Chasing Squirrel

Take 1 (Hiding)

Take 2 (Hopping)

Take 3 (Quick rest)

Take 4 (Thinking)

Take 5 (Jumping! Sorry I only got his tail. Can you find it? )

Take 6 (Moving fast)

Take 7 (Bidding goodbye! There's no way we can chase already as we have no access to the next tree he jumped into.)

This post is inspired by Rainfiled's One, Two and Jump. After seeing the monkey photos, our encounter with a squirrel at the Botanical Gardens last father's day flashed back. Kyla and I were busy taking photos of flowers when my hubby called my daughter's name, "Kyla, hurry up! There's a chipmunk!" Oh well, having watched the Chipmunks movie last year, Kyla couldn't hide her excitement. She ran to her dad and giggled when she saw the fast moving little animal and asked me to photograph it. In fact, she wanted to take photograph by herself but I think before she can click the camera the squirrel is already gone. I did have a hard time chasing it while Kyla is tailing me.

BTW, it's not a chipmunk as my hubby thought it was. According to my friend MJ, a chipmunk is type of ground squirrel and couldn't climb trees.

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