Bintan Lagoon Resort (Day 1/Part 1)

This is a sequel to my blog entry Bintan Island Escapade

Welcome to Bintan Lagoon Resort! 

Indonesian traditional dance at Bintal Lagoon Resort entrance. 

Upon arriving at Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal, we were transported to Bintan Lagoon Resort 
by the hotel's coach and we were greeted by an Indonesian traditional dance.

Indonesian local traditional dancer
I was fascinated by their costume, beauty and elegance so I asked one of them to pose for my camera after the dance.

Beautifully designed lobby of Bintan Lagoon Resort
                   After the welcome dance, we were served with a welcome tea at the resort's lobby.

Bintan Lagoon Resort room interior
Afterwhich, we were gracefully led to our room right after checking-in. I loved this room!

The orange wall at Bintan Lagoon gave the room a lively mood
  I love the play of colours inside our room. It feels warm and welcoming.

Inside Bintan Lagoon room with a view of the garden.
We can't help but take souvenir photos.

Well-manicured lawn at Bintan Lagoon Resort
The view outside looks so inviting so we wasted no time to explore the rest of the place.
The concrete slabs lead you to the swimming pool.

The swimming pool at Bintan Lagoon Resort
Breathtaking view of the swimming pool and the beach beyond the horizon.

Father and child having Splashing good time at Bintan Lagoon swimming pool
My water lover girl had a great time swimming with her dad.

Just chillaxin', my favourite me-time!

Mommy chillaxing and having fun watching her husband and daughter having fun at the pool of Bintan Lagoon resort
It always makes me realize how blessed I am and how thankful I should be for the day that they were born for me.

This post is part of the Bintan Island Escapade series.



  1. You are a lucky one in the eyes of an angel.

  2. What a beautiful resort and room. Looks like a fantastic place to stay, the pool looks like fun to. You do have a lovely family. Have a great day.

  3. what a beautiful feature post of this beautiful resort Che, love your photos, glad to see you having fun and having recreation with Mond and Kyla, and soon in this resort, Gian :)

  4. it's a beautiful resort---perfect for some downtime with family. i love the orange wall, and the warm feel of the interiors.

  5. What paradise this is Sis :-) the water looks so refreshing. Thank you for sharing :-) Visiting from Tuesdays Travel, hope that you can return the visit too.

  6. It is indeed very elegant and the scenery is so beautiful.

    Late visit for my late submission in TT.

  7. Wow! That is an absolutely beautiful place to spend a family getaway! Makes me so envious! Lol. Thanks for sharing this, it truly is informative! :) I love your photos and all the smiles!

    Linky for TT this week is now up; hope you can share your entry once again! :)

  8. It is incredible resort for fun and enjoy the summer. I really want to vist this resort.
    Matt Levine

  9. Hello! I'm writing a post about Bintan Lagoon Resort and will link to this post for the welcome dance and room photos. Hope it's alright! :)