Pink Dragonfly

The Roseate Skimmer (Orthemis ferruginea) is a common southern dragonfly. The male of the species has a rose pink and red/maroon colored abdomen. Females of the species have orange-brown abdomens with clear orangish veins and a brownish thorax with a light stripe down back. The young have a bright pinkish or purple abdomen and when they are mature adults their thorax will develop a pale bluish tint.

The wings are normally clear except for the narrow brown tips at the edges. The juveniles are brown initially in both sexes with pale stripes as well as the abdomen being uniformly brown.

It eats by foraging at the top of tall vegetation and it is an aggressive predator that takes insects that are just slightly smaller than itself. Nymphs are found in the silty bottoms of shallow streams that feed larger rivers and sinkholes especially in the state parks with lakes.

The Roseate Skimmer is widespread in North America in the United States, Central America as far south as Chile. The Roseate has watersheds specifically in Arkansas. It seems to invade new habitats and readily expands its range of known habitats such as ponds, lakes, temporary pools, canals found throughout the New World tropics, that includes the Bahamas and the West Indies and Hawaii.

Photograph taken at Singapore Botanical Gardens


  1. pink dragonfly, awesome! you are so lucky to have all colors of dragonfly there.

  2. I have never seen such a bold color, a lovely pink. Always beautiful, this example sits so delicately on the leaf. Sweet!

  3. That's a gorgeous color for a dragonfly!

    Shadow Shot at my page.

  4. Very nice! We have red dragonflies her but I bet they are a different variety!

  5. beautiful shot!

    this is how i did it.
    in addition to a camera, i also used:
    -off camera flash
    -incense stick
    -black background
    -2 pcs of black card

    my camera settings:

    -exposure mode-manual
    -shutter speed-1/200
    -focal length- 48mm

    you can see my hardware setup here and the speedlight setup here

    note: i think the key here is the 2 pcs of black cardboard that must be
    attached to both sides of the speedlight to prevent light from falling on the background, btw the image must be taken in a dark room or at night with no or with minimal light.

    >PP: it you just want to change the colour of the smoke, just adjust the hue tool.

    for the rainbow coloured smoke, on another layer I used the gradient tool with rainbow colour, soft light blending mode, flatten, and inverting the tone image to get the white background.

  6. I've seen so many beautiful shades of dragon flies but never been able to get such a wonderful close up. It's exquisite!

  7. awesome to the maxxxx! Looks like we are having a dragonfly party today. I am posting one too. hahaha can't get enough of dragonfly. they are one of the best subjects for photography these days.

  8. This is stunning! The colours are divine! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  9. What a wonderful shot! Look at the colour, very strong and clear.


    Happy SS

  10. Nice clear shot, I love the delicate network in the wings.

  11. How beautiful. I've never seen a pink dragonfly. Great shadow shot.

  12. Lavender dragonfly is stunning!

  13. What a beautiful colors butterfly, Cher..I don't see it here! Gorgeous shot!

  14. Dragonflies are such incredible creatures. Very nice shot, Cher (nice to talk to you again)

  15. how i wish to see this kind of dragonfly here someday Che, most of our dragonflies here are kind of brown/orange, got so excited to see a blue one last time, but so tiny :) beautiful picture.

    Have a blessed Good Friday.

  16. Pretty capture of the dragonfly.

  17. What a beautiful critter and such a clear and great shot of it.

  18. Such a delightful blog! Soooo happy to have found you. I'm your newest follower. Pop over for a visit sometime and have a blessed Easter.

  19. So pretty!
    Please come and see my critters, thanks!

  20. Fabulous photo capture!

    Have a beautiful & happy Easter
    TTFN ~

  21. I love dragon flies and yours is exquisite.

  22. OMG! Thank you for sharing ~ HPS & Happy Easter~

  23. What a superb capture! That is a lovely dragonfly.

  24. When we were small, we used to catch dragonflies and this one is the hardest to find. Nice shot!

  25. When we were small, we used to catch dragonflies and this one is the hardest to find. Nice shot!

  26. Thats a very beautiful shot.

  27. I've never seen a pink dragonfly before. Absolutely stunning! Thanks for the info, too.

  28. i've seen d.flies but never in pink! ^0^
    i always get petrified when they got stuck in the fluorescent.
    amazing macro shot here!

  29. how beautiful it is. And thanks for the info.

    Thanks for joining NF Winged. :)