My Favorite Mistake

You came into my life unprepared
Scrutiny and agony I wasn’t spared
I thought you ruined my carefree life
I didn’t know you’re a blessing in disguise

Ultimately I surrendered to my twist of fate
Together we faced such miserable state
My child let’s hang on together I affirmed
I promise someday we’ll see the tunnel’s end

One stormy afternoon my angel was born
I was overjoyed even when I’m scorned
Optimism engulfed my mind and heart
I am going to be tough no matter what

We happened to stumble upon a rough path
There is no single day that passed unscathed
I had no time to waste to be idling
I left in haste to save us from struggling

I took responsibility of my biggest gaffe
I conquered every stone thrown my way
You were my dependable pillar of strength
You became the reason of my life’s existence

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