Personalized Storage Device, Anyone?

I am not a professional photographer but my passion for photography has brought me thousands of photos I almost don’t know where and how to store them because they are taking a lot of space in our PC. To make things worse, I started shooting in RAW that made it even more difficult to find bigger storage device to accommodate my collection. Fortunately, I found out about flash drives for photographers from a fellow photo enthusiast. I knew I'm going to like it too because I am very fond of personalized things. Moreover, they offer 25% discount everyday on personalized USB Flash Drives, Portable Hard Drives and other custom products as you can see from the photo below.
photography flash drives

Modesty aside, I have former teachers and classmates asking for a copy of my nature photographs. Thanks to Pexagon personalized USB flash drives, I can now store my hi-res images onto a device branded with my website name and/or with my teacher's or classmates name if I want to give away my photos as a gift. I can even choose from a variety of product styles and colors to make a truly unique and imaginative presentation.

Many professional photographers are using photography flash drives. Pexagon "MADE IN THE USA" custom and personalized products and really trustworthy and reliable. You can help get your studio name known everywhere if you opt for stylish, professional packaging solutions available. So what are you waiting for?


  1. oh wow, thanks so much for this information Che, very helpful.

    Like you, I have several portable hard drives because of photos :) haha! I somehow can not let a week passed without taking photos :)

  2. This is cool. Like Beth, I have several portable hard drives, but the engraved ones sound cool! Wtg on this post, girlash! *hugs*

  3. wow, i would love to have one of boyfriends at home keep on scolding me for overloading the pc and the laptap with photos hahahaha....and it would be so cool to have them personalized!- kulasa