Harris Resort Waterfront (Day 2)

We went to explore the beach on our Day 2. 

Baby Gian had a first taste of the sand

and sea water. 

He had so much fun with Ate Kyla. I love capturing their priceless moments together.

After having a great time in the beach, we went to see the mangrove swamp. Baby Gian is tired, he fell asleep after this family photo opp.

That's Dora the Explorer and Mommy the Nature Lover. 

When i am with my daughter, i feel like a 9y/o too. We are dabarkads (aka BFF).

O di ba para lang kaming magbabarkada? Hehehe!

And I've got one more dabarkads. I am blessed. I love you, mama dear!

When baby Gian woke up, we brought them at Harris Extreme Camp.

The little one's battery has been fully recharged. Super likot and kulit. Nakakatuwa!

I transform into a kid when i am with my children. I wish they never grow older. 

It was a well-deserved break for all of us specially for mama. Thank God for filling more beautiful pages in the book of our blessed family life. Till our next family adventure!


  1. Che, what can I say, the pictures are awesome, I love all of them, it is so oozing with happiness, so glad to see you all having good time with priceless bonding moments. you all look so good.

  2. A beautiful series of successful pictures, well done !

  3. hi there twinzy!!!! super love day 2! I could almost feel the water on my feet too and the eleventh photo is picture perfect! beautiful framing and Gian's smile is worth a million diamonds...and like you I transform into a kid when I am with my kiddos too....love yah! and yep, super love your mom's smile here...and hey I would love to walk on that rope Kyla is walking on! I have to mention that those legs are awesome hehehe, mwah!