Halloween Horror Night @ Universal Studios

It's our first time to go out without Kyla and Gian. Thanks for the mist, it wasn't so obvious how happy we are. As if hubby is saying, finally we are free!!! LOL!

Hubby acquired two tickets courtesy of his company. I have never been to a halloween party in my entire life. I grew up as scaredy cat so now is the best time to see if I have outgrown my fear. I was hesitant to go but since it was free, there's no harm trying to be brave. I have hubby to hug anyway just in case. LOL!

Hubby has 4 more tickets for another day but I knew Kyla and my mom will NEVER be interested to go. See that warning? TOO INTENSE FOR CHILDREN. Forget the word MAYBE. I know my daughter and my mom pretty well.

 It's dark and smoky inside but I like the lighting effects.

Geez, hubby forced me to pose with the snake woman so I forced myself to smile so that it won't be too obvious that I am also scared of snakes! LOL!

Hmmmn, not scary at all!

Here's the real deal. Do you find them scary? I tried my best not to look at their faces while resizing and watermarking this photo. LOL!

Thank goodness it's just a costume!

Lots of zombies! I don't understand that parent who brought along the young boy in yellow shirt.

I can't even look at her for too long. I might get nightmares!

I assigned hubby to take photos. I think he did a good job.

I find this one quite disturbing coz I am working in the medical field. I have to remind myself they are just acting! (I am so tempted to put LOL at the end of every sentence but I realize I use LOL too much. LOL!)

This guy is too VIP. Hubby had to chase him so that he can take a good photo.

This reminds me of Kiehl's. They have this similar skeleton in their shops.

Shame. I am not really a good actress. Kyla said I looked funny when she saw this.

The mummy.

Taking a break from those creepies!

Ooops! They are not into my liking. I prefer chubbychingching's like hubby and Gian. LOL!

The best part is the real halloween party where the crowd get to dance with them in the beat of loud dicso music.

They even hired professional dancers.

It's a fun experience after all. I hope I didn't scare anyone except myself. LOL!

For those who are interested to come.

Here's whising everyone a Happy Halloween! :)


  1. have never been to a halloween night Che, like you, I am easily scared, and would end up probably losing my voice from shouting too much. glad to see you had fun.

  2. Frightening!!!! Wonderful photos!!! Look like you had a wonderful time!! Cathy

  3. hahaha don't worry you didn't scare me because I saw them only in pictures hahaha,but I bet I would have been shouting every now and then had I been there too hahahaha, happy halloween twinzy,glad you had a great alone time with Mond,mwah!

  4. Yikes! I have never been to an event like this before. Great photos of the zombies!

  5. Hey, my name is lashelle. Do yu still have those extra tickets?