Kyla's Academic Performance

I have to applaud my 9-year old daughter for giving her best during her final exams. Hubby and I took turns in encouraging her to study well so that she will be a role model to her baby brother. We also took turns in tutoring her personally in all her major subjects except Chinese. (She knows Chinese better than us, lol!) Maths for the hubby, English and Science for mommy. Yes, we didn't neglect Kyla just because we have a newborn. We see to it that she gets the same attention her baby brother gets but we also explain to her that newborn babies needs extra care hence the baby brother might require more attention once in a while.

Exams days in Singapore are very stressful for parents and students alike. FYI: In Singapore's education system, the students' score in their exams will be their final grade (mid-term and year-end combined). Nevertheless, we didn't push Kyla beyond her capacity. We only did what we ought to do as parents.

 Before the exams, hubby told Kyla BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, YOU CAN DO IT! I also told her, DO YOUR BEST AND GOD WILL DO THE REST. Now, she is enjoying her rewards - Geronimo and Thea Stilton books. (Note to self: I will blog about her craziness love for books another time.) There is always a time to reap the fruit of hard work and there is something called answered prayers. We always tell K to pray hard but work hard at the same time. A prayer without action is tantamount to preaching without practising. She gets the rationale.

Modesty aside, please allow me to brag blog about her exam results!

English: Top 3 in the class (Band 1)
Mathematics: Top 2 in the class (Band 1)
Science: Top 3 in the class (Band 1)
Chinese: Top 3 in the class (Band 2)

Minor Subjects: 5 A's and 1 B

This is her teacher's comment:

What more can i say? Well done, Ate K! Daddy, mommy and baby G are so proud of you!

How do you push your children to strive academically?
Do you give them rewards after their hard work or you bribe them first?


  1. Congratulations to Kyla, Che. somehow, this post of yours brought some tears of joy in my eyes, for I have seen and experienced how some older siblings suffered from attention issues after a newborn, but how you explained to Kyla were exactly also the same words my late mom used to explain to us before how she and my father may give more attention to two of our siblings, yet despite some health issues they never fail to make us still feel how equally important we are and always encourage us to do better, not only in academics, but in all aspects of life, such as attitude and character. i salute you and Mond Che, I see from Kyla the gentleness of a kind spirit who has the wisdom to understand, and congratulations on her achievements as well. I think we were never bribed nor threatened to do well academically, our parents used a lot of intrinsic motivation such as sharing to us how they were when they were younger,and how they have become because of education.

  2. hi there twinzy!!! clapping my hands here for Kyla and virtually shaking your have always been such a great teacher to Kyla and I know that she will always do good because she inherited your genes :) what I keep stressing to my kids too is that good grades must go hand in hand with good manners and a gentle for the two questions...with the bigger boy, he has always been good academically and the eagerness to learn and achieve is innate in him...he usually gets rewarded for what he as for the smaller boy hahaha, sometimes I am left with no choice but to do the bribing thing hahahaha,

  3. thanks so much tita bet and tita zen!i hope that next year i will go to 5A!

  4. you're welcome Kyla, we'll pray for you that you go to 5A next year, keep up the good work, we are so proud of you.

  5. Generally, I would say that a job well done is its own best reward but encouragement and praise is good for the soul. Don't we all like to hear appreciation for our hard work? Perhaps a reward is not a bad idea if Kyla understands that it is given to her out of a giving heart and not for "pay" for her labors.

  6. Wonderful! She did really well.


  7. Thank you titas!Thanks for your kind and sweet words and hope to see your reply.:)

  8. Congratulations, Kyla for being one of the best in class. You know, you've got the intelligence of Mommy Che (recent studies about intelligence claim that a baby inherits his/her mother's IQ). I salute you not only for being an academic performer but also for having a good behavior. I would like to commend your daddy Mond and Mommy Che, too, for without their unceasing love and guidance, you are not what you are today. :-)
    Praising and words of encouragement are very important when we raise kids. By doing so, we are boosting their self esteem which also improves their self efficacy. Aside from this, we are also instilling in their young minds that they are appreciated (no matter how small their achievement is). They will also be generous in giving out words of praise and appreciation to other people because at home, they have been praised and encouraged by the significant people in their lives. Keep up the good work, Kyla! I am so proud of you, too!