Daddy's Infinite Love

One of my favorite subjects in photography is nature but nothing beats the happiness I feel whenever I capture my daughter and my husband’s precious moments together.

They call themselves "twins" because they share the same date of birth. With all honesty, I sometimes even get a little bit jealous because of their extraordinary closeness.

They are playmates and they will start playing with scissors, paper, stone.

Whoever wins gets the privilege to be chased first.

When the big girl finally gives up chasing her dad, she would ask him to be her master as she pretends to be a karate kid.

And then they will switch playing "heaven and earth".
( FYI: My daughter is wearing her favorite pink shirt that says, "My ♥ belongs to Daddy". )

If she manage to let daddy fall on "earth", she wins.

When they get tired from playing, they will stop and savor the moment together with nature's splendor.

Would you believe me if I tell you they are not related by blood at all? My husband is a dad sent by God to my daughter from heaven. Modesty aside, I personally think he does even a better job than some biological fathers. He is beyond doubt a family man who prioritizes family first before anything else. I can't thank God enough for His generosity. I asked for a father figure but He gave my daughter the best dad in the world.

"Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad." ~Author Unknown

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