Batam Island Escapade

We went to Batam Island for my mom's birthday treat. It was baby Gian's first overseas trip. 

We arrived at Harbourfront Ferry Terminal at around 8am. Our ferry was scheduled to leave at 9:20am.

We boarded the Batam Fast ferry at exactly 9am. My mom (in red blouse and white necklace) looked thrilled.

We departed on time. The TV monitor demonstrated how to put on the life vest.

Baby Gian behaved so well during the entire trip. He kept looking around his surroundings and enjoyed  his celebrity status

The ferry stopped over at Sekupang Ferry Terminal. 

We took the chance to explore the upper deck.

Photo opp at the upper deck. Hubby greeted me Happy St Velentine's Day. He was trying to save money so we celebrated heart's day in advance. Lol! 

Loved the view at the upper deck! Too bad we couldn't stay too long for safety reasons. 

Thank God we arrived safe and sound at our destination. Waterfront City here we come!

FYI: Batam is a small yet charming Indonesian island, strategically located close to the Malacca Strait and Singapore. Only 45 minutes by ferry from Singapore’s Harbor-front, Batam acts as a gateway to 3,000 islands in the Riau Archipelago of Sumatra. The island is one of the most frequented tourist destinations, welcoming over one million visitors each year and is second only to Bali in popularity. ~ SOURCE
Read more: Batam Island Hotels and Travel Guide - Batam Island Travel Information 


  1. Looked like a fun trip to enjoy, Cher..You all look happy, and the baby boy is so adorable!

  2. Gian is all so excited! He is so cute! I'd like to enjoy this type of outing!

    What a great family!

  3. Such beautiful children. It looks like you all had a wonderful time and I'm sure your mama was happy too!

  4. Looks like you had a good trip.

  5. What a way to celebrate. Happy birthday to your mom. Looks like an interesting island. Hope to see more of it.

  6. Gian looks so cute, and so is everyone Che. so glad to see you all having a wonderful time aboard that ferry and overlooking such beautiful scenery. Wow, gian already had his first overseas trip, so happy for you all. You look so happy and beautiful by the way.

  7. thanks for sharing this beautiful trip with us. so many blues on the way to batam island :)

  8. I could see the joy in you and your family's faces, such a great bonding my tuesday travel is here Points of View of Travels and Places thanks

  9. Looks like you are all having a blast :-) Nice island getaway!

    Visiting for Tuesday Travels.

  10. A nice serie
    Have a godd evening

  11. Traveling with kids and baby is not easy but if you have a very agreeable baby like yours, what a nice travel experience that was.

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  12. wow that is so sweet of your hubby. i can see the thrilled faces of your kids and mom. and u as well. thats a great way to celebrate Vday. =)

    Tuesday Travels! heres my take

  13. Beautiful! What a way to celebrate a birthday. Visiting!

    Adin B

  14. beautiful family pictures, your little boy is so adorable, beautiful views too :-) Visiting from Tuesday Travels, hope that you can return the visit too.

  15. dropping by for TT. Cool Place!

  16. Wow! Thanks for sharing your beautiful snaps! I enjoyed your Batam Island escapade as if I am part of your entourage too! :)

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