Black Angus Steakhouse

The generous superman treated me and my colleagues to Black Angus Steakhouse at NUS Campus last year. He is a regular diner there and he holds a Loyalty Club Card.  My colleagues and I didn't get a chance to take photos of the feast we had because we dined with three other surgeons (superman's friends). We had no choice but to savour our food quietly while the surgeons talked and laughed to their hearts content while eating and drinking wine.

Black Angus Steakhouse lives up to its slogan, "Good Service, Good Food".  It was one of my most unforgettable dining experience here in Singapore. I told hubby to bring me there again once we have the chance to go for a dinner date. A year passed but hubby and  I haven't got the chance to indulge our cravings for steaks so when my colleagues asked me where I want to eat on my birthday last month, I answered Black Angus Steakhouse without thinking twice. We went to the Orchard Parade Hotel branch and I looooove the ambience there more than at NUS Campus. (All photos taken from my iphone.)

Halloween theme.

Lots of Cowboy paintings.

I was fascinated with the details of the lampshade.

We chose a private spot. Very cozy. We had fun chatting while eating without worrying we are disturbing other diners.

We had Wagon Wheel Sampler as appetizer. It is a huge helping of baked potato with cheese, breaded cucumber, shrimp cocktail and buffalo chicken strips. With this alone, I was already half-full. :)

I had a garden salad in a thousand island dressing as a starter. So fresh and yummy!

And for my main entree, I ordered medium rare Tenderfoot Filet Mignon - an 8oz Beef Tenderloin. It is an extraordinary tender steak, very juicy and it tastes heavenly. I asked one of my colleague to try it and she regretted that she didn't order the same. My verdict! DIE, DIE MUST TRY! It is an infamous line for foodie Singaporeans when they highly recommend a food. Lol!

Sauces provided upon request are pepper, teriyaki, Red wine, Basil Butter , Mustard Butter or Basil Butter. Mushroom Truffle Sauce is available at NUS Campus only.

Note to self: Remind hubby to bring me there on our anniversary next year. Lol!

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  1. Wow..the place looks fantastic, and the food looks delicious.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Cher, if you celebrate this holiday.

  2. You took great indoor shots of the resto with your IPhone Che, glad you had wonderful time dining there. The food looks yummy.

  3. That Tenderfoot Fillet Mignon is to die for! Belated happy birthday! Here's my FTF entry:

  4. It sure looks yummy! I hope you get your wish. I'm sure he won't mind. lol

  5. The food looks so yummy. Visiting from FTF. Hope to see you at my blog.

  6. i agree, the place looks cozy for private dining. loved how they dressed up the chandy to make it to thew halloween them:)

  7. belated Happy Birthday!
    wow, just look at those generous servings! love that 'DIE, DIE MUST TRY!' slogan! lol.

    thank you so much for sharing over at Food Friday!

  8. i like the Halloween decor. looks like a cozy place, indeed. the steak looks a little overcooked but i'll take your word that it's heavenly.:p

  9. I love the pictures you took of the place. so cozy. And i love that picture of the steak too, in more ways than one :)

  10. very clean restaurant :-) yum, looks delish and am drooling :-) Dropping some love for Food Trip Friday, hope that you can return the favor too.