Carousel Buffet (Royal Plaza on Scotts)

It's a buffet treat for Nurse's Day. 

As a clinic staff, i was obliged to entertain the nurses while my boss is still busy doing a surgery. (I am working for superman who works with Accident & Emergecy and Operating Theater nurses in different hospitals almost everyday.) The nurses deserve to be pampered with good food on their special day, don't you agree? I have a number of nurse friends and i look up to them for having one of the toughest and noblest job ever.

Had enough of my blahberring? Time to enjoy the food! WARNING: Do not continue reading if you have empty stomach. Come back later when you are full enough not to drool over the food i am about to share. I warned you, ok?

Charrrraaaaaaan!!! Seafood Station here we come!

I am drooling just by sight of it! Lol!

I almost forgot to eat appetizer. Slow cooked Sous-vide of Salmon with Passion fruit Hollandaise. Truly appetizing!

My picks at the Japanese Satation. Shared it with my colleague. You think it's an alibi? Lol!

Don't drool sushi lovers! Pick one!

Can't remember from which station i picked them but it sure melts in the mouth.


Did i just say melt? Look at the chocolate fountain!!! Felt like i found a great treasure somewhere in the dark! Lol!

My picks at the dessert counter. Am i too greedy or what?! Lol! Those chocolate coated fruits are to die for! And so is the classic creme brulee!

I have to end the buffet with a refreshing avocado milkshake. I totally forgot that there is such a word DIET in my dictionary! Lol!

Btw, superman asked us to try this. Goose liver with melted chocolate and hazelnut crumbs. You be the judge but i don't like it! Apart from this, superman had oyster feast. He said they are very fresh. Take his word. He is a certified foodie.

Click here for the complete menu of the Carousel. I've heard both good and bad reviews about the place but i must say i didn't have any unpleasant experience there and i had a great time. Maybe it's because i ate for free? Lol!

To see the complete list of gourmand places we have tried, click here


  1. omg, i will dreaming about these for sure.:p i'd like to try to goose liver with melted chocolate. i had goose liver in Paris once upon a time and it was delicious! the nurses must love your boss after this treat.:p

  2. I should have heeded your warning! That sushi looks so delicious, and I have not had any dinner yet.

  3. you are making me so hungry Che with your food photography, and this is my kind of food, SEAFOODS :) haaaay, super super love.

  4. PS...your photos are so invitingly awesome.

  5. nyahaha.. I wish i can pick one. Visiting from FTF. Hope to see you at my blog.

  6. woohoo! look at those yum and delish sea foods, it makes me drool :-) Thank you for sharing. Dropping some love for FTF, hope that you can return the favor too.

  7. oh my gawd!!!! lucky you! :)
    ...that goose liver plate your boss recommended sounds intriguing. sweet and savoury?

    thanks so much for sharing this awesome feast over at Food Friday!

  8. Drooling is understatement. You made me crazy with these photos. Nakakapagsisi tuloy na bumisita ako ngayon :)) Bawal sa akin ang marami nyan dahil tataas ang BP ko. Oh my gawd! nagugutom na ako!!

  9. Oh wow, I can't say no to everything on the buffet table !!! Good treat !!!