The Photographer's Eye

My love for photography has gone a long way. I’m not referring to photography technicalities (i am not a professional photographer); I am talking about my level of enthusiasm (i am a photo enthusiast). Ever since I switched from my old point-and-shoot digicam to my first DSLR baby ~ Canon EOS 550D, I couldn’t stop clicking and joining photography challenges.

There are few occasions whereby my fellow photo enthusiasts commented that I have the photographer's eye. Such flattering compliment inspires me a lot and pushes me to do better. Please allow me to share with you some of my winning shots.

Photo Challenge: Black and White

Photo Challenge: Something Green

Photo Challenge: Flower

Photo Challenge: Something Yellow

Photo Challenge: Sunset

Photo Challenge: Color Carnival

Photo Challenge: Springtime

Photo Challenge: Food

Photo Challenge: Leaves

You got it right, I cover about anything and everything that catches my eye but what keeps my hands busy from clicking these days is none other than my precious lil' munchkin.

What are you waiting for? If you haven't try photography, grab your camera now! Who knows, you have the photographer's eye too. :)

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