Singapore Flyer

We spent Mother's Day at the Singapore Flyer in 2008.

Thank goodness Kyla didn't show any sign of fear of heights. 

We had fun bonding.

Does hubby look like he is acrophobic? Lol!

We extremely enjoyed the beautiful panoramic view of Singapore on board the capsule.

We had a great time!

Singapore Flyer website listed 10 great reasons why you shouldn't miss the moving experience at every turn! We brought my mom and my brother's family to visit the place during their vacation here in Singapore and they all loved it. I'm sure you'll get the HIGH too as we did. Singapore Flyer made it to my list of Top 5 Tourist Destinations in Singapore. Click here for complete visitor information. 


  1. That looks like fun! From all those smiles I would say you had a great time.

  2. hahah, Kyla looks so sweet and adorable with her "no front tooth", well, she is always. I am so happy to see her growing to be such a caring and joyful girl, am sure, giving you and Mond so much happiness in life.