Family Staycation at Siloso Beach Resort, Sentosa Island

It was summer of 2008 when we had our first staycation at Siloso Beach Resort. We haven't had our PR status then so hubby and I thought of treating Kyla to a short stay in the resort so that when she goes home to the Philippines, she'll bring back beautiful memories with her.

Kyla playing with the computer's keyboard at the resort's reception while daddy is checking in.

Long queue. If i'm not mistaken, it was a long weekend period which explains why a lot of people came for a summer beach treat.

We didn't have a reservation because it was a spur of the moment decision but we were lucky enough to get a room that has two single beds which we joined together when we slept.

I loved the bay window! It was very relaxing to see the greeneries outside.

The view was simply breathtaking! I am referring to the outside view, not us. LOL! In fact, the beach is visible when you stand up by the window.

Kyla was in a hurry to go for a swim but since we don't have a bay window with such a beautiful view at our place, we ask her to join us in our bay window photoshoot. If you have been following my blog, you'll know by now that hubby and I are camwhores so please bear with me posting too many family photos. This blog is also intended to let my family in the Philippines see our HAPPYnings here. At least I have a valid excuse, right? LOL!  

Before we left for a swim, I let hubby pose in front of the flat TV. I intented to show it for people who might want to stay in the resort after reading this blog entry. Ahem, another great excuse. LOL! Btw, the room was equipped with clean rest room with bathtub. You don't want me to show that to you, am I right? LOL!

Ok, had enough of camwhoring. Time to swim!

...and make our water lover girl happy.

The pool is surrounded by lush greenery. FYI: Siloso Beach Resort is the only Eco resort residing on the beautiful island of Sentosa.

After swimming and a quick rest,we went out to the beach in time for sunset.

FYI: Sitting at the heart of Singapore's hippest beach - Siloso Beach in Sentosa, the resort's strategic location and lush foliage within its surroundings, guests find themselves faced with a strewn of choices. Bay-windows looking out to white sandy beach rooms, a walk away to the beach, various entertainment outlets and activity booths located along the beach's stretch, offers both scenic and convenient leisure. ~

After dinner, we went out again to check out the night life in the beach.

We spent a couple of minutes lying in the sand to watch the twinkling stars. I found it romantic inspite of having a third party. We had sweet dreams in our cozy room thereafter.

After the complimentary breakfast the next morning, we brought Kyla to the beach again. She had fun racing with the waves.

Hubby and I enjoyed watching her having the time of her life as we took the chance to have ours as well. :)

When Mr Sun became too hot to handle, we went back to the resort.

We took a rest near the pool...

...then we went up to check out the rooftop. Ahhhhh, life is great!

Enjoy the only natural spring water landscape pool in Singapore, complete with a waterfall feature, while relaxing amongst the balmy shades of flora to the soothing sounds of cascading waters. There are rooftop garden suites complete with rooftop bath, the only kinds in Singapore. ~

View of the swimming pool from the rooftop.

Experience an ideal getaway, for honeymooners and lovers in the mood for a romantic getaway or holidaymakers in search of tranquility on an island beachfront. ~


  1. time flies Che, look at Kyla, almost forgot she had shorter hair back then, she is really growing to be such a beautiful and kind hearted girl, it is always great to have memories such as this to look back to.

  2. This vacation looks absolutely awesome and you will have some gorgeous pics and a post to recollect later.

  3. Lovely shots of a happy family!
    Your smiling faces really tell the story. :)

    Thanks for your wonderful comment on my blog!
    In regards to the flower picture - I took that with a 50mm lens.

  4. Echoing Betchai, time flies really...Kyla looks such a baby there! love love love the family photos!

  5. Thanks for sharing these precious photos and the family memories that goes along with it. Pretty in Kyla even in short hair.

    Thanks for dropping by Cher. Have a blessed weekend. Pa-kiss kay baby.

  6. looks like it was one holiday to remember, maybe one day I will visit that resort, looks great in there, the views are beautiful and I am not only talking about outside the window :)
    you are a beautiful couple

  7. May God always bless you. the best time spent is the time spent with the family. your all fotos dont need an excuse for share. these pictures give a positive outlook and makes people belive that LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL if NOT OVERLOOKED. I am glad i came here. Kyla, is bful name. I would like to know it meaning.


  8. What a beautiful place to stay for a vacation! Kayla was so young then..

  9. lovely family!...okay lang yan...sort of diary of your family..
    Visiting from Green Monday
    My Green Entry .Have a nice day!
    Inviting you to join my hosted meme Orange Tuesdays open Tuesday till Saturday.

  10. looks like a great place to visit!

    coming in from Green Mondays

    My Third Eye

  11. Beautiful family! Looks like you all had a fabulous vacation. Nice pics.

  12. Sweet bonding moments!

    Bisitahin mo yung post ko tungkol sa faery, baka ma pili ka sa fairy godmother for a gift card.

  13. i love the beach and the pool was not bad too! it's sooo lovely! thanks for sharing a sweet watery memoir of your family. happy watery wednesday.. see my entry this week at

  14. looks like a happy adventure. the place is just awesome. thanks for sharing and see you on monday.