Baby Gian's Development at 7 months

Baby Gian turns 7 months old today, 23rd February 2012.

He now rolls-over too quickly that you have to keep an eye on him ALL the time when he’s on bed.

He has graduated from his baby cot and now enjoys sitting with support in his playpen while holding his toys.

He now takes 2 solid meals a day. His all time favourite is mashed banana and he also loves homemade purees of apple, pear, pumpkin, sweet potato and a little bit of carrot. I have not tried feeding him Gerber yet, very hesitant to do so. I prefer feeding him fresh every day. I end up eating his left over’s most of the time because i am hesitant to feed him what has been kept in the fridge for a day or so.

From time to time, he shows a new antic. One day, he keeps shouting to express his excitement (he started the day we arrived at Batam Island. Next day, he keeps making the brrrrr sound and make bubbles with his saliva. Another day he keeps sticking out his tongue and show off his dimples. His latest antic was this new facial expression (check out the photo above) that i find very cute.

He loves sucking his big toe apart from his thumb. 

No teeth has come out yet pero lagi siyang nanggigigil. He puts everything he grabbed with his hands into his mouth.

He now prefers to toss and turn until he falls asleep and refused to be danced with in the tune of a lullaby anymore. Big boy na talaga!

He keeps babbling bawawawa, atete, tatatatata, hammmm, addey. Yes, he has started calling his Ate atete and his dad, addey but to mommy’s dismay no signs of babbling mama yet. Hehehe!

He now recognizes his family. When mommy comes home and he’s awake, he’ll cry if I go straight to wash my hands before carrying him. 

He loves staying outdoors. He is fascinated with the tree leaves dancing with the wind. When he sees something that fascinates him, he giggles out of the blue. Nakakatuwa!

He finds his big sister most amusing. Only Ate Kyla can make him giggle so easily by dancing, singing, and/or just talking. Sometimes, just the sight of his ate makes him giggle. When Kyla comes home from school, he becomes hyper.

He loves tapping his both hands anywhere and he keeps wiggling his feet. Super kulit at likot na!

We can't thank God enough for giving us much, much more than what we asked for. We ONLY asked for a healthy baby but HE gave us a HEALTHY, ADORABLE and HAPPY baby BOY.


  1. He is adorable and your post reminds me of each one of my four as I watched with delight at their growth, change etc. It was particularly amazing for me because I had been told I would never be able to carry/have a child at all! I do love to prove doctors wrong! I had wanted four children ever since I was a child and always carried four dolls around as a little girl! Enjoy every moment! They are priceless!


  2. he is so adorable Che, I can hear almost his giggling and clapping of hands whenever he is amused, and I can hear almost your laughter as you are entertained by him.

  3. He is getting cuter and cuter as he grows. Happy 7 months old baby!

  4. aaahhhh super love!!!! soooo cute, I want to kiss and hug...mmmmm

  5. God has indeed blessed you n your hubby with such adorable kids. ^0^
    always amusing to discover what toddlers can do even at such a young age.
    can't help smiling when i read your post.
    i hope he doesn't stay that biting his big toe habit though. ^0^
    and yes, super huggable parin. ^-^