To the BEST DAD in the world

Dear Daddy,
You are one of the most special person to me! I know that sometimes you scold me for my own good. Thanks to Jesus, He sent you to mommy and my life. So mommy and I love you very much bigger than the whole universe.

19 June 2011


  1. Great tribute! That first image is adorable

  2. huge fan of Mond! absolutely BEST DAD in the world twinzy! love the first photo too, Kyla is sooooo cuuuutttteee in there...but adore all the other shots of their sweetness, your heart must be always singing watching them having fun, very soon bunso will join the merry-making...God bless you and your beautiful family always..i sound like a broken record hehehe, thank you for sharing to us your happiness, you are such an inspiration! love yah!

  3. What a wonderful Father's Day keepsake! Your family has so many lovely memories.

  4. What a great collection! Looks like so many wonderful memories!

  5. Great captures. I love the laughing picture.