Dubai International Boat Show 2012

My cousin, Richard works and lives in Dubai. Thanks to facebook we were able to see each other's happynings at a regular basis. The wanderlust in me loves taking a look at his travel adventures in Dubai. Just recently, he posted photos with scenes of the Dubai International Boat Show 2012. I asked him if he could share it in my blog or he could let me share his photos here. He said yes to the latter without hesitation and I was extremely delighted. I love discovering places and I love sharing them here in my very own virtual space. 

I did a research about the event and here's what I found: "Whether you are sourcing a new luxury superyacht, small fishing boat or the latest new dive equipment, the Dubai Boat Show, 20th Anniversary satisfies all marine needs."  ~

It's time to enjoy the show, virtually! ;)

My chinito cousin at the entrance. 

A superyacht display with the Dubai skyline in the background.

More yachts...

Who looks more handsome? My cousin or the yacht? Hehehe!

This one for sure is handsome. Super! The boys would die to have one! It looks like a scene from Mission Impossible, don't you think so? Or it's just me and my wild imagination? LOL!

The yacht says COMFORTABLY NUMB. Whatever that means. I wouldn't want to feel numb when I get the chance to ride a superyacht. LOL!

Now please excuse me, I have to go to dreamland and dream about visiting Dubai one sweet day. ;)

More Dubai posts coming up! 


  1. Awesome boats, Cher, and your cousin Richards photos are superb!! I do love boat shows! Hope your week is going well!


  2. can't imagine the feeling to get in one of those yacht and boat -- must be amazing !!!

  3. Che, I am not sure if my comment went through, but anyway, super love that MI looking speed yacht too.

  4. hi there twinzy! say hi to Chinito for me...I love Chinitos haha, wow that fifth photo is stunning! I'd love to ride one! weeee....looking forward to more Dubai posts!