Elective Ceasarean Section: Gian's Birth Story

WEEK 36: July 5, 2011
"Do you want to deliver via caesarean section?",  hubby asked me out of the blue. I kept complaining about not being able to breath and sleep well at 36th week. During that time, the lil' one is specifically hyperactive at night and he keeps kicking mightily. "If Dr Christopher Chong (my OB Gynaecologist) recommends then i would love too", i replied then he told me the story about someone who lost her child while rushing to the hospital at the peak of labor. I was reminded of my cousin's wife who died while giving birth too. I started getting anxious though i was prepared for vaginal birth. After all, i've gone through the same experience 9 years ago. It shouldn't be that scary, i convinced myself.

WEEK 37: July 12, 2011
Hubby accompanied me for my regular check-up. Thank God everything was fine except that i was starting to swell and the breathlessness persisted at night. The water retention isn't as bad as when i was pregnant with Kyla. Perhaps it's because i was still working then and i walked a lot. Hubby was a little bit worried though (about the possibility of worst scenarios) so he asked Dr Chong what he thinks about giving birth via elective caesarean section. Dr Chong's straightforward answer created a big impact in our decision making. He said, "IT IS SAFER FOR THE BABY". Hubby suggested that we book the surgery in advance but i asked him to hang on first. At the back of my mind, i still want to let nature take its course. We went straight to the church after leaving Dr Chong's clinic. I don't know what hubby prayed for but i asked God to guide us in making the final decision and IF we do decide for elective CS, i hope that we'll never regret it later.

WEEK 38: July 18, 2011
I stopped working finally. In fact, superman suggested that i continue working until the day i start to labor since i am giving birth just next door anyway (I work in a medical centre). As expected, hubby strongly disagreed! After my final check-up with Dr Chong, we booked a package for the elective CS surgery. Hubby had his peace of mind and he immediately submitted an annual leave application for three weeks starting a day prior to the surgery. As for me, i went through the nesting stage. From day one of being work-free, i kept myself busy with organising baby things and re-organising cupboards. (I was half expecting to go through labor anytime but nothing happened except that the lil'one's mighty kicks are getting more and more uncomfortable.) I only took a break a day before the BIG DAY.

July 22, 2011
Hubby and i started packing our things for the 3-day hospital stay. We have not informed our families that i was actually scheduled to give birth via elective CS the next day. Hubby said we'll let them know as soon as the baby is safely delivered.
We took a cab to the hospital and it took us more or less 30 minutes to reach. Kyla was teary eyed when we left so i hugged her and i assured her that everything will be alright. I asked her to pray for mommy and her baby brother's safety. I brought with me her little rosary and the prayer booklet that my lady boss gave me.

Hubby and i checked in at Gleneagles Hospital. We have to wait untill 10pm so that we will not be charged for the first night. Though it was a little bit expensive, we booked a single room so that hubby will be able to sleep with me and the baby can be roomed in as well. We are not after the luxury but it wasn't bad because it felt like we checked-in in a hotel for a holiday. Haha. Good excuse to divert my anxiety.

I wasn't able to sleep well that night. Had mixed emotions: thankfulness, anxiety, excitement, you name it. The lil' one gave his mightiest kick around midnight as if he was trying to tell mommy that he is also excited to come out already.

THE BIG DAY: July 23, 2011

Around 7am:

The nurse came in to check the baby's heart beat and my vital signs. When she was done, she asked me to prepare myself to be brought in the operating theater (OT).

I took a quick shower and brushed my teeth in our private and pretty restroom. It made me relax a bit. I was fasted since 12mn and I only slept for about 2 or 3 hours. My most awaited time has come finally!

Around 7:30am:

An OT staff came to fetch me and we were asked to stay in the waiting room. An OT nurse (under the supervision of the nurse manager) let me sign the consent form after answering the health declaration form.

Around 7:45am:

I was brought to the operating room. Hubby was asked to wait outside until the epidural anesthesia was administered. The administration of epidural anesthesia was really painful and uncomfortable but I did my best to relax. I tried to let go of my anxiety and let GOD do the rest.

Around 8am:
Dr Chong arrived and checked on me. The epidural anaesthesia took effect right away, the lower half of my body was numb but i was wide awake and conscious on what's happening. Everything was ready except that hubby was still waiting outside to be called so Dr Chong asked one of the OT nurse to call him and he started cleaning the operating site with antiseptic solution. There are more or less ten people (OT nurses including the anesthethist and Dr Chong) around me and i was amazed how efficient they were in performing their designated tasks. 

Around 8:05am:
Dr Chong kept asking where is the hubby, where is the hubby?  I was relieved and i managed to smile when hubby finally came in. He sat beside me and held my hand. I asked him if Dr Chong already started performing the surgery but he only shook his head. However, i can hear the clicking sound of the surgical instruments and i heard Dr Chong asking for a forcep. Afterwhich he asked the anesthetist to push my tummy. Push, push, push!


Our bouncing baby boy was out!!! Gian is indeed God's gracious gift. Dr Chong said it was a good decision to deliver via caesarean section because Gian's head was twisted that's why he had to use a forcep. God is great all the time!

Proud mommy moment... Heard his voice for the first time... I had tears of indescribable happiness.

He was given to the nurse for cleaning. He cried superloud and i was ecstatic when i learned that hubby captured it in a video. Wish i could share it with you here.

I was able to carry him for a while before he was brought to the nursery for the Pediatrician to have a complete check on him. Hubby was overjoyed with Gian that he has forgotten to do his hubby duties. He was embarassed when Dr Chong reminded him to kiss and thank me for giving birth to his son. Lol!
I was stitched for about half an hour or so. Hubby followed the peadiatric nurse and Gian in the nursery while i was brought to the recovery room. I was glad a Filipino nurse never left my side.

Awwww, my handsome and precious lil' one after they bathe him in the nursery. The red mark in his forehead was caused by the forcep.

Around 11am:

Kyla had arrived in the hospital together with the nanny when i was brought back to our room. After making sure that mommy was fine, she kept herself busy playing with daddy's iphone while waiting for her baby brother to be roomed in.

Around 12nn:

Gian was brought to our room and our two God given angels bonded right away. We thanked and praised God that everything went smoothly. We are superduper blessed. Can't thank HIM enough for entrusting two beautiful children under our care.



  1. psssttt I haven't finished reading yet but I am so thrilled to arrive at the comment box first hehehe, I'll be back for the looong comment hehe,mwah!

  2. 1) You did what is best for the baby, and everyone was safe, sound, and happy. I'm all for personal choices when it's regarding health.

    2) C-section has its own risk, but it's widely acceptable and very safe nowadays.

    I like your journal through this whole process, Cher!

    My first born was by emergency C-section, and we were fine.

  3. I love your journal Che, a really great way to keep the events frozen through your words and pictures kept for forever here, and shared for some to learn as well.
    1.) I think it all depends on the situation, some doctors would assure that the baby is pretty normal and has a greater percentage of safe delivery unless some situations change at the moment of delivery. however, there are some situations that the doctors may say that the situation is kind of hard already for a normal delivery. Just like what Icy said, you and Mond decided for the baby, and for both your health which is more important than the method.
    2. i've read a lot of risks with C-section as well especially if the case is not handled properly by the attending physician, however, there are situations where families have no choice but C-section, and am glad for you since you had a choice.

  4. hahahaha hey I am back, so this is an entry for Thursday two questions hmmm hehehe, I superduper enjoyed reading because I was really looking forward to reading the whole of Gian's birth story! Surprisingly I still got teary eyed like the first time I learned you were carrying him in your womb...I think I shall never get tired viewing the smile on your faces here, all overflowing with happiness and pride...I sound like a broken record but your kiddos are so lucky to have you as parents...God bless you and your family always twinzy...now on the two questions...1. I go with your OB's decision, it was indeed good 2. ..it all depends on a patient's case...love yah!

  5. what an amazing journey... both for you and your entire family. Gian is indeed God's precious gift. I'm so happy for you and Mond and Ate Kyla.

  6. What a beautiful story. It is so amazing. Actually I had all 4 of my children natural and vaginally. I think God led you to decide as you did because the baby's head was turned. I never wanted them to give me anything that might hurt the babies so I never took anything for pain. I had hard labor and deliveries each time and with my third labor stopped as the umbilical cord became tangled around her neck so they induced labor and gave me oxygen. Why didn't they do c-section? It is important to get a gyn you can trust and even more important that we can trust God. All my children were born healthy and I thank God for that!

  7. awww, cher, i just left you a very LONG comment, but when i tried to select my profile, i don't know what happened. the whole thing disappeared!:( i will have to try and retype that all again another time. let me just say for now that it was wonderful to read about gian's birth story. i am so very happy that the c-section went well for you guys. obviously, you have an excellent doctor; praise God for him! i think BOTH c-section and natural delivery have their own risks; it is a case to case basis. but of course, anytime major anesthesia is used, there are always added/greater risks; we all know this. i'm glad you recovered fine from the surgery. and judging by your pictures, you are almost 100 percent back to your normal, sexy self right now, and i am thrilled for you, cher. thanks again for sharing!

  8. your baby is soooooooo cute.

  9. That was such a great story Che and great pictures too! Three doctors tried to convince me to have a c-section but I was so scared to do it I opted to be in labor for 34 hours for my daughter. The doctor assured me that my baby was still ok though, otherwise I could have given in to what they want. It was the longest time of my life, but it was so worth it!

  10. It's a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing this. I don't think I wrote down Lil pumpkin's birth story before. She was born via c-section too.