Castle Beach (East Coast Park)

Welcome to Castle Beach!

Kyla and her friend having fun building sandcastles.

Sandcastle building in progress.

Sandcastle creation by the Castle Beach staff.

You can build and design your own sand castle by purchasing the Beachwork Tools Deluxe set worth S$38 or Beachwork Super Deluxe Set worth S$45 online. Castle Beach Limited conducts basic sand castle lessons, organized social activities, fund raising events, awareness raising events, advanced sand sculpture techniques and best of all, they have public display of sand sculptures. 

Sand sculpture public display.

"Here, at Castle Beach, with clear blue skies and natural surroundings, we invite you to come and extend a helping hand to build lives and touch hearts, to create something from nothing, to see the wonderment and fascination in the twinkle of the child’s eyes. Come, and believe that we can build tomorrow together."  ~
Castle Beach Hours: 3.30pm to 7pm (Saturday and Sunday)
Where: East Coast Park



  1. it's always a joy to see Kyla's happiness Che, and look at those sand castles, they are so gorgeous I want to play around there too.

  2. All of that work...only to be washed away by waves! Ah, me! :)

    Desert Sky

  3. Wonderful photos! And the sandcastles are awesome :) Hugs from Anette in Norway :)

  4. Beautiful people, sky and beach!
    And pictures! :)

  5. Så flotte bilder og flott sandslott
    Ønsker deg en fin helg.:)))

  6. A great place for the kids to build sand castles! That would be a lot of fun!

  7. Kyla is so cute in here as always! wow, those sandcastles are awesome! makes me wish I were a child again...

  8. ooh! your fotos made me miss the beach and all.
    can't wait for summer break already. ^0^