Patara: Fine Thai Cuisine (Tanglin Mall)

Last Tuesday, my colleagues and I were talking about where and what to eat few minutes before our lunchtime and out of courtesy, we asked our lady boss if she would like to join us. Little did we expect that she'll take the opportunity to treat us for Christmas lunch. She asked if we know any good restaurant in Tanglin Mall (walking distance from our working place) and one of my colleagues recommended a Thai restaurant. We all have no issues from eating Thai food so off we went.

The place is called Patara: Fine Thai Cuisine. We went earlier than normal Singaporean lunchtime (1-2pm) so there aren't many lunchers yet.

The atmosphere is very elegant and pleasant. We came at a group of 5 so we took a table for 6pax.

There are classy private rooms for bigger groups as seen in the photo above.

Our lady boss ordered Premium Patara as starters. It's a premium combination of mango salad, soft shell crab, fish and prawn cakes, chicken wings and rice crackers dip. The mango salad is really good! A must try i must say.

I have issues in eating flaming HOT dishes so i said NO to tom yum soup. (Note: I tried the same soup once when my ex-lady boss brought us in a Thai restaurant at Goodwood Park for Chinese New Year lunch but i couldn't take its spicyness.) However, the super professional Filipino (as seen in the first photo) who served us told me that they can lessen the spicyness of the soup so that i could give it a try. I commend him for doing so. I had a taste of the best tom yum soup ever! Nawala ang trauma ko sa paghigop ng pamosong Thai spicy soup. Lol! Oh bytheway, online universities have cooking classes that can teach you how to cook your own spicy Thai soup.

For carbo load, we had Khao Phad Nam Liab. It is a balck olive fried rice with chickken, served with fresh chillies, lime, shallots and cashew nuts. Another must try!

We ate the fried rice with Gang Keaw Wan Neua, an authentic beef curry with sweet basil and bird chilli. The best curry i've ever had!

Pamper your palate with aromatic flavours of fine Thai cooking, lovingly presented for a memorable dining experience. ~

I highly recommend this Thai restaurant if you have an affair with Thai food.

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  1. I love Thai foods, Che, you just reminded me to make mango salad, will make it soon :)

  2. Those were so delicious how sweet of your boss to treat you all for lunch, here's my entry I hope you can visit thanks Sahm’s Dining Diary

  3. yum....looks very delish, makes me drool :-) Visiting for Food Trip Friday, hope that you can return the favor too.

  4. yummm...that looks really delicious! were the other dishes spicy, too? seems like chili is present in all the dishes... :)

    thanks so much for sharing over at Food Friday!
    Happy 2012!