Baby Photoshoot and Celebration @ 6 months

When Baby Gian turned half a year old last January, we all wondered where has the past 6 months gone?

Baby Gian is full of life that I can't imagine anymore how fragile he used to be. Though it was a challenge to do a photoshoot at night (after work), I tried my best to capture memories on his 6th month. 

Look at those wide grin on his face. His big sister Kyla claims that his smiles can melt even the most hardened heart.

May you continue to grow up strong and healthy, Baby Gian!

Happy 6th month birthday! We love you so much!

Thanks to my reliable Ikea cream-coloured blanket and daddy's basketball I used for the photoshoot. Special thanks to Tito Rog, Tita MJ and Ate Teyla for Baby Gian's Nike football (turned basketball) outfit all the way from Coal City, West Virginia.


  1. Awwww, baby Gian looks so super adorable in that WV outfit, cher!:) you all are very welcome! so awesome to see his heartwarming smile and to realize he is almost 1 year old now! wow. time sure flies! it is thrilling to witness Gian's growth through your photos, my friend. he is a natural model! keep those baby photos coming!

  2. Oh yeah, where did the time go ? six months already and he is getting cuter and cuter each time !!!


  3. so cute and adorable Che, can't wait to have a taste of Gian's joy in my arms, or hear him giggle with laughter such as in these pics. and, you are doing very good with baby photography, who needs a pro? right?

  4. Baby Gian has a million dollar smile that could make the worst day melt away. ♥

  5. He is so so so handsome, and I love his smile!

  6. I am late here! I must say baby Gian is the cutest ever!!! time flies...there was a time we were just imagining how he'd look like...we were all right, he is as handsome as handsome can be!

  7. aw! he's just terribly cute! ^0^
    okay, one thing's for sure, he'd be a gr8 basketball player.