popular songs. 


Ways to truly enjoy and maximise your  visit at Universal Studios Singapore:

  • Don't forget to bring raincoats/ponchos, you'll need one so as not to get soaked at Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure and Waterworld wet zone, two of the many attractions you shouldn't miss! Of course there are raincoats for sale at the theme park but you can save $$ if you bring your own.
  • Some attractions doesn't come with shelves to leave your things when you go for a ride but you can use a locker for free (max 45 mins, charges apply thereafter). 
  • If you have extra budget for an express pass, splurge on it especially when you don't have an annual pass and you only get to visit USS once. The express pass will save you so much time especially during weekends where waiting time for every attraction can get pretty long up to 45mins to an hour or so. 
  • If you don't have extra budget for express pass, fret not. Plan your visit ahead of time, arrive on the dot when the theme park gate opens and save all the rides before the park closes as the waiting for rides before closing time are mostly either just 5 mins or no queue at all. 
  • Save your time watching shows at the peak of the scorching sun. Air-conditioned indoor shows include Sesame Street show at Pantages Hollywood Theatre, Shrek 4D at Far Far Away and Lighs, Camera, Action! There are indoor rides that are quite cooling too like The Revenge of the Mummy and Transformers The Ride in 3D. Kiddie indoor rides include Spaghetti Space Chase and Madagascar; A Crate Adventure.
  • No outside food and drinks are allowed inside the theme park so do have breakfast before you come to save time queuing for food. There are many restaurants to choose from for lunch and dinner at the theme park premises but our family enjoys food more at the Malaysian Food Street, Insadong Korean Town and Chillis all located just outside the theme park gates. Restaurants we tried inside USS are Mel's Drive-In, Loui's NY Pizza Parlor, Goldilocks and Discovery Food Court. 
  • If you are a family of four like us, it is advisable to split up depending on your kids' show and ride preferences. K and I usually go for the WILD rides whilst G and the hubby go for the MILD rides. LOL
  • Make time for the Hollywood Dreams Parade and Lake Hollywood Spectacular fireworks.
  • Always take a map and the white rectangular theme park schedule as it shows and opening hours varies from time to time.
Universal Studios Singapore's Lunar New Year celebration is included with paid park admission. Park hours are extended till 8pm and 9pm on select night for guests to soak in the festivities, in addition to adrenaline-pumping rides and world class attractions at the theme park. Singapore residents enjoyos savings on admission at S$72 for an adult one day ticket (U.P. S$76), along with a complimentary S$5 meal voucher. 

(9th to 25th February, 2018)


It was quite sometime ago since we last visited the S.E.A. Aquarium and it was truly an unforgettable experience on its own to visit the place during its annual Gong SEA Fa Cai celebrations.
S.E.A. Aquarium celebrates Lunar New Year in its own unique way, with an underwater dragon dance performance at either the Ship Wreck or the Open Ocean Habitat. A returning favourite, guests can catch divers in festive costumes performing traditional dragon dances alongside 40,000 marine residents such as majestic manta rays and zebra sharks. This year, the performance is back with new characters, costumes and a storyline that will delight young and adults alike. Watch the video and be mesmerised by the Sea Goddess as she guides the underwater dragon through various marine habitats.

Catch the The Sea Goddess at the Ocean Dome as she will regale the story of the Fish of Fortune and encourage guests not to eat endangered fish and sea creatures. With her captivating goddess voice, it was quite an entertaining educational experience both kids and adults would enjoy.


Do you know what this colourful hammerhead shark structure was made of? Amazingly (and sadly - how could we bear to leave so much hazardous waste in the ocean?), it was made from recycled flip flops collected from beaches and water ways in Kenya. Hence, this shard actually saved marine life that would otherwise be harmed by the uncollected footwear polluting our marine environment.

It always help when we reduce, reuse, and recycle! Best of all, let us do our part to save the ocean. When we spend time with nature, let us leave nothing but our footprints and let us bring back nothing but good memories made with our love ones. Also, let us say no to shark fin soup no matter how auspicious it may be during this time of the year.


Embark on a trail and uncover fun facts about marine life considered auspicious in Chinese culture, such as the leafy sea dragon. Visit the 3 Fortune Stations and collect your Chinese New Year stamps! Received a special gift (clue on the photo collage above, it came in a red packet) when you have collected all the stamps!

As part of the Lunar New Year festivities, kids can look forward to meeting the aquarium's adorable mascots - Mai the manta ray and Sam the hammerhead shark - all decked out in Chinese-inspired garb. Singapore residents enjoy discounts on admission at S$34 for an adult one-day ticket (U.P. S$39), and S$22 for a child/senior citizen ticket (U.P. S$29). Guests can also sign up for S.E,A. Aquarium's Annual Pass at a special rate of S$168 for two adults to enjoy wonders of marine realm 365 days a year.
I hope you get to visit the two attractions with your love ones this CNY. Here's wishing everyone a very prosperous Lunar New Year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Huat Ah!

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4 Ways To Make Camping Easier

Camping with the family is a fun idea! You can get away from the worries and troubles of the ‘real world’ and bathe yourself in the beauty of nature while also spending some quality time with your kids or spouse (or both). Some people have put off the idea of camping, however, because it seems like there is a lot of things that you need to consider, and a lot that can go wrong. It’s true that you do need to plan before you can go for a successful camping trip, but once you have and you take a look at these clever hacks to make your camping so much easier, you won’t have any issues at all.

Make A Lantern
You can buy camping lanterns in any good supply store, or online, and they are truly useful. Although they’re great for the outside and making your way through your campsite in the dark, they’re not so great for inside your tent as most of them are just too bright. Therefore, it’s better to make your own so you can be more comfortable. All you need to do is full a plastic container with water and strap a headlamp to it, but make sure the light is pointing towards the water. The light will be much better that way.

Use Solar Lighting
Another lighting hack comes in the form of solar lights. At some point, someone (probably everyone) is going to need to get up in the night to use the bathroom. Getting there is not a hardship during the day when you can see where you’re going, but at night it can be difficult, and even with a flashlight you can still easily trip up. If you bring solar lights with you and use them to mark the way to and from your tent, you’ll stop any trips and falls and save plenty of cuts and scrapes from happening.

Pre-Cut Wood
Campfires are a must when camping but, depending on what time of year you are sleeping out, there might not be much usable firewood around. In the fall and winter, for example, the wood near your campsite is likely to be damp meaning it won’t burn properly. You can take pre-cut wood with you and keep it in your truck for when you need it. If you can’t fit the wood in your vehicle or you’re camping during the warmer months then invest in the best splitting axe you can find to ensure that you have enough wood for your all-important campfire.

Less Cooking Equipment
Cooking over the campfire is also a necessary and enjoyable thing to do when you’re camping, but it usually means you have to bring a lot of cooking equipment with you. Even if you’re not sure you’re going to need it, it can often be best to bring it. You can manage with much less cooking equipment than you think you need, though, if you plan your meals and look for easier ways to cook them. For example, eggs can be cracked into a mason jar and shaken hard before they are poured into a pan to make scrambled eggs.

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Keeping Up Appearances to Always Make the Best Impression

Making a good first impression or just keeping your partner interested in you matters greatly. It’s easy to get too busy and not realize that you’re beginning to let things slip. Raise your standards again and get up a few minutes earlier in the morning if that’s what it takes to look your best.
There are a few key areas you can take care of to switch things up.
Shave or Wax?
Maybe you like to use a new manual shaver each time or prefer an electric shaver because you’re concerned about cutting your legs when shaving. You can check out the latest electric rechargeable models at My Best Shaver, which has battery-operated, rechargeable, and corded shavers to suit different budgets.
If you prefer to wax your legs, then don’t slack off when the hair follicles begin to grow back. They may not always grow back on a reliable schedule, so just be observant to avoid looking unshaven and stubbly.

Sometimes Less is More
With makeup, we sometimes forget that using too much can make us look less attractive. Overdoing the foundation and putting too much blusher on are all signs of someone trying too hard. Ultimately, makeup should enhance our natural looks and not just try to cover up what we see as deficiencies. And if wanting to be attractive to the opposite sex, ask them whether they like more or less makeup? You’ll probably be surprised to hear that most men dislike makeup on a woman and when she’s applied too much, he wonders what she’ll look like when the “war paint” comes off. So, don’t overdo it in the pursuit of perfection.

Don’t Forget to Exfoliate
When you don’t exfoliate on a semi-regular basis, the top layer of dead skin doesn’t have an easy time of removing itself. This is particularly true the more makeup is used too. While the boys are helped by the fact that shaving their face every day acts as its own exfoliation system, we’re not so fortunate.
Going through a regular exfoliation process, both the removal of dead cells and clearing dirty or blocked pores in the skin makes it healthier. When new skin grows back, the face feels cleaner and clearer than ever before. Makeup and other creams are less likely to cause irritation too. The exfoliation treatment is not unlike getting dermabrasion from a dermatologist, just less harsh. If you forget to regularly exfoliate, stick it in your digital calendar with an alarm to remind yourself each week.

Choose Fabric Colors That Suit Your Complexion
When shopping for clothes, look for a color palette that goes well with your complexion. When the color of a winter coat is too dramatic, it can make you look paler and less full of life. It may be worth getting professional advice from someone who helps picks out clothes for celebrities or wealthy wives. Alternatively, seek out magazines that have articles that focus on matching fabrics colors to complexations and grab those issues, so you can learn to do it yourself.
Looking your best is important because you never know when you might bump into a personal contact in the street or have an opportunity to network with a company executive. Keeping up appearances means you’re ready to make a great first impression when you need to.

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