Full Month Celebration

"Mua Guek", which means "Full Moon" (滿月, which literally means "Full Moon"), signifies the new born baby’s attainment of a full month's survival in good health, which calls for a celebration.
In Chinese culture, proud parents introduce their new born baby by holding a celebration during the baby's first month birthday.

Here are some of the 1st month chinese traditions according to http://www.lifemoments.com.sg/:

Red Eggs
Dyed red eggs are an integral part of the full month celebration as it symbolizes happiness and the renewal of life.
Red Turtle Cake
The dough of the "red turtle cake" is dyed red for good luck. This kueh also signifies longevity as turtles have long lives.
Glutinous Rice
In Singapore, the Chinese prepare a glutinous rice dish to distribute along with the red eggs.
Peanut Candy
The peanut candy is also another delectable ‘sweet’ distributed along with the full month gifts. It signifies all things sweet and happiness in the birth of the new born baby.

Although i have a bit of chinese blood (10% perhaps, LOL!) , i did not grow up to witness traditional full month celebrations amongst my Syjongtian family circle. When Gian turned one month old on the 23rd of August, we celebrated it the Filipino way.

I asked hubby to buy a cupcake to symbolize the 1st month but he bought a cake instead.

We had pancit with hard boiled eggs to symbolize long life and good health.


  1. each second with such a precious baby is truly worth celebrating! ...now I am super hungry seeing the food treats here!

  2. He is so precious, Cher! Happy one month old, baby!

  3. He is so beautiful. With three new babies in our family I have to share this sweet post.

  4. These are for the baby.

    A Chinese mother takes ginger everyday:

    Chicken soups with ginger, pork limbs with ginger......

  5. Happy one month to Gian Che, I get very hungry despite I am too full looking at pansit and cake

  6. Cute ni Gian. Pakiss! Sis ini-StumbleUpon ko to.