Online Shopping

Geeez, I’m getting too excited! I just checked my personal savings account and it shows I have more than enough to go for shopping spree. Yep! I have a separate savings for myself which I labeled as freedom money. It is meant for me to use when I feel like buying a gift for myself and my love ones. Now that my birthday is fast approaching, I can’t wait to reward myself with a new bag. I am also eyeing for a new sneakers as a gift for my hubby for our wedding anniversary because his current sneakers have already given up on his hyperactive feet. Don't raise your eyebrows, hubby and I always buy practical gifts for each other. We are not into jewelries and fancy a.k.a. overpriced candle lit dinners. :)

 I surfed online last night and there are just too many choices and great deals I almost don’t know which one to buy. I am seriously considering buying one of the Makowsky handbags.

The above photo is one of the newest and featured Makowsky handbag which has 5 star customer rating. I think I will settle with this one. Perfect for a working mom like me. :)

As for the sneakers, hubby is torn between Champion sneakers and Ralph Lauren sneakers.

or Ralph Lauren?

Hmmmmn, should I help my hubby choose? Both looks so comfy and durable, I myself is torn between the two. I think I will just give hubby ample time to make up his mind. :)


  1. happy birthday in advance twinzy!:-)...go give yourself what you deserve hehe, and yah give the hubby ample time to make up his that bag!! mwah!

  2. happy birthday in advance Che, yes, it's good to be giving ourselves a treat from our savings :) and i am with zen, give mond ample time :)

  3. Uhhggg I like that bag too, perfect size !