Family Journal: Octoberfest

October holds a special place in my heart. For me, it is the month of love.

 It was October of last year when I bought my own domain. It is Sweet Memoirs 1st Anniversary! Eventhough I am a busy working mom, I am doing my best to maintain this blog for its noble purpose. My blogging happine$$ is here to stay for good intentions. :)

Last Monday, my daughter received a trophy for being the top scorer in her chinese midterm exams. We are so proud of her. She was able to adapt smoothly in the local school and she is doing fairly well in all her subjects. :)

It was October when our most awaited baby boy was conceived. Last Sunday, he turned 3 months old and he has been giving us lots of cries and smiles. Ultimately more smiles than cries! :)

It was October when I was born. Tomorrow, I am celebrating 33 years of happiness and sorrows. Definitely more happiness than sorrows! :)

It was October when hubby and I got married. Today, we are celebrating 4 years of chaos and bliss. Absolutely more bliss than chaos! :)

Yes, we are having blast this October and I’m loving it! In fact, I have one more reason to celebrate but it's a secret between me and my twin soul. :)

Thanks and praises be to GOD for the unconditional love and countless blessings. YOU are one of them. :)


  1. Happy October! What a blessed month for you!

  2. oh Che, happy birthday, and happy anniversary, I am glad for you are enjoying your blessings each day, so much blessings to rejoice our hearts, and you very well and your family deserve them. congratulations to Kyla, and Gian is so handsome.

  3. awwww teary eyed yah are such a beautiful soul...I wish that that one sweet day would come soon...I bet I will be speechless with are simply "cherrific" and I am loving the friendship more and more each passing day....through the years...I pray you be blessed through the years with all the love in the world....

  4. Oh, how sweet! October is really for you, my dear friend. God has shpwered you with so many blessings, and what more can you ask for, except for good health for your family. I wish you a very wonderful birthday, more years with Mond and healthy body to take care of your family!