A Simple Prayer

     "Thank you God, for the world so sweet

Thank you God, for the food we eat

Thank you God, for the birds that sing

Thank you God, for EVERYTHING."


  1. Love, love your post and what you have done with your header. The photo is stunning. You are right. Love the tummy too. Talk to your baby and she/he will know the sound of your voice.

  2. and thank you Lord for twinzy's wonderful friendship..Amen.

  3. Che, love your new header picture, so peaceful and inspiring. and the prayers here though simple but speaks about everything we should really be thankful for, Kyla is such a caring and sweet person, you are both blessed to have each other. Thanks for her prayers, and thanks for the pictures, they go well together.

  4. Thank you God for a friend like this, who reminds us of wonderful things you give!

  5. ....and thank you for this wonderful post which reminds us to be thankful in everything!

    Have a nice weekend dear!