Harris Resort Waterfront (Day 1)

At the resort lobby upon arrival.
I did mention in our Batam Island Escapade that Baby Gian enjoyed his celebrity status right? Haha! Here's one proof. A Korean national and fellow tourist carried him while i am busy taking our room keys at the check-in counter. She's giving Baby Gian back to daddy in this photo but she doesn't seem so keen to let go. Lol! There has been countless of  "soooo cute" remarks towards Baby Gian. It's sweet music to our ears. 

Fantastic Four
We left all our things inside the room right after checking in and off we went to explore.

First activity: Bowling! Like i said in my post here, we played as if we own the whole place. 

Headed over to Pronto Pizzeria after the funnest bowling game ever for the famous wood oven baked pizza. We had another serving of this in different flavor and boy, hubby and I ate a LOT! Wala munang diet-diet! Lol!

Kyla and Mama had a blast at the pool after our pizza session. 

I had a great time chillaxing. Geeez, a lot more confident now for photo opps after reaching my pre-preggy weight. READ: Not my ideal weight. Baby handles still visible, please excuse my kapal-muks. Lol!

 Cheesy moment with the hubby. He joined me after testing the pool water. Too cold for him. Lol!

Of course, we didn't leave Baby Gian unattended. He's sleeping soundly inside the room with his nanny. 

After the pool party, spa bliss here we come!!! First up: Hubby and I. Next up: Mama and Nanny. We have to take turns taking care of the kiddos. The traditional Indonesian massage is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! 

Ended the day for Mama's birthday dinner at Golden Prawn. It's a humongous place very popular to both tourists and locals, hence requires a separate blog post. We had a fun-filled and relaxing day 1. See you on our Day 2. :)


  1. hi there sexy! oh, enjoyed the virtual celebration with you...your genuinely happy smiles never fail to touch this heart...you have such a beautiful family...Kyla's pose is as gorgeous as always and Gian is such an angel!!! oh, I miss bowling...I used to do that with dad..gosh i miss my dad...please tell your mom belated happy birthday for me....poke me when day 2 is published...love yah always...

    1. let's play bowling together! i'm not as good as Mond though. naka-canal pa rin ako once in a while. hehehe!

  2. What a fun post for the day and it looks as though it was a fun day for your beautiful family! Lots of lovely smiles! Hope you have a great week, Cher!


  3. you look great, Che, baby handles not obvious, besides, if ever they exist, they are hidden by your awesome smile and confidence, they say, it's not so much about our shape but how we carry ourselves, and you do carry yourself oh so well. I can see why Gian is a celebrity, who would not want to carry him? he is so cute, I am glad for Kyla she is doing so very well as a big sister.

  4. PS.....hope your mom had a wonderful birthday, she deserves the treat!

  5. that sure was a wonderful day for you wonderful people!!

  6. Looks fun and relaxing. I got excited over that massage table. :)