Frisocrem: Gian's First Solid Food

Hubby and I have been discussing when should we introduce solid food to our precious baby boy who is turning 5 months old on the 23rd of this month. Earlier today,his nanny almost fed him with a mashed banana but i stopped her. If we want to introduce him solid food, it is best to start with something that has a bland taste. So off i went to the supermarket with the hubby after dinner and bought Frisocrem, a rice-based cereal with milk. It is an easily digestible solid food (or semi-solid might be the appropriate word) for babies from 4 months onwards.

To our surprise, Gian loved it! Wait,that may be an understatement. Gian was crazy about it! We had a great time watching him eat like he wasn't fed for ages! He kept reaching for the spoon as if he wanted mommy to feed him non-stop. We all had a memorable day! :)


  1. Gian is so cute, Che, I love rice cereal, :) and like it better if baby formula, hope Gian's continue to have healthy appetite and to grow strong.

    PS....busy entertaining family, we are hiking almost everyday and when we get home, we talk about our photos, and we stop family talk when we are too tired and sleepy, all I do is submit Chay's posts for TSS. hope all is well with you all too. hugs.