Lo Hei Lunch at Hua Ting Restaurant (Orchard Hotel)

After the spur of the moment Christmas lunch treat from lady boss last week at Patara, superman treated us for new year lunch at Hua Ting Restaurant in Orchard Hotel. We are blessed to have generous employers, aren't we? Little did i expect that it was actually an early lo hei lunch (which reminds me Chinese New Year is just around the corner.

FYI: Yusheng, yee sang or yuu sahng (Chinese: 鱼生; pinyin: yúshēng; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: hî-seⁿ or hû-siⁿ), or Prosperity Toss, also known as lo hei (Cantonese for 撈起 or 捞起) is a Teochew-style raw fish salad. It usually consists of strips of raw fish (most commonly salmon), mixed with shredded vegetables and a variety of sauces and condiments, among other ingredients. Yusheng literally means "raw fish" but since "fish (鱼)" is commonly conflated with its homophone "abundance (余)", Yúshēng (鱼生) is interpreted as a homophone for Yúshēng (余升) meaning an increase in abundance. Therefore, yusheng is considered a symbol of abundance, prosperity and vigor.

While versions of it is thought to have existed in China, the contemporary version is created and popularised in Singapore[citation needed] in the 1960s amongst the ethnic Chinese community and its consumption has been associated with Chinese New Year festivities in Singapore as well as in neighbouring Malaysia. In Singapore, government, community and business leaders often take the lead in serving the dish as part of official functions during the festive period or in private celebrity dinners. Some have even suggested that it be named a national dish. ~ wikipedia

Here's what lo hei looks like. Everything, including the engredients has a meaning and the waiter is explaining in Mandarin one by one while adding it into the lo hei plate. I didn't understand anything though. Lol!

Tossing of the lo hei. I'm the only non-chinese in the group but i still tossed and wished for abundance and prosperity for our company and my employer's family.

My share of lo hei. It tasted sweet and sour. After eating the lo hei, we had 6 course meal that includes Deep Fried Yam Pastries with Minced Pork and Prawn , Steamed Siew Mai with Fresh Scallop, Dim Sum and Chicken Feet.

The highlight of the meal was the roasted duck and pork. Very sinful. If you are my friend in facebook, you might have read my post in your timeline that stated: "Just when i thought i can start my diet, superman is treating us for new year lunch." Hahaha! Nasira ang diet plan ko! (Translation: My diet plan was ruined.) The roasted duck and pork is too irresistable! If you want to try one but you don't have a boss like mine (please don't hate me), check out online schools for online culinary classes for sumptuous duck and pork recipes. They can teach you quick and easy recipes for roasting duck and pork. You don't have to create a hole in your pocket to satisfy your craving. 

We ended the meal with an egg noddle with prawn and kai lan. Too full to have a dessert.

Often, nominated as one of the best restaurants under the Chinese Cuisine category by prestigious restaurant guides. Hua Ting Restaurant was also one of the top five Chinese restaurants in the Business Times/Citibank Gourmet Choice 2009. Group Master Chef Chan Kwok was crowned Chef of the Year and Asian Cuisine Chef of the year, at the Asian Gastronomic Awards of Excellence 2011.

Head down to Hua Ting Restaurant to enjoy Cantonese Cuisine at its finest! ~SOURCE

Thank God for the sumptuous and gratifying meal. Who says there's no such thing as free in this world?

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  1. oh, everything looks so yummy, Che. at least, they serve in smaller portion so you can enjoy a lot of many things. i too would be too full for desert.

  2. that's what i love about chinese restaurants, Beth. they serve great food in small portions so even if you'll have 8 course meal, you can still finish it but always too full for dessert already.

  3. You earned it with your hard work and dedication. lol It looks sinfully delicious! Happy, healthy and blessed new year!!

  4. Diet...down the drain! But sure was sumptuous! Mine is up: http://www.gastronomybyjoy.com/2012/01/singapore-food-republic-by-nasi-lemak.html

  5. wow like it very much yum yum...visiting from FTF!

  6. oo nga, lapit na Chinese New Year. i have heard of this Prosperity Toss but haven't experienced it myself. Very interesting! tulo laway ko dun sa roasted duck and pork...crispylicious! ;)

    thank you so much for sharing over at Food Friday, Ms. Che
    Happy 2012!

  7. very clean restaurant, liked it :-) the pasta looks delish :-) Visiting from Food Trip Friday, hope that you can return the visit too.