Answered Prayer

"Mommy, have you visited a doctor to check if you have a little baby in your tummy?", my 8-yr old daughter, Kyla asked me out of the blue when I came home from work. I was stunned, because I was actually a week delayed then. "How on earth did she get the idea that I may be carrying her most awaited baby brother/sister?", I asked myself silently. "This is a sign, I must get a pregnancy test kit soon." I continued mumbling to myself. 

On the other hand, I am hesitant to do so. There was one instance where I was two weeks delayed so I got very excited to get a PT kit. Sadly, it turned out negative and I had my period the next day. This happens almost every three to four months. My cycle changes every now and then so I drop the idea of being pregnant whenever I get delayed. I am tired of hoping only to get disappointed thereafter. Days went on and I started counting 7 days... 8 days... 

My period never came BUT i am experiencing all the signs that it may come anytime soon. Mood swings, painful breasts, cravings... Yes, I experience all those things before my period comes. I am just delayed, I convinced myself. However, Kyla didn't stopped talking about a baby brother. During one of our "how's your day" conversations when I come home from my work, she talked about an educational TV show she watched and this is exactly what she told me;  "Mommy, I wish I could watch the show with a baby brother. I am sure baby brother will learn a lot from it, it's really fun." "Really?" that's all I could say. "Why don't you fetch mommy from work and I will bring you to the botanical gardens tomorrow?" I asked her to change the topic. 

It was Friday, 26th of November 2010. My boss was scheduled to leave for Indonesia for a convention that day so we were allowed to go back home a bit earlier than usual. I asked our househelp to bring Kyla to my workplace so we could have a girl's day out since the poor girl has been stuck at home due to the school holidays. She enjoys being with nature as much as I do so I brought her to the botanical gardens as promised. We enjoyed our nature/photowalk and when it's time to call it a day, we were both very thirsty. 

We bought cold drinks from a vending machine to quench our thirst before boarding the bus. I was extremely tired but Kyla is still full of energy. Ahhhh, childhood! I wish I was a child again, I thought. When reaching the mall near our block, I thought of dropping by in the pharmacy to buy the PT kit. It was day 9... I can't take the anxiety anymore. I secretly purchased the kit and hide it inside my bag. Luckily, there was a new Ribena flavour that caught Kyla's attention while I was paying the kit. I bought her two bottles right away so she will not probe further what did I just buy. 

When we reached home, I went straight to the restroom with the PT kit. I was about to open it when Kyla suddenly knocked, "Mommy, are you done changing your clothes? Tita said dinner is ready." "Ok, I'm coming." I replied. I quickly hide the PT kit in my closet. I totally forgot about it after dinner. Hubby came home from work, prepared his dinner and we watched Survivor Philippines. When it's time to sleep, we spent an hour chatting, tickling, and giggling inside the master room with Kyla. It's our daily bonding time as family. "Daddy, mommy, can I sleep with you tonight?" Kyla asked. 

Since I don't have work the next day, I agreed for one condition. Mommy will have a ME time to blog and sort out photographs. Hubby agreed so after our evening ritual (shower, brush teeth, drink milk, and pray), I said goodnight to Kyla and hubby and off I went in front of the PC. It was my Friday or Saturday night routine, as long as I don't have work the next day. I went on blogging frenzy, posted about 4 or 5 photos and by the time I finished it's passed 1 am, 27th of November 2010. "I am delayed for 10 days now, maybe it's about time for a pregnancy test", I thought. 

I opened my closet making sure not to create any noise. I went to pee in the restroom and opened the pregnancy test kit. My hands are shaking very badly. I closed my eyes and prayed, "Dear God, please help me to accept wholeheartedly whatever the result is going to be". I was expecting for the worst... a negative result. It's not that I am pessimistic but I don't want to be disappointed again. I soaked the absorbent tip of the PT stick in the urine I have collected. One line................... TWO LINES!

Oh my goodness, I couldn't believe it myself! I am pregnant, I AM PREGNANT! I woke up my hubby right away and Kyla was awakened from the commotion. We were overjoyed... we all thanked and praised God for the very early and the best Christmas gift ever... we all cried tears of indescribable happiness. We almost didn't sleep at all and went to see an OBGYN at 9am to confirm everything. We never stopped praying and wishing for this baby for the longest time now and he/she came in God's best time.

Everyone, please meet our baby bunso (youngest child).

I am asking you a favor to please pray for his/her safety as we wait for him/her to come out in this beautiful world created by God. All we wished for is a healthy and normal baby, it may turn out to be a he or a she but what matters is we both stay safe and healthy.

It means no more blogging frenzy until midnight, no more blog hopping, no more staying up late... I may still be posting at day time when I find time, but please bear with me for not returning your comments for now. I appreciate your support for Sweet Memoirs and The Salitype Society so much, may God bless you hundredfold in return. ~Cher


  1. oh Che, congratulations again, our prayers with you, may you always stay healthy, for you and the baby.Excited for you, Mond and Kyla.

    wow, have never stayed late for blogging :) I do blog, but really quick, once a week since that is what I can afford. I spend tons of time at Facebook actually since I get distracted there often, just leaving comments there at FB takes me hours that I told myself I should strictly say no to Facebook when I blog (like right now), otherwise, I could not blog at all. Though I do not look as active as most in FB, but I must say FB really takes more of my free time than blogging :)

  2. CongRaTuLatioN and ceLEBratION!!!!!!

  3. Congratulation Cher, to you and your family! Take good care of yourself, and the baby too..

  4. Cher, congratulations! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I have not been on FB or in the blog world lately.

    I could understand the anticipation (talking about counting the days). I had this experience some 26 years ago....

  5. Congratulations Cher! Am so happy for you and for your family! Cheers!

  6. How wonderful! COngratulations! Will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. :) I often have dreams about friends pregnancies, maybe your daughter has this gift too. :)

  7. wow great news! Happy for you all :-)

  8. congrats! just stay healthy, God knows our secret desires... He will do the rest!

  9. Oh sorry! A late Merry Christmas to you.

    And Happy New Year.

  10. Chepot, I almost missed this post! What a lovely story. And am so happy for you and Mond. I can really feel your joy, dear friend! May you continue to have a safe and comfortable pregnancy! Lots of love from our family to yours! *hugs*

  11. i will never get tired reading your story twinzy...believe it or not this post left me teary eyed with happiness for you and your beautiful family! God truly answers the prayers of the faithful.