The Purpose Driven Blog

I started blogging since Friendster days mainly to put my thoughts into writing but I have developed a love for photography so when I realized I don’t have much time to write anymore, I moved to Blogger and created a photoblog. I later learned that i can earn through writing paid posts from my friend, Betchai of TJOSL and BIBO. I can't thank her enough for the influence and overwhelming support in my journey to blogging happine$$. 

In spite of my busyness as a working mom, I decided to buy my own domain and continue blogging for a good cause. I use my blog earnings to lend a helping hand in times of need. I donate majority of my blog income to my chosen charitable institutions including but not limited to:

World Food Program
Hunger Hot Spots


Red Cross

I used to donate my blog earnings as anonymous but a friend suggested i should come out in the open to inspire other people. With all honesty, I don't earn that much from writing sponsored posts but let me tell you this. A little help goes a long way, it doesn't matter how much you give. A dollar from a thousand people sums up to one thousand dollars. You get the logic.

Believe me or not, with the little money i have i was able to help a high school friend and another friend who desperately needed financial help. I also contributed a little to my group blog, The Salitype Society's scholar. All those little help were HUGELY appreciated however, when i give i don't really expect anything in return. You may or may not appreciate my little help, what matters to me is i share what little i have.

Just recently, I came across my friend's blog post Two Activities, One Purpose. It is about raising fund for Therese, a little girl with Relapsed Clear Cell Sarcoma of the liver. I knew right away that I HAVE to give whatever little money left in my paypal account. I strongly belive that it is better to be of help than to be a recepient of help. My heart goes to the innocent young girl and her parents. There are no words to describe the pain and agony they are going through.

I blog not because i have all the time in the world. I find time to blog not just to chronicle beautiful memories but for a greater purpose. Consider yourself helping people if you visit my blog. Increase in website traffic invites more sponsors for writing paid posts which means more people will benefit from my blogging happine$$. Please share this to your family members and friends. 



Photo credit: Photography by Michael

If you wish to donate for Therese, please contact Misalyn of Al Ain City Daily Photo.

Photo credit: The Salitype Society
If you wish to help Micah, The Salitype Society's scholar, please contact Betchai of TJOSL and BIBO.


  1. a very touching and meaningful post, Che, I have been meaning to write something like this too in BIBO about my heart and purpose why I blog but weren't able to sit down and write the thoughts yet. thank you Che for sharing your purposeful blogging, God bless you more.

  2. Thank you so much Cher. Words are not enough to express how thankful I am. Bless you more.

  3. Hi Cher, I love your attitude on "giving what little I have", and that is my motto also.

    Your photos are a joy for me to visit, and your words are inspiring.

  4. Che, I was here last night, I left a comment and blogger said my comment was published but did not see it.gee, blogger. I thought it will appear in the morning, but I guess blogger took it away :) Anyway, I share your thoughts on blogging and giving Che, I, like you, do not have all the time in the world and I can "tambay" all the time at FB and google + too or park in my favorite nature sites in internet, but I do get out from those tasks once a while to keep on with my blogging which I consider "purposeful", I love how you said it, "purpose driven blog". Thanks for sharing the link to Therese for it allowed others to be touched and be part of her healing. Thanks also for sharing Micah, she is doing so well in school I believe.

  5. we cant thank you enough for spreading the word on baby therese...

  6. wow, this is what makes me love you all the more each are selfless, caring and writing for a cause...I thank God everyday for having made me meet friends like you at salitype...I just wish I could have more time too to do the same with my blog...God bless you always twinzy...

  7. wow! I really appreciate the effort you've made, most especially in helping the needy and less fortunate.. God bless you ate Che for doing a wonderful job.. Good luck and more power to you!
    Posted by Diosa Alberto Lam on Monday at 15:39.