Thai Express (Esplanade)

One of my favourites!

Thai philosophy of life > 'sa-nook' < Enjoyment & Fun
Need I say more?


The lil' one ordered Khao Gai Ob Nam Peng (honey chicken rice). She's a chicken girl remember? In Thailand, this dish of chicken in honey and lime sauce is a test of a chef's skill.

My mom is not very adventurous, she couldn't eat anything spicy so she played safe with Khao Tau Hoo Phat (dark soya tofu and season beans with rice). It is basically tofu slices and French beans fried with their own blend of sweet and savoury dark sauce. 

Hubby has a crabby affair. He picked Poo Phat Pong Kari (curried soft shell crab with eggs and onions) from the menu. This Thai Express specialty was created by a Thai chef and a Japanese chef for their wedding dinner. 

You need not guess, I had BBQ Talay (BBQ seafood platter with spicy chilli padi and lime dip). I told you before I am a seafood maniac. :D

To sum up, we enjoyed our food and we had fun. Good service + good food = 101% satisfaction!

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  1. Wow so much food!

    Id love the one with tofu. ^^

  2. YUMMY!!! everything looks good...!

    thanks so much for sharing your Thai feast over at Food Friday!
    much appreciated :)

  3. that seafood bbq looks yummy. i want:)

    happy weekend.

  4. wow..I like all of i'm drooling hehe

    happy ftf

  5. I'm like your mom, I don't like Spicy food either.

  6. i love Thai foods too Che, though I always say, "mild" please :) hehe! and yeah, love seafoods too.

  7. Don't know which one I like best... seems everything looks delicious :)

  8. I like your order; I'm a seafood lover, too! Happy FTF! Here's my entry:

  9. i always like thai foods....they are so yummy!

  10. Yummy! I love Thai food! Visiting from FTF :)

    The Twerp and I

  11. Chicken with honey seems delicious.. :P

    Visiting you from FTF.
    Simple Dinner

  12. I love how you photographed that Honey Chicken Rice! Sa-nook!

    Hopping from Food Trip Friday.