Penang Island Escapade

It's our first family long weekend holiday treat!

Look who's excited!

She definitely can't wait to board the plane.

She had boarded countless airplanes to and fro Singapore-Philippines or vice versa but seeing this winged transportation never fails to make her eyes sparkle.

Her favourite part of the ride is taking off.

She would seat by the window full of excitement and watch the invisibe angels seating in the cotton clouds. She said it feels like she's an angel herself. When she gets bored, she'll swap seat with mommy and watch her favourite movie.

So it's mommy's turn to enjoy the aerial view. The dinosaur shaped island below is breathtaking!

It was a pleasant ride, didn't notice the time pass by when the crew announced we are about to land

and this is what greeted us. Penang, here we come!!!

We didn't waste time to check out the tourist attractions in Penang.

Afterwhich we took the taxi ride to our hotel.

We passed by a few beautiful and interesting mosques with the low lying mountains as its backdrop.

After a couple of minutes, we finally reached our destination! I will talk about our wonderful experience at Flamingo by the Beach next week. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Lovely shots, I love taking photos from the air too. Thanks for sharing, beautiful place:)

  2. great shots toothfairy! Kyla is so lucky to have you for a certainly make each day special...

  3. Aww... she's watching Barbie. Hehe.. Nice shots, especially the one you took from the plane window, the 5th picture.. =)

    Anyway, here's mine. Hope you could visit too.

  4. My good friend Chan lives near or in Malaysia. I would love to visit there.

    Beautiful shots. Thanks for sharing. How exciting!

  5. I do not have the chance to sit my the window, Zee's got her name on it. I love the touch down in every flight. I remember flying PAL, everyone claps!

    Enjoy your vacation!

  6. Lovely shots and a beautiful scenery of Malaysia--fell in love with Malaysia^_^

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