Baby Gian's Development at 8 months

March 23, 2012

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Our little munchkin turned 8 months old today! I hereby declare, we now have a Little Mover and Shaker! Baby Gian loves exploring objects by shaking them, throwing them, banging them, and gumming/chewing them. Let me update you with his other recent developments.

* He can now sit unsupported. Yey!
* He loves bouncing up and down on mommy's lap. Oh, careful on mommy's CS op site baby!
* He prefers shuffling around his tummy, going backwards most of the time. 
* He's starting to show signs of separation anxiety. 
* Peek-a-boo remains his favorite game. 
* He loves cramping the pages of books/magazines.
* He now eats two proper meals (porridge with veggies and meat) and one fruit puree snack in between.
* He now takes 2-3 naps a day and sleeps 8-12 hrs at night. 
* He loves singing along when you sing him a lullaby. So cute! 
* He's starting to learn the pincer grasp.
* He loves babbling. A-te-te along with da-di remains his favorite "words". No ma-ma yet. :(
EDIT: When I came home from work, Baby Gian started babbling ma-ma-ma-ma, much to mommy's delight! He must have sensed mommy complaining why he kept babbling ate-te and da-di all the time. :D


  1. I love how you post baby Gian as he's growing up. ^0^
    proud mama talaga!
    it's always rewarding to see them grow everyday.
    still cuteness he is!

  2. hello! i think you have a great site! by the way, you might want to link up with us at mommy moments. it is a weekly meme about motherhood.

  3. Gian is so cute and adorable Che, this is really a beautiful series of posts for baby Gian's development, yehey for you.

  4. Can't wait to see him getting married and you become a grandmother.