Twist of Fate

This was lifted from my friendster blog dated March 2008 

While you are too preoccupied in either savouring the gift of life or dealing with its daily warfare, one fine day you’ll find yourself waking up flabbergasted on how things and people around you have changed tremendously. More often than not, time flies left unnoticed. 

When I think about it, I still couldn’t reckon the fact that I’m turning thirty years old this year. Looking back on my life’s unimaginable cache of stories, I am probably one of the youngest people on earth to have experienced the most astonishing twists and turns in my barely thirty years of living. 

To those who were kept in the dark (unintentionally), I had unplanned pregnancy just a few months after I successfully passed the Dental Board Examination in June 2001. I can still vividly remember how terrified I was to break the news to my family. Of all folks, I am the least expected to commit such disgraceful mistake. It took me some time to ultimately surrender to my fate and gather enough strength to come out in the open. And it turned out to be the most difficult moments of my life. 

Just envision how infuriated my family were during those times and you’ll know what kind of ordeal I went through. But no matter how exasperated they were out of disappointment, they eventually allowed me to tie the knot with my first forbidden love for the sake of the budding innocent life inside my womb. I felt a twinge of relief after my impromptu wedding but never did I imagine how intricate it was to be entangled with the wrong person. Right then and there, I was left in the lurch without a choice but to face every single day as never-ending struggle. 

Scarcely three months after I gave birth to my precious little angel, I decided to seek for a job abroad out of extreme anxiety. Ironically, I found an odd opportunity and I was desperate enough to accept the offer at once. That was one of the most crucial decisions I made in my life. If I never took action hastily that time, my awful baby and I will have to beg my family to take us back in their loving arms to be able to recuperate from stumbling upon a rough path. 

Braving the storms, I took immense accountability to the consequences of the biggest gaffe I have ever done. I did my best to convince myself that life isn't that bad after all. Being scrutinized, judged, and ridiculed is but just a part of the vindictive society we live in. What matters is I have been blessed with a priceless bundle of joy who instantaneously became the pillar of my strength. With the most wonderful gift of my own flesh and blood and with God’s unconditional love, I was dogged to surmount every stumbling block the world throws my way. 

During my stay in a foreign land, I endured horrifying adjustment and excruciating pain. I invested so much of my life, my emotions, and my dreams to keep my family intact but to no avail. After some time, I finally woke up from harsh reality in spite of choosing to stay blindly in love for almost a decade. Yes, it took me ages to realize that my estranged husband is a hopeless case but since then, nothing stopped me from restoring my sanity. 

Subsequent to being fortified with ample time to give it a careful consideration for the sake of my child and the vows I made before God, I determinedly relinquish my ever-turbulent marital relationship for the reason that I find no worth from holding on anymore. There’s simply no turning back and it was one of the most significant verdicts I have ever made in my whole life. 

Conclusively, I filed for annulment in 2006 and I was granted with a favorable judgment early of last year. Going through all the grueling court appearances, giving testimonies, and losing huge sum of funds was remarkably painful. I was very fortunate to be given a second chance to find the best partner and live a blissful, well-structured family life I have always dreamed of. I eventually re-married in 2007.

7 Responses to “Twist of Fate”

on 02 Mar 2008 at 4:26 am1 Marj
trully God is magnificent! we can come as we are to Him and He’ll make us what we need to be…

on 06 Mar 2008 at 1:54 am2 Jessiebel
so touching naman ang blog mo insan, it made me cry but it energize and refreshes my mind and strenght. im happy for you insan after all those dark experience that you had went through. you’re a winner though kc you were able to survived

on 17 Mar 2008 at 9:13 am3 tsirel
hi cher, after all the storms, you’re still the last woman standing, how could things been blessing in disguise, i am excited to see you when i get back there in sgp, take care and God bless.

on 13 May 2008 at 2:16 am4 Tes SA Bautista
In God’s hand there’s nothing impossible for the second chance,you’re so lucky having a wonderful daughter and loving husband. Its a great story about your past, the most important right now is you deserved to be happy. Wish you all the luck and God bless.

on 10 Jan 2009 at 9:13 pm5 elizabethj
Oh Cher.. your story rubbed and open my wound. How can we have a similar story ? What drew me to open and read your older blog ? 
I am so proud of you and so proud of myself for not allowing these big blows of life cripple us and crush us to pieces. When I started blogging, my goal was to reach out and be a support to women who are going through what we both went through. 
I wish we can reach out to more young single mothers out there and tell them there is hope and second chances.

on 14 Jan 2009 at 12:06 am6 thekingsandi
chik, cher, you both are pillars of stength. thank you for inviting me to read this blog, cherry. you are only 30 but i am a baby compared to you, because of this experience. 
having gone through a cleansing moment in your life, you must feel ‘whole’ now. i pray for a life of peace for your family from here onwards.

on 10 Oct 2009 at 6:14 am7 Ebie
Cher, it takes a woman as strong and brave as you are to make crucial decisions in life. Nakakaiyak naman itong post mo. The past may have some bad memories but the experience makes us more stronger….


  1. I can't imagine the pain you were going through then Che, but all your perseverance and openness to learn life's lessons through the trials and tribulations that come our way brought you a life you very well deserve now. like the examples of nature, the most beautiful geologic wonders usually passed through the harshest tests of time, and knowing how you used your past to serve as a lesson to make you a better person, I can see clearly the beauty and inspiration that is shining in you. you very well deserve the life that you are enjoying now Che, I am so happy for you, for being so blessed with a wonderful man in your life, and with loving and thoughtful daughter and joyful Gian.

  2. pssssttttt here and speechless again...:) you are one brave woman, and I am proud to be your twinzy :)

  3. I had to read this post while following the blog train and I must say that I am SO THANKFUL that you got out of a turbulent relationship! I am also so happy that you are so much happier now, thank God! :)