Hotel Linde (Schaan,Liechtenstein)

I stayed at Hotel Linde, a 100+ year old hotel in Schaan, Liechtenstein during my work and leisure travel to Switzerland way back in 2007. I am not yet addicted into photography that time hence I didn't take many photos. I now regret it since there's only 1% chance that I am able to visit Switzerland again. LOL!

FYI: Situated in the heart of Schaan, 3 km from Vaduz, the Hotel Linde offers you soundproofed rooms and free parking on the parking lot or in the garage. All rooms have a cable TV, a minibar, a safe and offer Wi-Fi internet access. An internet station is available as well. In the restaurant of the Hotel Linde you can enjoy light and seasonal cuisine from market-fresh ingredients. There is a special menu card for kids and ice cream available. There is a direct bus connection to Vaduz. - SOURCE


  1. Looks and sounds like a delightful place to stay! I, too, wish I had gotten into photography long before I did!! Hope you and your family have a lovely weekend, Cher!


  2. Lucky you for getting the chance to travel to Switzerland and also to stay in a 100-year old hotel ! Looks like a nice hotel !!!!


  3. What if.....

    Then I must have been a millionaire right now.


  4. Lovely hotel, it looks like a great place to stay. It's wonderful that you got to visit Switzerland, it is on my list of places I want to travel.

  5. keep your hopes up! you never know what the future might bring. ^0^
    at least we get a glimpse of Liechtenstein.
    haha! what a hard to pronounce city.

  6. same here Che, now I am reliving my memories of Singapore and Malaysia (penang) from your and Rainfield's pictures since when I went there many years ago, i was fresh out from college on training, and didn't have any camera, what I have were pictures in my mind only :) and some pictures with the delegates, but it can be in any other hotel since most pictures were indoor :( huhu. but you are luckier you were able to take some pictures of Switzerland.