Tree of Love

Snowman (had it in two different colours)

Gift (comes with blue and silver)

Christmas ball (had it in rainbow colours)

Sleigh (had it in rainbow colours)

Candy cane (wanted to but the real ones but i can't let Kyla and Mond have too much of sweets)

This year, hubby and I decided to purchase a taller Christmas Tree that looks more natural from Takashimaya Christmas Fantasy. I love the way it was color-coded for easy installation. Kyla took charge of decorating the ornaments. Our theme this year is Rainbow Magic. Obviuosly, it was Kyla's brilliant idea. We all love the outcome.

"Mommy, what does Christmas Tree represent?", Kyla asked while decorating. I was caught unprepared so i told her Christmas Tree is a Tree of Love. Afterwhich, i promised myself to do some research. Lol! So here's the proper answer to Kyla's question according to

Evergreens were thought to represent the ever-burning fire of life. The color green signified the life force through the year. Eventually decorative balls represented the planets, while the star that radiates from the top reminds us of Bethlehem. The entire tree and decorations teach us that the universe is witness to the Incarnation. Red at Christmas reminds us of the fire of the Spirit. Green affirms nature, and the ongoing life. And in the Incarnation, Spirit unites with nature.
In fact, the Christmas tree symbolizes to us a further appreciation of Jesus' birth. It is a means of retelling a miracle in a colorful and beautiful way so that we can further understand and appreciate Jesus' entering our world.
Let's all have a Meaningful Christmas and a Bountiful New Year!


  1. Kyla did an amazing job of decorating the tree! Thank you for sharing your research about the Christmas tree. Now I learned something new today.

  2. That is a beautiful tree, and Kyla did a fantastic job decorating it..Happy Holidays to you and your family, Cher.

  3. thanks for sharing this information Che, now, I know the deeper meaning of Christmas tree.

  4. Now I know, thanks! Hehehe ;)