Baby Gian's Development Month by Month

23rd August 2011

End of Month 1

*He smiles a lot while sleeping, very angelic sleep grins.
*Arms and legs are still curled most of the time, resembling fetal position.
*Has very sensitive sense of hearing, he gets startled upon hearing loud sounds.
*Occasionally lifts his head for short periods of time.
*Makes jerky, arm movements. His paediatrician call it superman reflex. :)
*Has strong startle reflex, expected to disappear by 3 months.
* He turn towards familiar voices.We talked/sung to him a lot when he was still inside the womb.

23rd September 2011
End of Month 2

*He started to straighten and relax but his hands still remain clenched while sleeping.
*He can now occasionally lift his head approximately for 45 degrees.
*He can now see people/objects clearly.
* He smiles when Kyla make faces and plays with him.
* He started to tracks objects with his eyes.
* He started to make vowel noises, such as "ah" and "ooh".
* Shows signs of foremilk and hindmilk imbalance.

23rd October 2011

End of Month 3

* He raises his head and chest when put on tummy.
* He kicks a lot when he's on his back.
* He opens and shuts his hands randomly.
* He pushes down his legs when placed on a hard surface.
* He tries to reach for dangling objects ei. soft toys hanging on his musical mobile.
* He's starting to grasps and shakes hand toys.
* He tracks moving objects, he loves his musical mobile with dangling toys moving around.
* He keeps on attemptig to role over.
* He can now recognize people/objects even at a distance.
* He has developed a very sociable wonderful smile.
* He's beggining to develop hand-eye coordination.
* He brings both hands together, resembling an act of praying.
* He shows interest in bright colours.
* He keeps kicking his legs with all his might.
* He can now hold his head up with control and minimal support.
*He started cooing, squealing and making throaty sounds. Too adorable!
*His smiles has become truly spontaneous, flashes adorable grins giving you a cue to play with him.

23rd November 2011

End of Month 4

* He has attempted to roll over from stomach to back.
* He can now sit with support.
* He can now lift his head up 90 degrees.
* He can now follow a moving object 180 degrees.
* He started babbling and amuse himself with new noises. We are all lovin' it!
* He loves making bubbles with his saliva and make the brrrrrrrrr sound.
* He loves staring at colourful things and book illustrations.
* He can now recognize his feeding bottle and opens his mouth once he sees it.
* He loves to cuddle and snuggle, prefers to sleep in mommy's chest. :)
* He loves to pull mommy's hair, clothes and accesories. Ouch! Lol!
* He turns his head when he hears someone talk.
* He now squirms and giggles a lot! He gives us contagious big belly laughs when tickled pink.

23rd December 2011

End of Month 5

* He has started eating rice cereal and opens his mouth voluntarily, no sweat in feeding him!
* He started to burp by himself.
* He enjoys standing with support more than sitting with support. He keeps lifting his butt if you let him sit.
* He can now see people from across the room.
* He began using his hands to hold toys, bring in his mouth and lick. Yum! Lol!
* He started to suck his fingers a lot. Yes, not just thumb but all his fingers!
* He has not mastered yet the art of rolling.
* When he sees somebody eating or drinking, he keeps swallowing his saliva. Poor baby. Lol!
* He doesn't like the taste of medicine.
* He likes holding hands and soft toys for him to squeeze.
* He babbles specific sounds like "baa" and "ha-ay" to get your attention.
* He loves watching my mouth when i speak and sing to him.
* He loves watching TV. His pediatrician said it's fine, maximun one hour a day.
* He keeps jumping when delighted.

23rd January 2012

End of Month 6

*He can now take out his pacifier and puts it back by himself.
*He loves playing peek-a-boo.
*He moves around the bed, can't leave him alone anymore even just for a short while.
*He can now hold his own feeding botlle, pacifier and teeter for short period of time.
*He can  now sit on his own for short period of time with minimal support.
*Everything he gets hold goes directly to his mouth.
*He loves saying atatatatatatatata. Hahaha! So adorable!
*He loves bringing up his legs, hold his feet and bring his toes into his mouth.
*He loves watching basketball down our block.
*He sleeps 6-7 hours straight at night.


  1. Such a handsome young man!!! You are so lucky to have him in your life!!! Cathy

    1. yes, we are so blessed to have him. thanks Cathy! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing the developmental changes from neo to 6 months - I feel so old not remembering what a baby can do at those stages hahahaha

    Oh geeezzzz Gian is so cute with that photo with the basketball !


    1. hahaha, i can't really remember Kyla's developments too Chay. i had to rely on google to research and match it with Gian's actual developments.

  3. oh wow, che, this is one great chronicling of important events in Gian's life, and look at those pictures, he sure is one adorable handsome baby boy, pa-hug and pa-kiss.

    love love all the pictures, Gian looks like Mond mostly.

    1. his facial features are a great bonus Beth. look-a-like nga talaga ni Mond. thank God he is healthy and sooooooo mabait, di mahirap alagaan. ;)

  4. Cher, you should make a photo book for baby Gian. These are memories to last a lifetime!

    1. awww, thanks for the reminder Ebie. i will find time to arrange his photos. i have thousands. lol!

  5. It's so nice to see you keeping a record of Gian's progress. I still have my baby book that my mother wrote about me. ;-)