RRJ Jumpsuit

Don't raise your eyebrows, I am not a fashion guru. I do have fashion faux pas moments but what I will be sharing here are those that I have been complimented with. I always believe you don't have to be rich to be fashionable. As I go on with this lookbook series, you'll probably agree with me. Now, let's walk the talk!

When i first posted this photo in facebook, a highschool friend commented that i look like one of those famous asian actresses. Haha! I am not trying to blow my own horn, i think i just happen to be photogenic. Anyway let's not dwell about my face, let's talk about cheap fashion. :)

1) Ladies winter cap - bought from a winter shop, couldn't remember exactly how much but it's definitely not expensive. Bought it for my trip to Switzerland and decided to use it on our trip to Bintan Island.
2) Pair of black earrings and necklace - S$5 from Peninsula Plaza, sorry i can't remember the name of the shop.
3) Ladies beige jumpsuit - P450 or about S$15 from RRJ, bought it during our short vacation in the Philippines.

Less than $50 for a fashionable look including my shoes (forgive me, i can't show you my farmer's feet as it's too embarassing. Lol!). Isn't that cheap? You can do some twist too depending on the look you want to achieve.

Here, I changed my necklace to a $2 unisex neckpiece made in Bali which i bought from Daiso, Plaza Singapura branch. Don't ask me why i have to hide my thighs and tummy from a throw pillow. I have HUGE thighs and baby handles you definitely don't want to see. Lol!


  1. I always love bargains and you look great.

  2. I love the cap/hat!!! Great style, and you look marvelous -- in both photos.

    A link to my Friday post: Part 1 of our Road Trip

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  3. You look great on jumpsuit sistah kering keri mo maging fashionista. I don't buy expensive stuff either, for me the fit is what matters and the size. It's how you look and not how much the cost of your clothing is that counts.

    New follower here.. You may follow any of mine if you'd like. Mwah!

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  4. Fashionista! Agree ako kay ate Rose (chubskulit) wala sa price yan, nasa nagdadala. Pang profile pic nga talaga yung photo#1 girl. Ganda!

  5. You have a great sense of fashion! I love the cap; it looks great on you.

  6. You look very "fashionista"! Mix and match at a bargain!

  7. what can I say...you are truly beautiful inside and out :-)

  8. you look great Che, and I have to agree, that first pic is an awesome profile pic :)