Labrador Seafood: Authentic Seafood and BBQ

Like i mentioned in my blog entry City Beach Resort, I. Love. This. Place! We were there during our Christmas staycation in 2010. While doing my research in google, i found out that it is actually called Labrador Seafood: Authentic Seafood and BBQ. The signboard reads The Labrador Restaurant and Lounge, a bit confusing huh?! 

What made me fall in love with the place is the way its exterior and interior was designed.

Perfect for chillaxing!

Hubby was thrilled to see the billiards table, too bad we passed by the place early in the morning hence nobody was there to entertain us.

 I took advantage of photographing the whole place ala Urban Zone mode. Haha! Feeling Daphne Osena. Lol!

The red wall made the place pop and that wooden carving frame blends on it so well.

And oh, the painting! I. Love. It!

In fact, i love every nook and cranny of the place.

It looks great at any angle, don't you agree? I know, i know! I am neither an architect nor an interior designer but i have a penchant for coolly-designed places. Pardon my blah descriptions, just an enthusiast here. Lol!

I have read pretty good reviews of their food, click here for their dishes and promotions. They serve lunch from 11am to 3pm and dinner from 3pm to 12:30am everyday. You can call their hotline number 62732779 for reservations.  

Set in the wilderness, by the sea and under the stars, amidst the flora and fauna of the reserve, is Labrador Seafood, Restaurant and lounge. We serve up the freshest seafood and other cuts in a great variety of styles, from Western BBQ to good old Singapore Chilli and Black Pepper Crabs. And not forgetting everything else in between, like salads, and other side and finger foods that go great with drinks. As for the drinks, we have lots of them. Labrador Seafood Bar is stocked with a full range of beers, from colourful imported ones to more familiar local brews. ~ SOURCE


  1. It looks fantastic, and I like when nobody is around. The design looks very interesting and inviting!

  2. just the mention of seafoods make me hungry Che, looked at their menu, just so many that I want to have :)

  3. That looks like a fun place to visit AND eat at.