The Perfect and Practical Valentine Gift

Hubby. Photo taken on our wedding day in October 2007.

Time flies. It feels like it was just yesterday when hubby and I got married but in reality we are going to celebrate our golden anniversary this year. Whaaaaaaat?! @.@ Oh, just kidding! Lol! We are going to celebrate our 5th year anniversary in October. Silly wifey (that's me, lol!) just prefer to call it golden because of the figure 5. It does make sense right? Put a zero next to 5 and it becomes 50. Lol! Yeah, i know i'm silly! Lol!

So what was I saying just now? Lol! Oh, about how time flies right? Yep! Look at hubby's photo above. Can you guess how old is he in that photo? Late 20's? Naks! I'm not gonna tell you. Lol!

Hubby. Photo taken in May 2008, 7 months after the wedding.

Now you might ask me, what happened to the thinner and younger looking Mond i married? Lol! Was it a sign that i took care of him very well that's why he gained weight? And what's with the eyeglasses? Hmmmmn, not cool huh?! It made him look older, don't you think so? 

Hubby. Photo taken last year.

Look closely. Can you spot traces of white hair? Oh no! We're not getting any younger. The good news is, we're still together and the relationship is getting stronger as years pass by. What's our secret? Hmmmmn, nothing much really. We are just like normal couples who quarrel once in a while but at the end of each passing day, we try not to sleep without making peace. And believe me, we don't give each other expensive and fancy gifts on special occasions. We always buy practical gifts for each other.

Speaking of practical gift, Valentine's day is fast approaching and i've been cracking my brain what to buy for hubby. (I know he wanted an iPad 2 so bad for him to practise Revit Architecture while in the MRT but boy, that will create a big hole in my savings! Lol! Good thing a generous doctor from work gave me an iPad 2 last Christmas so i just let him use it coz i don't get to use it that much anyway.) It was a blessing in disguise that he lost his eyeglasses recently. Now i can buy him an eyeglasses that won't make him look older. All thanks to Zenni Optical, shopping for high quality Valentine's Day glasses was made super easy. To my surprise, they offer as low as $6.95 prescription eyeglasses. Isn't that a crazy deal? I'm gonna save $$ for sure and whatever i save, i will use it to buy another practical gift on our anniversary. I am not kuripot (stingy), just frugal. Lol!

Here's my pick from Zenni Optical. Classy and stylish prescription glasses for hubby. Perfect and practical Valentine gift.

Go and check out Zenni Optical. Their website is really cool. Just tick your prescription type, gender, type of rim, style, shape, and color and you are ready to fit the glasses. Yep! Zenni Optical has an uber cool frame fit on the side bar of its website. Just select your facial type and presto, you can check if your choice suits you. Super cool huh?!


  1. Hi Sis. Just stopping by to check out on you. You really took good care of Mond. He is lucky or shall I say blessed to have you in his life... and you as well. Take care.

  2. Echoing Ruthi, Che, you and Mond are so blessed to have each other, and you really took good care of Mond, the choice is perfect. Eyeglasses did not make him look older but wiser :)

  3. I have to agree with the others, you do indeed seem to be blessed to have found each other! And definitely wiser, not older with the glasses! Hope both of you have a great weekend, Cher!


  4. Oh silly you, very funny ! To me men and women who wear eyeglasses look smart !!!

  5. nope, I can not see any white hair....mmm or perhaps I need an eyeglass from Zenni optical already too hehe, your love story is one of the most beautiful in the universe...

  6. He looks wiser with the glasses, not older. Maybe I should check out Zenni Optical and order one pair of new glasses for my hubby to help him change his style, hehe!