Changi Beach Park

It was a beautiful Sunday morning, 17th of April ~ my father's+ birthday. The night before, hubby and I agreed just to rest at home since we already attended the Palm Sunday anticipated mass. However, the nice weather was so inviting that we couldn't resist the temptation to explore outdoors. Last minute, we decided to explore once more the Changi Beach Park which is a great place for photography and sunset viewing apart from kite flying, sandcastling, and airplane watching which most kids enjoy.

Upon arriving at the place, hubby and the big girl went straight to buy an icecream. Hmmmmn, who can resist an icecream in such a sunny day?

Ahhhh, I knew it's going to be an awesome day!

We didn't waste time to capture the scenic views.

Hubby found a perfect spot for our picnic mat under an umbrella tree. We munched on fresh mixed fruits we have brought with us whilst savouring the beauty of nature around us.

After enjoying the cool sea breeze, we went on to explore more.

My daughter had a great time taking photos herself using our old digicam.

We found out there's Changi Village Hotel nearby

and this is just one of the many stunning views that the hotel has to offer to their guests.

We took a quick rest at a wooden bench before going to the beach proper to find a good spot for sunset viewing. Perfect time to take family photos and these two are my favourite subject. They are going to be three very soon. ;)

See for yourself how huge I am nowadays.., nearly finishing the line of 2nd trimester. Hooray! :)

Alright, enough of my BLAHberring. Let's go to the beach!

The golden sun is slowly setting down

whilst the moon on the other side of the horizon is in it's full circle. Isn't that amazing?

Kyla had a great time playing in the sand.

I just have to include her in my sunset photo craze.

He is the same gentleman on his bended knee on the top photo.

It was a wonderful day to remember and celebrate. Papa even let me view and photograph the most stunning sunset I have seen so far. I leave this photo as a teaser and I will do a separate post another time to showcase all the sunset photos I have taken on the same memorable day.

My daughter, whom my father never met in person (she got to know Papa Ernest during our visits in the Chinese Cemetery) scribbled this for her grandpa after playing in the sand. We went home with overwhelming happiness knowing Papa is now an angel watching us from heaven.


  1. Che, what a beautiful perfect day, it seems like your papa was there with you, the warm of the sun rays, the peacefulness of the scenery, the sea breeze, all sound so lovely. and no, you are not big, only your belly has grown, yet, everything remained as gorgeous as before. Love your smile, love Kyla's smile, love the picture of her and Mond, and so excited soon there will be 3 of them in the picture when you are the photographer :) lovely photos Che, glad to see you having and enjoying another beautiful day in your side of the world.

  2. OMG, what a great whole day affair! Its so nice to see the happy smiles and faces while enjoy the scenic around you!

    The sunset shots are so inviting and worth staying late!

    Take care!

  3. What a gorgeous and moving tribute. So lovely!

  4. A beautiful setting for such a delightful day! And a gorgeous tribute indeed! Have a wonderful week!


  5. Fantastic photo and caption. Bravo!