Asian Kitchen (Vivo City)

Do you remember my first date with the hubby at Universal Studios without the kiddos on our anniversary month? We were supposed to have dinner in Chili's at Resotrs World Sentosa but we passed by Asian Kitchen at Vivo City and we decided to give it a try. Hubby is a foodie and we have this dream of trying out different restaurants whenever we have the chance (and when budget allows, hehehe).

It was full house when we arrived so we had to wait for a while to get a table.

I have to rethink on what to eat. If we pushed thru eating at Chili's, i don't need to see the menu. (My colleagues and I have made it a tradition to eat at Chili's once a month and i always order the same thing. It's either Cajun Chicken Pasta or Quesadilla Explosion.)

My date. We act like boyfriend/girlfriend at times to spice up our married life.

As usual, hubby's crabby affair. The menu says: If chilli crab is your weakness, this is to die for! It is a crunchy soft shell crab in a special concoction of chili sauce. Oh well, nothing beats chilli crab specially the ones at No Signboard! This is is just alright, not really to die for based in my own taste buds. (Warning: my taste buds are not reliable for food reviews. They are very easy to please most of the time.)

A generous serving of Asian Kitchen's signature fried rice with beef. Decided to share with the hubby since i am on unofficial diet. Less carbo pleaaaaaase! LOL!

I ordered black pepper garlic beef which i regretted later. I am so used to Wisma Atria's Food Republic's black pepper beef that is really to die for (well, at least for beef lovers like me). This isn't as nice as i expected it to be. Talk about great expectations. LOL!

Stir fried kailan with oriental mushroom. Now, this is to die for if you love kailan and mushroom. I do!

Busy chefs + efficient waiters = Good service. Waiting time isn't frustrating.

If you want to have a taste of Asian Kitchen's old school flavors, click here for more info. They claim to have one of the best xiao long baos. Gotta try it next time with their dumplings.

Till our next food adventure! :)

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  1. i love kailan and mushroom, and that looks so yummy!! you look so pretty looking at the menu, Che

  2. Your photos are making me hungry!

  3. Bigla akong nagutom :) I think I need to go out and order some food. Super tamad ako these days magluto.

    Natuwa naman ako dun sa kilog factor :) awwwww! sweet.

  4. The pictures sure looks delicious :) Smiling at the kilig factor too :)

  5. The food dishes are delicious looking! Kailan and mushroom, my favorite combination.

  6. awwww, so sweet! :)
    yummy food shots...that chili crab literally had me drooling! lol.

    thank you so much for sharing the food that you and your hubby had, over at Food Friday, Ms. Cher
    happy weekend!

  7. waaaaaa to die for dishes indeed!!!! hungry hungry hungry here waaaaa, :-)