BBQ Chicken (Korea's No.1 Chicken Restaurant)

You can find BBQ Chicken worldwide! 
It's been a while since BBQ Chicken Restaurant opened a branch at Eastpoint Mall (our neighborhood mall) but I didn't realize it's an international restaurant until we tried it. All along, I thought is it just one of those regular barbeque eating place. Apparently, BBQ doesn't stand for barbeque but BEST of the BEST QUALITY. 

Inside the restaurant. I love the brick-wall concept.
One the night of St Valentine's Day, I went to fetch the hubby at the MRT station after working overtime around 9pm. Since the kids were already fast asleep, we decided to have a late dinner outside. Thanks to my pasta craving that led us to BBQ Chicken, which apparently is Korea's No.1 Chicken Restaurant. We checked out almost all the restaurants inside the mall but only BBQ Chicken offers yummy looking pasta meals.

Cream Chicken n' Mushroom Pasta
I ordered seafood marinara but it's no longer available. The Filipino waitress recommended me the cream chicken n' mushroom pasta. Upon hearing the word mushroom, I just said ok. LOL! It turned out to be too creamy but it taste great nonetheless.
Chicken Aglio Olio
Hubby ordered Roasted Cajun Half Chicken (he is not into pasta like me) but unfortunately, because it was already late it is also not available anymore. I recommended him to try the Chicken Aglio Olio since he's into chicken and spicy food. Later on, I regret following the waitress' recommendation after hubby let me try his food. LOL! I highly recommend any of their Aglio Olio pasta meals (seaafood/prawn/chicken). It is not too spicy as I expected it to be. It is spicy enough to my liking. In fact, nawala ang umay ko from eating my creamy pasta after having a taste of it. @.@

The other side of the restaurant.
Moreover,the ambience was great.
SIDENOTE: I notice in restaurants (also in resorts/hotels) orange is their favorite color. Maybe because it brings such warm and welcoming feeling?

Mango Tango
Eniweiz, we ended the meal with a Mango Tango. Yum!
We'll definitely come back to try out other yummy treats from BBQ Chicken menu. Hubby and I had a great time chatting away. We normally discuss family business at night before going to bed. If you are parents like us, you'd know what that business means. :D

FYI: BBQ Chicken has now grown to be the No.1 Franchise brand in Korea with more than 2500 stores in South Korea and achieved the 1st franchise company to be selected as Korea’s top 100 brands. BBQ Chicken created Olive Luxury Chicken and was the first to use 100% Pure Olive Oil to fry chicken. ~ SOURCE

UPDATE as of January 2014: Eastpoint Mall closed down for a major renovation. To see the complete list of gourmand places we have tried, click here


  1. you are fast becoming a great reviewer of foods and restaurants, Cher. you are very good at this.

  2. I agree with wonderwoman are very good at this....but how am I going to lose weight with such yummy posts? hahahaha, love yah!

  3. what I like most is the thought of having a late dinner date ! I am not a pasta person like Mond, but will definitely go for the mango tango !!!


  4. Yummy looking dish and drink, Cher! But when it's too creamy, I back off a little too :-)

  5. i like late night dinners.:p
    the mango tango is inviting!

  6. Yummy food and the mango tango:)

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    ps. hubby and i talk about 'family business' before going to bed, too. but he hasn't been around much (business-related), and am missing those times! :)

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