Family Journal: God's Great Miracle

Wow! Surely time flies... it seems like just yesterday when I announced excitedly that I am pregnant with my 2nd child. Would you believe it, I AM HALFWAY THERE!!! And what a great blessing, I am having a BOY this time!!! They say God is God of second chances and I couldn't beg to disagree. First, I had my second chance living a blissful married life through a twist of fate. Now, God gave me a second chance to be a mother in the real essence of the word. Don't get me wrong, I have been a mother to my 1st child but I thought my mothering wasn't good enough as most of her early growing years were spent with my mother and not with me because I was left without a choice but to work abroad for us to be able to survive. I can't thank God enough for showering me with blessings after blessings after blessings since I had my second marriage.

His master plan is just unbelievable. He is way too generous for a sinner like me. I have never been this blessed in my entire life. At first I thought my husband and I were destined not to have a child of our own since we already have a heaven-sent child from my first marriage. Of course we've always wanted to have one more, specifically a boy. We prayed day and night for it until one day, we woke up surrendering to God's will. With or without a baby boy, we are going to be happy and just be contented with what we already have. As expected, it's a lot easier said than done. There were days when my husband is being engulfed by self pity and it just breaks my heart so much. My heart is crushed further into pieces when my little girl keeps asking for a baby brother.

Little did we know He will grant the deepest desires of our hearts in His own perfect time. You see, if He answered our prayers right away...our first child wouldn't have felt so loved by us when we finally got her to stay with us when she's already 6 yrs old. God gave us the best opportunity to make up with her from all the days she wasn't with us. Now that she was assured of how much we truly treasure and love her, God thought it's the best time. And with all honesty, only this year that we felt we are financially stable enough to be able to raise another child. God is just amazing! He only did not answer our prayers, He even took note we wanted a healthy baby boy and made sure we have all the resources we will be needing.

Last Monday, I had a very detailed ultrasound scan done. I can't stop the tears of indescribable happiness trickling down my cheeks as the OBGyn declares every single part of my baby's body normal. Baby was checked from head to toe including the vital organs. I even saw the four chambers of the heart while the OBGyn let me hear the little miracle's heart beating in rhythm. I thought it was the sweetest song I've ever heard. More than 8 years ago, I didn't have the means to regularly check my first child via ultrasound scan. I am just grateful enough that she was born healthy and normal inspite all the emotional and financial turmoil I went through when I was carrying her in my womb.

My husband and my daughter who were with me during the scan were equally overjoyed. I can't imagine life without them especially during that special moment. Not even a single visit to OBGyn did my estranged husband accompany me before. I am blessed...truly blessed, I thought. We all sung praises in unison as we hugged each other right after the scan. It felt like the sweetest smile was glued on our faces. We were all floating in cloud 9! Look at this huge blessing of ours! Isn't he God's great miracle?

I would like to sincerely thank the great friends I have made here in the blogosphere ~My Salitype Sisters, Rainfield, Ebie, Misalyn, Judy, Icy, Lindy, Kala, Mary, Lisa and you-know-who-you are in any case I forgot to mention your name. You are all a great blessing I will always cherish. :)


  1. I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing it. You are truly blessed! Wl look forward to seeing the photos of your little boy when he comes out. Take care always!

  2. Cant help but cry while reading your post che...maybe because somehow i can relate to your stories...many years of trying but until now we have not been blessed with a child, and somehow, there are times when I have to ask if I/we are not good enough to be blessed with one...maybe someday, as you have mentioned, in God's time..
    Your baby boy is very lucky there are loving parents and proud Ate who are waiting for his Natal day..May your family continously recieve His blessings...

  3. You are truly living a blessed life. Through your past trials you are showing the world that nothing is impossible for God, and His plan and timetable are always perfect! May you and your lovely family always be so blessed. ♥

  4. very happy for you Che, and I agree with your thoughts, indeed, it is in God's perfect time that you are now blessed with a baby boy, after years of making up for the lost time with Kyla and Kyla confidently and assuredly knowing how much she is loved by both of you, what a joy, and what an inspiration.

  5. I too am wiping away tears of joy and am ecstatic for you. God is good. He knows best. His infinite love is always on time.

  6. it always seem like my first time to hear about your story never fails to make me sigh and shed tears of joy for deserve all the happiness in the world....God bless you and your uniquely beautiful family always....who knows "bunso" there won't be bunso for long and you'll have lotsa babies more to share your wonderful life with to be showered by you and Mond's unparalled love and yah!

  7. Such a joyous time! I truly sounds like you are blessed! I'm so very happy for you! I am enjoying getting to know you too! :0)

  8. God works in many mysterious ways! Sus, nakaiyak naman and=g post mo.

    Hehehe, maghintay nalang akong maging Lola!

    Take care always and lets count our blessings one by one....

  9. I am so happy for you Cher. Very glad to read that the baby is healthy and you have so much love and support around you now. You deserve it!