Clipix: A Great Tool To Keep You Organized

I find a whole bunch of things i love whenever i search online. From inspiring quotes, heartfelt poems, favorite books, useful baby sites, great fashion finds, best shopping deals, cheap travel deals, etc, etc. The list could go on and on and on but i never really save and organize them so i keep searching all the time. There are times i forget which site i found this or that and i end up being frustrated when i can't find them anymore when i wanted to have them so bad. There was one time i found a poem that would uplift the spirit of a friend who is grieving for losing a loved one. I have to search and search and search for it when a friend of mine lost her beloved father-in-law. It took me so much time to locate it again. There and then, i learned my lesson. There must be a way to save and organize my great finds online. Big thanks to a friend who introduced me to clipix. My ever-messy life online has come to an end. 

Now, i have my favorite quote sites neatly organized in one clipboard. This helps me save so much time. Whenever i need a quote inspiration for the day, i just go to my clipix account and presto i have what i want. This tool is so addicting in a good way.

I now have my vacation ideas, favorite books, etc, etc, neatly organized in clipboards. You have no excuse not to visit and sign up as soon as you can. You'll never-ever regret it! Who says new year's resolutions never materialized? I now have one of my resolutions in 2012 done, and that is to stay organized! You can have as many clipboards as you want. What are you waiting for? Sign up with clipix  and clip your recipes, gift ideas, interesting reads, and so on and so forth. The list is literally endless! Follow them in facebook and @clipix in twitter will you?

Watch this video and tell me... What are you going to use clipix for? 
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  1. okay then, maybe i'd give it a try. ^0^
    my folder's just way disheveled...

  2. aaahhh I also plan to be "organized" hehehe but I often get lost in my own world so therefore I think I really badly need this..thank you so much for sharing :)