Waterfront City Ferry Terminal

I love their logo! 

Not a usual sight. It felt wonderful to be in another planet.

Breathtaking view from the terminal. Made me anticipate a great relaxing time.

Could hardly wait! See you all at Harris Resort!

FYI: Waterfront City Ferry Terminal is located south of Sekupang Ferry Terminal. Most of the ferries that stop at Sekupang Ferry Terminal also go to Waterfront City Terminal, approximately 10 mins more by ferry. It is just a few minutes by taxi to the Waterfront City area. The nearby hotels (just 5 mins away) have mini buses available for pick-up / drop-off at the ferry terminal. ~ SOURCE

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  1. Looks like a delightful place to vacation! Love your captures for the day! Hope you and your family have a wonderful week, Cher!


  2. sure felt wonderful to be in another planet, I felt like that whenever we are on vacation too :) despite I love home :) glad to see you had a vacation with Gian already Che.