Train Travel in Switzerland

My ex-colleagues and I took a train back to Zurich a day after our training in Schaan, Liechtenstein ended. 

My ex-colleagues on board the train.
The view on board the train is picturesque. 

You don't get to see much of this when you travel by car. 

I felt like Alice in Wonderland!

I don't get to see this view in Singapore, Swiss nationals literally live their everyday life in paradise.

Too bad i wasn't that photo addict yet 5 years ago, please bear with my not-so-good captures.

There is no other form of transportation that brings you closer to the charm of Switzerland, both affordable and easy. Trains are synonymous with the spirit of going places, and nowhere is this more true than in Switzerland. Travel in style! ~


  1. beautiful pictures Che, even you still were not a photo addict :)

    i wish i had camera too when I was still in CT, back then, I was just using disposable camera :) haha!!

  2. aahhhh agree with Betchai, the shots are awesome as they are...I would have felt like Alice in wonderland too,

  3. haha! just imagine when you're already an addict fotographer then. ^0^
    oh! wish I could take that picturesque train someday.
    it looks safe (for starters) and clean.

  4. Beautiful scenery! Don't apologize for your images - they are perfect for being captured in that setting. I love traveling by train but it is way too expensive here.

  5. The landscapes are really nice. Visiting for TT.

  6. Switzerland always gives me a glimpse of magnificent views! Thanks for sharing your snaps! Hope you can join again on this week's TT episode!