Brandless Jumpsuit

Self photography. Am I vain? Lol!

With my unica hija. My unica hijo has not been conceived when this photo was taken so please don't imagine i still have the same physique. I am the only one allowed to daydream! Lol!

I got a lot of flattering remarks for this get-up which i wore when we visited the Penang Butterfly Farm during our 2D1N stay in Penang, Malaysia. My Salitype sister said she liked my outfit, a friend said i look chic and another friend said i look like Ms. Universe. No violent reactions please, the latter was joking. Lol! The most flattering remark came from my grade school nephew. He told his sister, "Tita Che looks like a 16 year old here." Oh am geeeeeeeee! He must be kiddin' me but i was over the moon. Hahaha!

Oh, please forgive me I got carried away. Let's talk cheap fashion shall we? I am sure you will be surprised with what I am about to reveal.

1) Sunglasses - from a friend
2) No brand jumpsuit with singlet - S$12 from Eastpoint Mall (Every now and then, the mall hosts some kind of flea which i seldom miss because i have to pass by the mall to reach my home. That's not an alibi, ok? Lol!)
3) Necklace - S$15 (A gift from hubby, couldn't afford a Tifanny. Lol!) bought from Cache Cache, Tampines One Mall

I am crazy, am i? My necklace is more expensive than my clothes. Lol! Btw, i wore a S$5 flipflops from Cotton On. You won't be seeing my farmer's feet though. Lol!

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  1. Hahhaa CC that is what you call smart spending ! It is really not the value that matters, but how you carry it and I think even if you wear a sack you will still look good on it.

    I get most of my clothes on "sale rack" and I get a thrill every time I find something really nice on sale.

    Goodluck on more shopping deals especially after the holidays !!!

  2. you look so chic, Che. and echoing Chay, it is not the price that matters, but how you carry yourself. It's the confidence and the happiness in you that radiates outside beautifully. this the new post using blogger from Ipad? Gee, you're getting better with your new toy, enjoy Che.

  3. You look good Che, and I like this outfit on you! Ha ha, vain or not, you're fashionably pretty!